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There's no such thing as a pro-life feminist. Sorry.

I knew i would get this ask ever since i put it in my blog description so i’m going to stick to my beliefs and im not sorry if I offend you. 

long story short: yes there is. because i am one of them. there are plenty of pro-life feminists in the world and on tumblr. 

feminism is the advocacy of equal rights for the sexes. i believe in a woman’s right to have equal pay, equal treatment before the law, equal treatment from other human beings, equal representation in media, etc.. we’re good on that, right?

i also believe a woman has a right to do what she wants with her body. HOWEVER: a child developing inside a woman is not the woman’s body. the child has its own unique DNA from the moment of conception. it develops its own heartbeat, its own fingerprints; it is its own person. 

and absolutely no one has the right to take the life of another person. 
there is something terribly wrong with a society that kills the weakest of its people because it’s the easiest way out. guess what: what is easy is almost never right. guess what else: the aborted girls who never get a chance to see the world have rights too. who’s standing up for them? i am. 

read this.  
and this.

you’re not sorry, anon, so screw off. 

i know there’s nothing wrong with being almost 20 and never been kissed or on a date, i know that, but god it feels awful.

even an awkward kiss or date in high school would make me feel better. hell even just having someone tell me they like me in that way. because no matter how much i tell myself it isn’t true, at the end of the day when I haven’t had ANYONE even show romantic interest in me, all i can feel is ugly and unwanted.



Okay; since these came in SECONDS after each other Im just going to assume most of them are from the same person?

Sorry you don’t like my art!!… I mean I’d say unfollow me but looks like already have? Soo… 

(Omg you guys if you don’t like the Ezra stuff just tell me and I’ll stop. I really enjoy drawing it but I can easily stop! Just let me know!) 

(Im only replying to these on here because I really want to know if you all do really not like the Ezra stuff!!)


Princess Elena + Lieutenant Gabriel Nuñez

                                                       “It’s my job to protect you.” 

                                              “And it’s my job to protect everyone.”

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Something I've been wondering for a bit about PGSM... if they had gotten to Neptune and Uranus, how would they be portrayed? This show is so amazing in many meanings of the word I just have no idea how it would handle them...

Interesting question! I’m no expert on the production history of Sailor Moon, but I always figured that it was never meant to last longer than an arc. They took the Gravity Falls route and ended it before it could be canceled. So, to cover all their bases, they put elements from the whole series into the one season (Princess Sailor Moon as Saturn, Luna as Chibiusa, and Minako as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto combined). So the question is, how could they make a Uranus and Neptune that isn’t just a repeat of what Minako represents? I think they’d probably take the gay angle. 

Since the focus on THE MISSION/sacrifice/devotion to the Princess belongs to Minako now, I would love to see an old-fashioned episode-106 style romance. Our dear Haruka and Michiru have been raised to be what was expected of them. Michiru is supposed to be a high-class elite artist, a trophy child. Haruka is supposed to get out of high school and be a mechanic like her dad. They are both supposed to like boys. They see themselves as products of unchangeable circumstance. All of these plans get thrown out of balance when they take up their roles as guardians. To amp up the drama: Michiru breaks her wrist during a battle, metaphorically detaching her from the painting and violin lessons she used to spent hours on. Haruka gets recruited by a sports team, behind her family’s back. At least ten episodes are devoted to Haruka and Michiru making knitted items for each other. 

The other girls, now a little older, are struggling with this too; Usagi and her friends have to choose between what destiny wants them to be, and what they want to be. This would be a good arc to have Ami leave for Germany to pursue her career. The others start to focus on their personal goals as well. Usagi (who has not seen Crystal Tokyo) doesn’t know what to do with her life. She just wants to make everyone happy. Though being a Senshi is what brought them all together, it isn’t what keeps them together.  Friendship is. Love is. 

So that’s what I would do if Toei commissioned me to make a live action PGSM spin-off series. Call me, Toei. 


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In my opinion, 'The Killing Joke' would be amazing for the DCEU Joker. 'The Killing Joke' is one of the best interpretations of the character, it is implied that he had a tragic back story and he is capable of human emotion. The Joker being at his core human makes him a far more fascinating and terrifying villain as he was not born bad but made that way. He became unfixable, which means all it will take is one bad day to make any of us become just like him! What are your thoughts on this? xx

I totally get what you mean, but I personally don’t think The Killing Joke origin would fit with this more modern interpretation of Joker. 

I definitely feel this Joker had some kind of tragic element to his backstory, but the struggling comedian with a pregnant wife storyline just doesn’t fit it all for the modern DCEU interpretation to me. Joker has such substantial power in the criminal world, it was clearly something he built over time so he’s probably been involved with the criminal lifestyle for quite some time.

We don’t know how old Joker is, but I feel he’s spent a large portion of his life already in the criminal world in some way or another. His power and influence seems to reflect that to me. Since I’ve never been a fan of that story myself, I might be a biased in my dislike, but this interpretation wouldn’t fit well with that origin in my opinion.

EDIT: Jared said this when asked about an origin for Joker: 

I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about that so much, but we walked in a completely new direction.” 

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Tony Stark is my absolute favorite character in Marvel. He's my favorite superhero and anyone giving you shit for loving such a fascinating, complex character can fuck off. Tony is snarky, smart, brave, flawed, funny, damaged, deep, biting and a hero. People who send hate to others because they love something are the ones who are broken and maybe they should spend the time they take to send hate on fixing themselves. Fucking assholes. (you can publish this or not because I stand by my words)

There is something to be said about making yourself into a hero, not being made, but making that choice. And that has always echoed inside my bones. His raw, unrelenting, humanity, makes me believe I can save myself and still be alive, still be human. I am broken, but I am also good, and maybe I can build myself into my own hero. And who are they to tell me that I cannot seek comfort in that hope? 

I love you, and I’m publishing this, because it needs to be seen. Xx

this is … wow

get down from that high horse of yours before you hurt yourself

do you really think i give a tit about what you think?! 


A video regarding President Obama’s continual efforts to provide equality for the PLGBTQ community.

Glee star Jane Lynch narrates this documentary about LGBT rights in America. The video features a candid interview with President Obama, who speaks about the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, why he supports marriage equality, and what’s at stake for the LGBT community in this election.