dont actually think this is shitty art


A quick sheith animatic I threw together for Valentine’s Day ♥

this is supposed to be kind of a warm up before I start working on my bigger sheith project~

Gods Have Mercy On Me, I’ve been working on this for over a month for the Trollhunters Fanart contest and just,,, this took so damn long,,,,, i was dying squirtle,,,, this thing is huge

I’ve been calling him The Brutal in my head because I can’t think of a actual name for him/I forgot the one i had

I also keep imagining him as my trollsona’s dad but shhhh dont let anyone know

anonymous asked:

ooh, how about nonbinary leo valdez please if you still do pjo!! also @ that shitty transphobic anon: eat dirt, dunkass

i dont think ive Actually drawn leo since the trans pjo zine … i made their hair a bit bigger here~ because drawing big hair is fun - and what better guinea pig than leo valdez? (thank you so much for the request! <3 and the support)

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idk anon i dont think it would be very nice to make fun of how slow or fast she (or they) make their comics, their art has nothing to do with the ACTUAL shitty stuff they say, same goes for any artist tbh, its like how ppl say someone is ugly all of a sudden when they are a shitty person, like, there are so many more things you can make fun of, idk if any of this makes sense but just wanted to say my onion on this

anonymous asked:

i dont give a fuck im going to keep reposting your shitty content and erasing your fucking name you ungrateful fuck. think of it as a compliment cunt

um,,, what the fuck,,, it’s my art that i spend time on?

and if it’s that shitty why bother taking credit 😂😂 i’m actually floored that you think it’s okay to speak to someone like this and call their content shit WHEN YOU STEAL IT

anyways,,, you are the one acting like a cunt what the fuck,,



spock is a good god damn character, TOS is a good show, and every spock breakdown is hard to watch b/c they were actually consistent enough with his character for it to mean something


this is garbage asdfghj sorry i wanted to contribute to saigenos week but all i have is a scanner and messy writing aaah i want a drawing tablet so baddd

saigenos week day 3 - relaxation

im crying- also i just realized genos speaks four times and he also says sensei 4 times rip

dear everyone

  • using my art for personal icons or whatever - its fine, ur ok
  • using art of my or other ppls MUs when they are not your MUs - uh, please dont, i dont care if its same hat the personalization makes it pretty rude
  • cropping and fucking up our art with levels and hue/saturation and using them to RP, especially if you’re using other ppl’s MUs to rp your own, ESPECIALLY if you then decide to say ALL ICONS ARE MINE DO NOT USE with MAYBE the tiniest link in a hidden away credits section - are we STILL DOING THIS LMAO
  • dont assume you can use art like this without permission as if it all appears out of nowhere for you to take
  • i KNOW how editing works and it is not in a million years comparable to drawing the actual artwork we’re not playing this game again

dave’s attitude to art, despite his taste, is very sweet.

the shittier something is, the more charming he finds it. and therefore the more irony-points it has. just like buck dewey in that one SU ep.

i think dave cant draw very well, but is at home with that fact. he actually uses it to his advantage. sbahj is a medium so shitty that you have to work very hard to make your own art look as bad. that in itself is creativity.

also in act 5 terezi was always making excuses for her poor drawings and dave was like “bro dont worry skills are overrated anyway. wait why am i kissing davesprite? oh well heres a comic of you falling into koolaid guy”

and he actively encouraged jade to make drawings that were as terrible as possible so they could have the shittiest christmas ever

PSA to anyone entering the cover art contest. There is no actual prize, as I have enough on my plate already without having to write seven new drabbles.

If that grievously offends you, do not enter.

As an artist, I know the importance of paying a fair amount for commission. Also as an artist, I do not have the money to commissioning anyone right now. This contest is entirely voluntary, and I dont want anyone to feel obligated or coerced. PLEASE, only enter if you are okay with your prize being my sincerest thanks and whatever small honor that may come with having your art attached to my shitty stories.