dont ask about my hair

owlsshadows  asked:

Grandma here to leave some damage on the fave grandchild!^^ Looks: Jirou Kyouka (BNHA) Personality: Kozume Kenma (Haikyuu!!) ((soft and squishy))

haha so I havent read BNHA yet so Im not very sure about the characters name and such and I proceeded to google and

r u sure granny this is…………………….rly unexpected

I mean

this very cute and cool girl

I mean

Im honored but I mean

(on the other hand the Kenma thing is…………..aight)


Drawings from stream!! 

- Lloyd w/ a modified hairdo, kinda based on my brother’s hair 

- dont even ask about the snakey lloyd yet i am compiling a post about it but lets just say there are headcanons involved 

- just a zane nothing to see there

- tall jay?? i know the fandom has accepted jay as tiny but,,, he has always been the noodle boy in my hc,, i can go on but i wont because i really gotta stop typing