dont ask how she did it

reasons why life is good

  • alex “lol i dont need back up i just need my cute cop gf” danvers
  • alex’s little gay smile when she called maggie™
  • alex and maggie literally doing everything together
  • everything
  • they met an episode ago and now they call each other whenever anything happens
  • kara’s wait-did-my-sister-get-a-gf face
  • “wear something nice”
  • alex “i can’t flirt but im trying to describe how pretty you look” danvers
  • alex “so is this actually buisness or were you just asking me on a date” danvers
  • fake date fake date fake date
  • handholding
  • with intertwined fingers
  • “you’re a great cop” aka alex danvers for “i like you”
  • alex like legit asking maggie on a date 
  • like come on yall she was definitely asking her on a date
  • jealous!alex
  • alex’s oh-shit-im-gay-fuck-fuck-fuck face™
  • alex danvers and maggie sawyer are in love 
  • thank you that is all have a good night

wait what-

tbh i found this fascinating lol bcs a non-fan almost believed that theyre actually together, THUS PROVING that im not being delusional😂

anyway i was talking to a friend earlier and he was again telling me about how because he has trouble empathizing with others and understanding boundaries (he scored like 8 out of 80 on the empathy quotient where i scored 68) hes often in situations where he doesnt know how to react or he reacts badly because he cant empathize/see how something would make people uncomfy so because he has an easier time understanding me because we’re good friends i suggested that the next time he’s in a situation where he doesnt know how to act to ask himself “what would amanda do?” or “how would amanda feel if i did this in front of her?” and if the answer is “she wouldnt do this” or “it would make her uncomfy” then he should reevaluate his actions and it was like a light turned on in his mind and i dont know if the idea of using an empathetic friend as a baseline could help anyone else who has problems with empathy but it really seemed to make a difference to him so i think its worth mentioning

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Name: Giorgia

Nickname: Gio, Kags and many many mean nicknames about my very normal height

Height: 5′2

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Go to ssbb character: what 

Fictional character i’d date: LANCE MCCLAIN

Favorite band or artist: atm im obsessed with K.A.R.D (kpop)

When did i make this blog: at some point in 2015

How many blogs do i follow: 339

Do i get asks on a regular basis: yup. but feel free to send moooore

Aesthetic: me eating pizza 

Relationship status: HAHAHAHAHA what is it a relationship

Favorite Greeting: fuck off (that’s why im single)

Pets: my gurl Tara she’s a cat 

Last song I listened to: Me Like Yuh by Jay Park ft Hoody (korean version)

Favorite tv show: dont have one

First Fandom: UUH Naruto i guess

Hobbies: drawing, singing, wasting my life, crying on fictional characters, eating

Books I am currently reading: nada

Worst thing to have graced my taste buds: people

Favorite place: my bed

I tag: @etta-makara; @koganess; @sweetpopcornkat; @telltaleheartwrites; @liberalanimetrash


-For whatever reason, since both Pyrrha and Weiss have long ass hair, they like to do them up together. Like Pyrrha does Weiss’ and Weiss does Pyrrha’s. They can do a log probably with long hair. 

-When Pyrrha first meets Whitley she asks Weiss if he was the little shit brother she talks about sometimes. When Weiss says yes, Pyrrha acts first all nice to Whitley to butter him up but then turns dark and scary and is like “I will kick your ass if I catch you being an ass to Weiss” cause dont mess with Pyrrha. 

-I’m sure Weiss isn’t the best cook around. Like yeah she has butlers and stuff but she did learn to like fend enough for herself but she isn’t a master at it. Pyrrha, however, is pretty good. So she teaches her how to cook better and they love to make dinner since then they can talk and chat by themselves in the kitchen.

-Speaking of this they are good at, Pyrrha adores Weiss’ singing and loves to listen to her. She goes to all of Weiss’ concerts and always sits front row for them to make sure Weiss knows she is there. 

(send me characters or a relationship and ill make headcanon. Keep it to RWBY and Voltron)


AG: Always.

AG: They have their separ8 ways of getting over something, 8ut I am always there to calm them down one way or another.

narrator time card  ©Spongebob Squarepants™

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Name: dave!!

Height: 5′2 i think

Hogwarts house: im a puff!!!!!!

Go to SSBB Character: if kirby is an option in any game then im gonna be kirby always ok kirby is good and my child

Fictional Charater I’d Date: probs starfire bc shes soft and strong

Favorite Band/Artist: emilie autumn bc i got Issues my pal but to kill a king comes close second!!

