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Smut Apocalypse Schedule

I have everything queued and ready to start posting from 12am - 11pm Friday, February 10. Yes, you read that correctly. Twenty-four separate pieces for all of you horny little nuggets. 

12am - Amazing - A Dean x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

1am - Not As Good As You - A Wincest NSFW Gif Drabble

2am - Dont Ask Stupid Questions - a Sam x Reader  NSFW Gif Drabble

3am - So This Is Heaven - A Sam x Reader x Dean  NSFW Gif Drabble (No Wincest)

4am - The Propsal - A Dean x Reader  NSFW Gif Drabble

5am - Right on Time - A Destiel x Reader  NSFW Gif Drabble

6am - Digging Into The Lore - A Dean x Reader  NSFW Gif Drabble

7am - You Missed A Spot - A Sam x Reader x Dean  NSFW Gif Drabble (No Wincest)

8am - This Changes Everything - a Sam x Reader x Readers girlfriend One Shot - what happens will change everything!

9am - You Owe Me - a Dean x Reader  NSFW Gif Drabble

10am - Someday - a Jared x Taylor NSFW Gif Drabble (Takes place after @impalaimagining’s Girlfriend part 3)

11am - Spectator Sports - One Shot -Two female hunters come to live in the Bunker with the boys, but are they more than just friends?

12pm - Sweet Ride - a Dean x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

1pm - Book Return - a Sam x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

2pm - il Destino di Quattro - a Dean x Ana x Sam x Angelina 7K foursome (no wincest) co-written with my super sassy and smutty little sister, @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms (Not reader insert)

3pm - Ugly Ass Carpet - a Sam x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

4pm - Sweet Reward - a Dean x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

5pm - The Convention Connection - The Promise - a Jensen x Nicole installment (part of an on-going series)

6pm - The Simple Things Aren’t Always So Simple - Part 3 - Jensen x Reader smut (this is part of an on-going series)

7pm - Day Dreams - a Dean x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

8pm - Five Senses - Choose Your Man x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

9pm - Cum My Pet - a Crowley x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

10pm - I Can Hear You - A Dean x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

11pm - Winter Storm - a Dean x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

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Do you like Cas?

Sam or Dean?

Why do you like SPN so much?

Why is everyone in your fandom obsessed with Lucifer?

Is Adam out of the cage?

anonymous asked:

Can Oliver and felicity just take their basic asses and like not come back

ah nah i want this to happen

ARROW 4.01: 

  • felicity comes back to starling city
  • everyone: hey wheres ollie what happened
  • felicity: he blew up hes dead we had a car accident
  • laurel: what
  • thea: OH NO
  • diggle: lmao sucks
  • felicity: so i’m back
  • laurel: i never thought he’d die bc of a car accident
  • felicity: same 
  • thea: can i be green arrow now
  • felicity: ur brother literally just died
  • thea: sucks he’ll come back anyways he never dies
  • 5 yrs later oliver is still not back
  • connor hawke: where’s my dad
  • laurel: i’m sorry he died in a car accident
  • connor: but i thought he’s green arrow
  • laurel: no. u are
  • connor: aw yeah B)
  • 1 yr later /oliver comes back/
  • oliver: wait why are u black isnt ur mom white
  • connor: she was recasted
  • oliver: nice
  • connor: nice
  • oliver: give me back my green arrow mantle
  • connor: no
  • oliver: ok

anonymous asked:

Hey im really struggiling to come out as ftm to my family /acsepting that who i am is not ok im my family i was wondering if you had any advise on ether of these ive known for 11 years and i really dont think i can keep living with this as a secret but i dont want to lose my family. im not a social person so i dont really have freiends, sorry for asking such a stupid/weird question.

Kii says:

Please don’t use ableist language in your asks.

Lee says:

You could try to make some friends first, and also get a therapist so you have a support system outside of your family. Therapy might also help you with coping with the loss of your family if the worst did happen and they didn’t accept you. Our Coming out page and Mental health page might help.

Followers, do you have any suggestions for anon?

sinish-tem  asked:

Heya i am sorry for aksing stupid questions. But what is the plot of yureitale?

hey hey

Dont be sorry, its not a stupid question ^^

To answer the ask: The plot of Yureitale is a little bit like the original game, but only in a few parts like Frisk/suzumushi getting to a place unfamiliar to them, getting “adopted” by the people there and trying to get back to their home.

One among many differences: YureiTale its not supposed to be a game. No save stations, no resets, nothing. This story is based on things that happened in real life mixed with legends.

To be honest, we’re still working on the plot(me and @decaytale), thats why we’re starting with the “Origins Arc”, for now we have Suzumushi wanting to get to her home village and know why she was abandoned on the mountain near the Demon Forest, along the way she discovers many different people/demons and their stories, her true place and voice, brings back lost people and uncovers the hard truth about herself: that she’s actually dead. The story is not only her’s but also everyone around her, especially Kohaku and Kagami’s story(Asriel and chara), the appearance of the demon Kiku(flowey) and the strange disapearance of Shin(Gaster). We’re basically mixing many japanese myths and what happened in Japan at time of war into one story, with Suzumushi at the center of it all.

We just…..make up plot along the way…sorry for not explain it like you expected ^^;

I am so sick of people going on the vegan tag and starting shit. Then when they get called out on said shit, they just go “omg you vegans are so sensitive” or “omg it was a joke.”
Wanna know what is a joke? You are.
Stop coming to the vegan tag and then wondering why you get attacked when you post ignorant, childish and ill-informed things. Just stop, you know exactly what you are doing. 

askmiya  asked:

*The nurse walks in with a worried expression on her face.* "...Oh my goodness..."

When someone new came by, all attention was on her, 3 pairs of young large eyes staring at the nurse before Kodo quickly moved to hide behind Zackery this time, who simply crossed his arms and tilted his head.

“Do we know you? Ow! Wh- hey! What was that for?” He asked, rubbing his head as Tachi had just bonked him.

“Dont ask stupid questions. If we knew her, then you wouldn’t have needed to ask that.” Tachi explained before glancing at the woman, moving to stand next Zackery, slightly in front of him. Meanwhile, Kodo had been hiding the whole time, only just now peeking her head out to also see the woman.

Yep, all three members of the trio had been changed into their 8 year old selves. Tachi had both of his eyes now and his hair was slicked back, shorter now, Zackery had faint burn marks around his lips but his hair was still long, reaching his mid back easily, and finally Kodo, she had what appeared to be scratch marks on her arms and around the green nubs on her neck.

READ THIS it’s very important

I’m going to actually start using this blog now! shocker, I know. but more importantly I’m finally able to reblog those “tag which oc” posts and you guys will have a reference to refer to if you don’t know what I’m talking about

also dont be afraid to ask questions, even stupid questions that are already answered, i will answer them more than you could ever believe

(reference images for each oc are under construction)