dont ask me for a tutorial im rly bad at this

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Hi! do you have any tips on anatomy? i struggle so much at it. your art is so cute btw!!!

hi anon!! thank u so much!! im gonna try my best to offer some tips to u!!!! im still learning with anatomy as well (& im not so good with tutorials…) so bare with me:

SIMPLIFY AND BREAK DOWN EVERYTHING IS MY #1 PIECE OF ADVICE. for example lets start small with a hand. instead of looking at a reference or ur own hand and trying to perfectly capture every detail, look at the basic shape!! its p much a square for ur palm, 4 sticks of varying sizes, and as i have described here the little pouring part of a teapot (idk what its called) for a thumb.

u can apply this anywhere!!! just like the hand, other parts of the body like legs and arms have basic shapes too!! ive seen many artists explain it this way so i picked it up as well, but they have this rhythm where one side is curved and the other is straight (its more subtle in realistic art, but if ur going for cartoony u can exaggerate this too). depending on the drawing or sometimes if my drawing is small i’ll just make straight rectangles for arms or legs but rly it will make things more interesting and technically correct if u show these variations in the appendage shapes.

really the best thing in art ever for me is to simplify simplify simplify, im not great @ anatomy but learning to break things down and represent them in the most minimalistic ways has rly helped me a lot and made my anatomy look better too. to be honest i have not done figure drawings in ages and i rarely use real life references when drawing (IM NOT ADVOCATING FOR DOING SO, I KNOW IT HELPS MANY PEOPLE A LOT BUT I JUST CANT EVER GET INTO IT). whenever i use real life reference, i feel like my art becomes stiff since i tend to replicate the image too closely thus making a cartoony style have the proportion and anatomy of a real person which doesnt really fit the style.. i prefer to study the work of other artists especially animators since they have a great grasp on appealing simplification and stylized anatomy (bc u know its hard to have an animated show thats super detailed). craig mccracken and genndy tartakovsky both have really cool simplistic cartoon styles so i draw a lot of inspiration from their art (and i hope to use varying shapes and exaggerate my anatomy more like theirs as well). 

(one little other important thing i didnt rly mention but ill keep it short since everyone says this. of course u have to practice too. i know it sucks to hear “just keep doing it” from everyone when ur frustrated with ur abilities and dont want to keep doing it, but continuing to draw bodies will boost ur abilities so much. u can look at art and read a million tutorials, but actually drawing will continuously build up ur muscle memory for drawing arms, legs, etc and after a while it comes naturally!!)

tldr practice & study not just from real life but look at how other artists break down and simplify shapes of the body. also remember art doesnt have to have flawless realistic anatomy to look good! there are so many incredible artists who bend the rules of anatomy whether its as a stylistic choice or to exaggerate emotion or perspective, etc.


“hi hi!!! thank you so much for taking your time to do this lucas really, I appreciate it!!
/cough/ I’ve recently decided to get serious with my art but.. i have no idea how to draw clothes/bodies and I really want to learn the ‘fundamentals’ but I don’t know where to start or how :(
I really, really want to improve and practice the right way!!!
oh and the little fella with the hat is my oc aka son, Gideon :)
/and the little uplifting messages are for my friends, I love using my drawings to make their day a little better by drawing their fav characters!!/
right sorry totally got off track aaaaa but thank you again for doing this!!!”

I hope you don’t mind me posting it for everyone to see! I think my advice could help other people so I’m putting out there!

Since you asked about clothes I’ll focus on that! <3

I’m not the clothes expert myself, I struggle a lot with it still, but I practice a lot just so I can get better myself and found some tutorials. (I hate myself bc I didn’t save those tutorials anywhere because I usually go from memory so I can’t link it to you, but I’ll show you what I remember and what I learned by observation).

So the first point! Like I always say when you learn something, GET YOURSELF SOME REFERENCES! Pictures, drawings, magazines, your own mirror! Anything where you can see clothes and the way they wrinkle. Try redrawing those references, just to see how it’ll look in your own style! :-)

After that, I’m advising you to draw the body before drawing the clothes. That way you’ll be sure that your proportions are right (sometimes drawing a shirt instead of a torso can make something that would look ok, but isn’t anatomically correct) -> it’s okay if it’s just a sketch ~

After that it’s time to sketch the clothes. Take a different color on a different sketch, that way you’ll see tf ur doing.

Before choosing the type of clothes you wanna go for, you have to understand how the fabric work in general.  You have to understand that gravity will affect the way your shirt will wrinkle. Wrinkles happen because there’s something pulling the fabric in another direction than where it wants to go (down, because of gravity). You can call those pull points ? Here Joonie has a really basic position so he doesn’t have many, there could be one at the waist, one around the neck/shoulders (since it’s there that the shirt is hanging, basically pulling the shirt up while it wants to go down) (but those wrinkles are usually drawn as lil bumps instead of wrinkles since they aren’t that apparent so drawing them would make your drawing too heavy (besides if you’re doing realism)) and in the armpit area.

if he moves his arm, though, the shirt will be lifted in the air, going agaisnt gravity which will create wrinkles.

wrinkles will go towards your pull points because that’s what keeps it from going down.