When did I make this blog: february 2012 yoooo ive been here too long

How many blogs do I follow: um…. its in fourth digits….. i impulsively follow a lot of blogs ok you got me

Do I get asks on a regular basis: hahaha i used to but now i dont and i feel kinda abandoned :’)

Aesthetic: gay nb traumatized meme ???

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you dont have to reply to this but i was just wondering how you went to the psychologist? like did you have to get a referal or did you just walk in? im seriously considering going to one myself but im terrified of not knowing whats going to happen

a friend of mine mentioned she was seeing a psychologist and said she really liked them, so i asked for the number for that place (the number was also available online). when i called i said i wanted to make a first-time appointment and they were like okie dokie is this time and day good for you? and that was basically it

the first day you go, you show up a little early to fill out some paperwork, like why you want to talk to a psychologist, relevant medical history, insurance info, etc. then you go in, and the psychologist asks you a couple questions and gets to know you. it’s all very chill and their #1 priority is making you feel safe and comfortable

you can ask for a referral from your general doctor, but i think the best thing to do (if you can) is see if any of your friends are seeing any psychologist they like, that way you know they’re good

other people feel free to add to this if u wanna


I go in the diabetes tag to find inspiration for a speech im giving at a jdrf event being held by my university

And i see a ton of shit like this

Its things like this that make it so hard to live with this disease. People dont see it as a disease, just some joke, or sugary food, or someone overweight. Even people in my nursing classes dont know the difference betwen the types or that it has nothing to fo with weight or how much sugar you eat. Its reasons like this that the only other person that i know with diabetes doesnt tell anyone about it, because hes afraid of being judged or made a big deal about it. This is why its as hard as it is, because so many people dont listen when we describe what we go through, just asuming its a finger prick or two and youre fine.

I live in a world where my friends roommate sees me giving myself a shot in the arm, even though i have a pump. She asked why i did that if i didnt “need” to because of my pump. When i told her it was because sometimes i like the shots better she said “ew thats so emo”

Diabetes is sugar
Diabetes is extra deserts
Diabetes is obestiy
Diabetes is emo

Why do we live in a world where these are statements?

No one would ever say that about cancer


I was tagged by @justlookatthehearteyes (thank you so much for tagging me) to do this ask thing about skam.

Name/nickname/whatever you prefer to be called? my name is Tereza (you can call me like that)

Pronouns? She/her

Age? 17 (my birthday are soon, on 3 February)

Fav Skam character? ohh this question is always hard one for me, but I would say that my fav characters are Isak, Even and Eva. I also really love Sana! 

When did you start watching Skam? I feel like I said this so many times but when the first clip of ep5 was posted. (i saw a lot of gifs on my dash and was curious what tv show it id from)

When did you make your blog? i made this blog around week later after that clip

Who are you cheering for to be s4′s main? my heart says Even but I feel like it’s gonna be Sana

Who do you think is most likely to be s4′s main? I would say Sana, even though I really would love to see Even as main… but really big part of me is saying to me he won’t be main… 

What are your main interests? lmao what? interests?… i spend too much time on tumblr, i love reading and watching tv shows

Something you’re always up to discuss? I’m really up to discuss anything? this is really not proper answer for this questions, but we are talking about Skam now, and i could talk about anything really.

Something you refuse to discuss? this is really hard question, but maybe talking about some private informations about the cast? 

Other favorite shows aside from Skam? Game of Thrones, Shadowhunters, Sense8, Stranger Things, Parks and Recreation……… (i watched a serie of unfortunate events recently and i liked it)

I tag: @queerisaks (i did this so quickly for u), @skam-addiction, @ikkesjalu, @throughmy-veins, @issyaki 

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I really did try to give Jocelyn a chance but I'm just so over her character like she's trying to kill Jace just the other day and now she's trying to act all nice and act like she's on his side like I understand she did want to get Jace to Alec but the way she came across when she was talking to Jace just felt so fake and insincere

imo magnus is right about jocelyn making people do what she wants, he said that people fix the problems she creates in the first place and honestly she knew alec and izzy were desperate to find jace and he was ready to kill him but what she wanted was to find clary so he put alec’s life at risk, of course he is a grown man and can make his decisions but like i said he was willing to do anything to find jace and she used that opportunity to get to her daughter, she only does things that benefit her and that doesn’t mean she is a bad person but it’s not great, but i mean she is been in a coma for 3 weeks and the little we’ve seen of her she is portrayed as a horrible person “i thought valentine was the monster but you…” they are trying to make us see her in the same light that we see valentine and she isn’t like him

