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Smut Apocalypse Schedule

I have everything queued and ready to start posting from 12am - 11pm Friday, February 10. Yes, you read that correctly. Twenty-four separate pieces for all of you horny little nuggets. 

12am - Amazing - A Dean x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

1am - Not As Good As You - A Wincest NSFW Gif Drabble

2am - Dont Ask Stupid Questions - a Sam x Reader  NSFW Gif Drabble

3am - So This Is Heaven - A Sam x Reader x Dean  NSFW Gif Drabble (No Wincest)

4am - The Propsal - A Dean x Reader  NSFW Gif Drabble

5am - Right on Time - A Destiel x Reader  NSFW Gif Drabble

6am - Digging Into The Lore - A Dean x Reader  NSFW Gif Drabble

7am - You Missed A Spot - A Sam x Reader x Dean  NSFW Gif Drabble (No Wincest)

8am - This Changes Everything - a Sam x Reader x Readers girlfriend One Shot - what happens will change everything!

9am - You Owe Me - a Dean x Reader  NSFW Gif Drabble

10am - Someday - a Jared x Taylor NSFW Gif Drabble (Takes place after @impalaimagining’s Girlfriend part 3)

11am - Spectator Sports - One Shot -Two female hunters come to live in the Bunker with the boys, but are they more than just friends?

12pm - Sweet Ride - a Dean x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

1pm - Book Return - a Sam x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

2pm - il Destino di Quattro - a Dean x Ana x Sam x Angelina 7K foursome (no wincest) co-written with my super sassy and smutty little sister, @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms (Not reader insert)

3pm - Ugly Ass Carpet - a Sam x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

4pm - Sweet Reward - a Dean x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

5pm - The Convention Connection - The Promise - a Jensen x Nicole installment (part of an on-going series)

6pm - The Simple Things Aren’t Always So Simple - Part 3 - Jensen x Reader smut (this is part of an on-going series)

7pm - Day Dreams - a Dean x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

8pm - Five Senses - Choose Your Man x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

9pm - Cum My Pet - a Crowley x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

10pm - I Can Hear You - A Dean x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

11pm - Winter Storm - a Dean x Reader NSFW Gif Drabble

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Do you like Cas?

Sam or Dean?

Why do you like SPN so much?

Why is everyone in your fandom obsessed with Lucifer?

Is Adam out of the cage?

Questions that you shouldn't ask gay people.

“Are you the boy or girl in a relationship?” - They’re both guys, that’s kinda the point.

“Who turned you gay?” - Nobody can “turn” you gay, we aren’t like vampires.

“Who would you go straight for?” - You don’t just “turn” straight or gay.

“Why don’t you act gay?!” - That implies that we’re all the same, which is so untrue, we all have different likes and dislikes, the only thing you need to qualify as gay is an attraction to the same gender.

“Don’t you know the bible says it’s a sin to be gay?” - Good for the bible 👍 it’s not a choice.

“Do you want to be a girl?” - No. That’s not what being gay means, that’s a totally different thing. We are guys who like guys, that’s it.

“You look too cute to be gay, you know?” - What are we supposed to look like? Gays come in all shapes and sizes.

anonymous asked:

sorry if this is a dumb question but i didn't really understand if hfk is about her relationship with lido... is it? r they still friends?

yeah its basically abt a quite serious breakup they went through bc im p sure they’d been on and off for a while but like this was Serious and so she kind of wrote a lot but then they started making music again together (ashley always talks abt them sitting down together in a big room after a long time and then playing the piano chords and writing “lie” and it gets me everytime)

like i think there was probably a time in between when they werent at all close but it seems that they’ve pretty much stayed friends whether they were dating or whatever and i think its good that they are still close/comfortable enough to make music together even if shit went down

anonymous asked:

Can Oliver and felicity just take their basic asses and like not come back

ah nah i want this to happen

ARROW 4.01: 

  • felicity comes back to starling city
  • everyone: hey wheres ollie what happened
  • felicity: he blew up hes dead we had a car accident
  • laurel: what
  • thea: OH NO
  • diggle: lmao sucks
  • felicity: so i’m back
  • laurel: i never thought he’d die bc of a car accident
  • felicity: same 
  • thea: can i be green arrow now
  • felicity: ur brother literally just died
  • thea: sucks he’ll come back anyways he never dies
  • 5 yrs later oliver is still not back
  • connor hawke: where’s my dad
  • laurel: i’m sorry he died in a car accident
  • connor: but i thought he’s green arrow
  • laurel: no. u are
  • connor: aw yeah B)
  • 1 yr later /oliver comes back/
  • oliver: wait why are u black isnt ur mom white
  • connor: she was recasted
  • oliver: nice
  • connor: nice
  • oliver: give me back my green arrow mantle
  • connor: no
  • oliver: ok


commercial break 5

- u /killed/ someone u fuck
- holy fuCK SIMON
- no he’s not clary dont ask stupid questions
- someone pls help magnus my poor son is hurting
- alec is such a supportive boyfriend 😭
- thank u magnus for talking ur gonna feel better
- no no dont think that magnus no no magnus pls
- the fucker deserved it
- it strengthens ur relationship my son everything is ok
- this is abt to get real interesting

dont ask leon stupid questions

yea  he get asked alot  of  questions about his life    he would never get   annoyed  by avas when he ask  questions  but when the new recruits asked about his past  instead of doing thier jobs leon  leon would be like “don’t you have assignment  you need to do” nower days in the pasts  lizabirth has to reminded her  soldiers.

yea i kinda  put a a random male kinda  looks like  some rival we see in the original yugioh  who wants to duel   yugi   P.s.s dont worry you can still ask questions  to leon XD its  just  a joke

Genre: Pre-Apocalyptic, Apocalyptic, and Post-Apocalyptic

Anonymous asked: what is the difference of pre and post-apocalyptic novels? i know the thought of those prefixes but i dont quite grasp the complete idea sorry to ask this stupid question thank you so much

  • Pre-apocalyptic - follows the events that lead up to the apocalypse and sometimes the apocalypse itself.
  • Apocalyptic - chronicles the actual apocalypse.
  • Post-apocalyptic - begins after apocalypse has already taken place. Chronicles life in the aftermath.

I am so sick of people going on the vegan tag and starting shit. Then when they get called out on said shit, they just go “omg you vegans are so sensitive” or “omg it was a joke.”
Wanna know what is a joke? You are.
Stop coming to the vegan tag and then wondering why you get attacked when you post ignorant, childish and ill-informed things. Just stop, you know exactly what you are doing. 

lesbian requirements

since when did lesbians have to have short hair to be lesbian? last time i checked i was only required to love ladies to be called lesbian. your hair doesn’t make you gay whether its long, short, medium you can still be gay. you shouldn’t have to cut your hair to make a statement about yourself.

anonymous asked:

Is the son "18" about Zayn and Perrie or Louis and Eleanor? I know im probably asking a stupid question but i dont really know what age Zayn met Perrie.

I’ve seen this being asked in various blogs already but all you need to know is to think who is Ed really close with in the band? Tell me who does he consider his closest friend to the point that they have matching Pingu tattoos. The answer is Harry, he is his best friend who he has a really close friendship. Now, let me ask you who has Harry been linked to for the past 4 years and aside from all the pr stunts and the womanizer image? Louis. Ed met Louis via Harry. Remember when this happen?

As a result, I do not think about Zerrie who yes they did meet when they were 18 but Ed is not close with Zayn or Perrie not even Eleanor.