So what kind of clothes do you wanna go? Something loose? Tight? If you have a loose shirt, the fabric will be pulled to the ground and wont have many wrinkles. It will usually follow the farthest part of your body (usually the chest)

something tight will have a looot more wrinkles ! and that’s totally normal because it will have MOOORe pull points.

What I do there is do to wrinkles around the larger places. Since it’s tight it will follow the body, but it will get a little loose around bigger places bc it tends to stretch around it, s that’s where your pull points will be.

As for PANTS, now. It’s the same exact thing man.. just take some reference pic and get that right… and if you draw a guy .. DON’T FORGET HIS CROTCH !! they have something there… so it will create a pull point if his pants are tight enough !! If he got a small cucumber and rly lose pants there wont be nuthin’ so ur good, but if u go with the jeans.. even if he got a lil weewee there’s some stretching there girl !! If you wanna get reference u can look at pants for male, or put a pair of socks in ur pantes n see what it does to ur pants (that’s how transboys can get their fake weewee)

PHASE ONE CLOTHES, DONE !!! Now… ur oc is real cute btw, bodies !!! Man anatomy is still so hard for me crying emoji.. but imma show u how i do it bc im cool like det…

first of all, like i always say, get those reference pics !!! even porn can b a good practice ! nsfw art ? THATS D SHIT U WANT !! when i see nsfw i usually look at the anatomy instead of the sexy thing happening lol n sometimes im rly impressed like wow they did That TM..

So when you have ur ref pic you do ur sketch on it to see the basic etc etc u kno the drill !!

That’s how I do males :

ofc I ajust as I do it, for example his body looks too slim when he got big arms so i have to make it better

better !!!

as for females :

i feel like the waist is too big tbh and usually the waist is larger than the chest area so lemme fix that

So ye !! Males are more square like, straight lines, while females are more curvy. If you do a transboy you gotta make him curvy, and for a trangirl you gotta make her more square. OF COURSE ! THERE ARE VARIATIONS !! SQUARE GIRLS AND CURVY BOYS EXIST ! and i have no idea how to draw overweight people, so just google that ?? :-x If you’re a girl, lucky you, you have your own body as an exemple for the girl’s proportions. For the opposite sex, go on google :-P. Even if you don’t fit the sex your drawing, you can still ref with your own body: take a pose in the pose that you want and take pics of urself and reproduce it, and then change it to do the opposite sex (and if ur experienced enough you can change it as ur drawing it). I have a mirror to my right (that does all my wall) so whenever in doubt I look at myself, dont worry abt using ref, every artist does that !! don’T try to go by memory ~


Since it was at first a critique that you asked, I’ll tell you how you could improve what you already got.

So first of all, practice your lines. You draw multiple lines for one line, so practice that. Try doing long lines and make it more clean, it will make your drawing already a lot prettier and you’ll take less time drawing (maybe it’s just a matter of second, but that’s still seconds !!! + it takes you more energy lol (that’s my lazy side talking here)) -> on the one that you inked over the sketch, your lines were beautiful !

After that, regarding clothes, you already know what’s up with that with the advice I gave you, so no need to repeat myself!

Something I have noticed you seem to do a lot are really low mouths! As if your characters didn’t have chins ~ I guess you’re going for a more anime kind of style? But they still have chins there~ Try making more space between the end of your ching and your mouth,  If one day you do realism, you’ll realise that the space between the end of your nose to the middle of your mouth is the same length as your eye, so it isn’t that big of a space! 

-> talking of face, try practicing your proportions a little bit, yours are already really good! But I’m sure it would imprve your drawings if you practicced your proportions based of real faces that you put into your own style. Play with your own face and measure things, have fun seeing how many eyes you can enter in your face and try to understand yhte proportions better, it could help you have a better idea of how to draw it!

I see that you put your eyes in the middle of the head, that’s really good! That’s where your eyes are in real life, in the middle of your head, so the fact that you already draw it that way is really good!

Try practicing your hair a bit ~ Watch tutorials online or speeddrawings and watch how they do it~ What I see that you’re doing are really big strips of hair attached together kind like anime, but in really bigger strips which goes more like lisa simpson if I can explain it properly? Try giving more life to your hair and watch how your own hair places itself, the way gravity pulls your hair down. Try searching some pics of people online and draw their hair in your style! Maybe you’ll get something from it ~

Your ears seems to be of a generally good size! Ears usually stars from your eyebrow to the bottom of your nose and you usually follow that! If we take in consideration that there can be variation and people have smaller ears, then yours are perfect!

You make generally big eyes, but I think it’s just your style and it looks cute, so nothing bad to say about it ahah!

It’s really good that you practise different expressions! Often people do the same expression again and again and when they have to do another one they don’t know what to do, so you’re doing it right!

and your handwriting is pretty <3

CONTINUE ARTING BUDDY !!! I hope it helped you <3

How to make a Monado replica out of styrofoam!

Okay!! Hello, Emy here. Before I start this “tutorial” lemme say one thing: This was my first replica I ever made so it is not going to be very professional and you might wanna search for a different tutorial if you want to make a perfect looking Monado etc. But if you’re still interested on how I made this, keep reading! Also, I’ll be including special information for German people, as I live in Germany right now and bought all the stuff there.

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