dont actually think this is shitty art

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i feel like your tags about the larry performance art is fair but also kind of unfair as it only applies to the people who fetishize larry in the larry fandom. i just enjoy fanart and fanfic, because i enjoy that ship- just as other people do with other ships. now the people who would actually watch the boys undress and stuff is very strange and uncomfortable. i also just dont like how the artist made an art exhibit out of other peoples fan works tho. everything about it is uncomfortable

i didn’t see the fan works part, did they give credit to the artists? that’s kind of shitty and exploitative if they didn’t.

but yeah i do think the art performance was a reflection of the majority of the larry/larrie fandom. i mean there’s videos on youtube with thousands of views where the video maker is pointing out boners, sexual remarks/behavior they perceive as gay, looks that mean harry and louis are in love, etc. the whole notion of believing in larry relies on the observation part, particularly observations of their sexual/romantic chemistry disregarding what harry or louis have actually said about their relationship. that’s what i got from the crowd watching them.

the crowd of people watching these two guys undress also alludes to the idea that harry and louis’ relationship is seen as something we should be able to look at and enjoy. and in a way writing fanfic and drawing fanart is a way for us to “enjoy” their relationship. you know what makes me uncomfortable anon, when people photoshop harry and louis’ tattoos onto porn gifs of real people, that’s actually the first thing i thought of when i saw harry and louis’ tattoos on these two performers. that seeing two men being intimate with each other is enough for some people if they can just imagine them as harry and louis.

larry is not like the other ships in our fandom, it’s hard to find people who just ship it and i understand where you’re coming from. but most are believers and this has caused the ship to escape fandom spaces and affect the real lives of the people involved and this ship is known about by people from outside our fandom too. probably why larry was chosen for this performance in the first place, it’s popular and well known and it’s more than just shipping for some people which adds another layer of meaning to this performance.

idk if this is what the artist was going for i didn’t bother reading past the tumblr post on it, but this is what i got from looking at the pictures! and art is always up for personal interpretation. because we’re in a fandom that focuses their fanworks around real people it may be uncomfortable to outsiders. the fact that people in our fandom reacted uncomfortably too when this kind of fandom culture was reflected back onto them is really interesting to me.

for what it’s worth i think the performance got across its message, even if it may be a negative one. there’s nothing wrong with a little self reflection on how you participate in fandom. appreciating this performance won’t stop me from reading fanfic or drawing fanart or enjoying these things, and you shouldn’t feel bad for doing the same.