dont ask his opinions if you dont wanna know

anonymous asked:

can u please give an advice? my best friend last night kept talking about kissing with me (I am a girl), she really seemed like she wants to try it out (none of us kissed girls before), and I have a boyfriend, so I didnt get into it, but I dont know... I might wanna try it out. I asked my bf about it, and he said ookay if you want that. but I dont know what would be his real opinion if I would really kiss my friend:/ so I dont know what to do. try it out or I shouldnt risk my relationships?

you already talked about it with your bf, and he’s okay. if you really want to try it out, then maybe reiterate that you’re serious and if he’s still okay and you still want to do it then go for it, bby. you won’t risk either of your relationships. if you don’t like it, don’t be afraid to say it. don’t be afraid of hurting your friend’s feelings, because your own well being comes first. don’t forget that. 

don’t like it ? well, it was an experience and that’s that. you’re still friends with the girl, and you still got your boyfriend. 

like it? talk with the girl about how far you want to take this, and talk to your bf again if you do decide to go further with her. 

communicate, protect yourself and most importantly - have fun :)