Things Astra doesn't understand/is wrong about/or Alex told her

●"Kara, alex tells me I shouldn’t drink “The Ketchup” , I don’t understand why? It’s liquid and delicious” “Don’t ask me I still don’t get that also”

●"Kara, some agent said “it was safe me being free and that I was whipped by Alex”, I do not understand, she never whipped me in fact quite the contrary, there was one time in bed wher-“ “I DONT WANT TO KNOW OMG”

●"What did alex mean by “nice ass!!!”? How can an ass be nice?“

●"So proud that you’re banging a queen, Kara!…that’s the right term for courting here on earth, isn’t it? Alex told me”

●"Beyonce is the queen of earth”

● “mustard is a drink”

●"a daddy is someone who gives you money"

●"Donald Trump means an evil creature" “that…that one’s kinda right, Astra”

●"A sugar baby is what Kara’s with her thing with Cat"

●"So a sugar baby means a royal consort, Alex?“ ”….absolutely, Astra"

●"If someone says high five, that means you have to give me 5 dollars" “that doesn’t make much sense, Alex” “…humans are weird, just go with it”

●"A bro is a slight more advanced monkey"

●"big sis are earth’s salvation" “now I just have to make kara say that” “what was that, Alex?”

●"Kara, what’s facebook? Do humans have a book of faces? Is that something to identify criminals?“

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I'm truly lost as to how ariana fucked up so bad this era like all she did that was bad was dress like a homeless person (not being rude or anything i'm pretty critical of her as well, but to unstan for such reasons seems so extreme)

I mean, her fashion was questionable but you need to think about the fact that most people dont really care. 

Most blogs will just become disinterested rather than some form of ‘unstanning’ ritual. If you weren’t into the latex bunny then you stopped following her. Or the album- which is a different sound from the last 2 albums where they may have found her more pleasing. She’s not great to look at in those fashions- why would you reblog her candids? Her boyfriend isn’t pretty or interesting and she’s done a few performances but she doesn’t do most celebrity culture talkshows which makes her boring to try keep up with. 

None of these reasons are deep or flattering or anything but there’s a reason why there’s such a thing as ‘celebrity culture’ now. Like it or not (and she doesn’t) if she’s not deemed likable, people wont pay attention. And she was far more likable pre-2016. 

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how did you feel about zig and esme this season? i thought they were going to be insufferable tbh, but while i dont ship them, they were a lot more decent than i thought they would be, and i was pleasantly surprised to see them confide in eachother. esme doesnt seem like the type of person to just share personal info like that - she seems to carefully choose what part of herself she puts out there for others to see. tbh i hope it can lead to both of them getting more serious plots next season!

Yeah I totally agree! I was expecting to hate them, but I’m surprised that they actually worked pretty well together. They had good chemistry and actually were able to relate to one another, and Esme wasn’t dragging Zig down like she was with Miles.

I have a theory that Esme’s going to get a serious plot next season revolving around her finding Maya, so Zig will probably be a part of that too.

I’m kind of proud of myself..

I have been quite hmm professional to ex-bestie when I see her at work. I say Hello and smile at her and try to not make it awkward. I mean, its hard.. I do miss the friendship that we had before it got bad, especially the one we had 3 years ago, but people change and I dont need to be treated how I did so I am moving on, just as she is too. 

Today I even asked what they were going to do for the afternoon and said that I feel its going to rain. Actually, today her girl asked me to come talk to A (her babysitter) and then proceeded to tell me that A is her friend and my friend too. I just went along with it and said okaaaaayyy hahah.

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Im the anon whos girlfriend cheated and now has college exams, thank you for your love <3. Is it bad that I dont hate her? That I physically cant. I just miss her so much and that makes me hate myself more than I hate her. I dont know how to get over what she did to me

Of course it’s not bad, sweetie!!! It’s understandable. Your feelings might morph with time, re: anger and hatred, but no, no, anything and everything you feel through this process of healing – and you will heal, my darling – is absolutely understandable and acceptable. You’re not alone in the whole panoply of feelings you’re probably gonna cycle through; you’re not alone at all. Sending you so much love and hugs <3 <3 <3 <3

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you dont fucking deserve him. seriously if youre tired of all of this leave.

Everyone’s mad at me for what exactly??? Because she loves him and wants him back??? How the FUCK is that my fault?
When he asked me out I gave him time to think about if he was fucking sure if he wanted me but he came back and said that he did so stop acting like I fucking STOLE him from her because I didn’t if he wanted her so fucking badly he could’ve came back and said ah no I don’t think I want a relationship with you right now I’ve got someone else, it’s not that fucking hard. So all of you fucking dust bunnies can jump off of your high horse