dont ask for permission

  • yurio: viktor what is this book
  • viktor: ...500 funny jokes that will make your kids laugh
  • yurio: burn it
  • viktor: but-
  • yurio: b u r n

Hipster Dave just for the sake of it.

+) Bros, I luv yall and I’m really happy that people appreciate my work, but please ask beforehand and CREDIT ME if you’re planning on using my art!

(also, that rule applies to every single artist out there, not just me.)


i didn’t make this edit it was made by thebeastsring on instagram but it’s just so perfect everyone on here needs to see it as well!!


【ヘタリア】にょたりあまとめ by 飛んでった

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

“Save her… he must be talking about Lydia. He planned this!”

another Dirk Gently screenshot redraw cause i have No Chill apparently. and also cause people were so nice in the tags of the last one! thank you all so much (screenshot under the cut)

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corporations: okay, the younguns are like drinking water and shit. what do we do. what do we do to sell them our sweet sugary syrup. we need the money. jaekyll wants a third car for her sweet sixteen

thirtysomething pr dude: we gotta….. we gotta like… millennial culture. add like races. races and the gays. we gotta capitalize off their Protest Culture. its gonna be good. We havent asked them for permission but we dont have to if we just put LOVE and PEACE on the banners, its not like they copyrighted protesting

the smart conservatives who thought everything through and are the right and rational ones here

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Might I ask what makes a reaction channel "okay" on your terms (don't mean to be rude just want to know what he was doing wrong)

1. Always ask permission to the original creators.
2. Don’t show the entire fucking video, edit it in a way that it’s transformative enough to be under fair use.
3. Support the original creator, if they demand a part of the revenue then give them.
4. If the creator doesn’t want their content to be profit for the reactor then DO NOT MONETIZE IT

In other words: be a decent human being

Starbot dubs does that. They always ask for permission, they give money to artists and dont call them donations nor never show off when they do it, they don’t monetize the videos when the artists don’t want their art to be monetized, they give credit AND they work hard on adding content value and edit their videos.

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I'm attending my first con tomorrow and am cosplaying for the first time (my dad is also with me, and I'm not sure what's the right way to ask someone else about their cosplay without it sounding rude? Especially when you don't know what it is but want to compliment them.) Any major dos and donts for first time con peeps?

Hmm. Quick rundown since I’m about to go to bed

If a cosplayer is sitting down, usually they don’t want to be photographed.
Never ask someone who is eating if you can take a photo.
Always ask before taking a picture

Don’t assume their character and say “are you [insert character here]??” Just say “I like your cosplay, may I ask what it’s from?”

If you want to take a photo of someone just go up and ask! Usually like “hey! Is it ok if I get a photo of you?”
If you want to ask about their cosplay it’s like the picture thing. I’ve had people come up and ask me how I’ve made something a lot! Just like a “hey, I love your cosplay! Can I ask how you made [insert part of cosplay here]”

For the most part cosplayers are very nice and get excited when you want a photo, so don’t be afraid!