dont act like your not impressed


seventeen on an ice-cream date

mingyu- mingyu would get the ice cream and bring it to you and in the midst of all this he would stumble a bit being the cute clumsy thing he is, he would sit down with you and start eating and he would end up with ice cream on the tip of his nose and he wouldn’t realise and you would get an napkin and wipe his nosengjrigrigr and then he would say something cute like “ahhhh i did it again” and start whining jfifjeiue

wonwoo- a ball of happiness eating an ice-cream. is there any thing else i really have to say?? he would just sit there and embrace the happiness around him and the happiness of being around you and just relax and you would just talk about the stupidest things like is it hard to paint your nails with your fingers

dk- dk would non stop smile after he asked you out and you said yes. your first date would be an ice cream together and he would just constantly stare and smile at you and you would eventually gently hit him on the shoulder and he would giggle and be like ‘what?’ and you’d be like ‘stop staring’ and he’d just giggle and apologise then offer you some of his ice cream ;z;

woozi- he would honestly be so shocked you said yes that he would awkwardly sit eating the ice cream trying to find a topic to talk and his face would go all red and bright and he would just be like ‘so do you like puppies?’ then pull out his phone and start showing you this time he saw this cute dog idek gnejkgregrewhatislifegnjgk

dino- now as i said woozi wouldn’t know what to say, but dino, dino is on a whole other level- i swear this child would just sit there the whole time trying to find a way to eat this ice cream, go from the side then sort of shake his head, from the other side, from the top, from the bottom, and even after you had finished he would still be trying to rap his head around the idea of this whole thing and you would just sit there giggling at him

jeonghan- jeonghan would be chill on the outside but in his head literal alarm bells would be ringing. he would be asking himself questions he didn’t know the answers to like ‘what should i do next??//??/?’ and ‘am I supposed to pay??? is that a thing?? the guy pays right?? i mean i cant let her pay- right?’ and i feel like he would end up cutely stuttering a few times and handing over the wrong amount of money oR leaving without he change and someone having to call him back into the restaurant to get it

seungkwan- oh the diva boo i feel itgegemkf. seungkwan would legit waltz into the shop and stop at the counter and just go “one strawberry and one chocolate ice-cream please” then slowly slide cash across the table like he was in a movie and you would giggle at him and he would be acting all tough then the waiter would be like ‘cup or cone’ and he’d switch out of dive mode and be like ‘cone please…’ all shy like

scoups- coups would come back with one ice cream and you’d be like wot wheres my ice cream?? and then he’d turn the cone to show you half and half of yours and his favourite flavour and he’d be like ‘2 scoops is $2 more don’t say i don’t love you’ and you would giggle at him and he would giggle backenjkremek

joshua- joshua being the perfect person he is would have legit perfect looking ice creams and would surprise you and be like ‘its on me’ and then he would drag you to a park and feed you the ice-cream while sitting on a bench together with your head in his lap awwjnfk

jun- holy moly ok so jun would be like ‘let me impress you with my actings skills’ and you’d be like ‘ok go for it’ and he’d start acting and then when he got distracted he wouldld accidentally ’throw’ (of more like slip) the ice-cream out of his hand and it would land on the floor behind him and you wouldn’t be able to stop laughing and jun would just be there in the background like “‘HEYY DONT LAUGH AT MEEE’

the8- you would get the ice creams and you would desperately want to try the8s but he would always be like ‘calm yo self you can have one in a sec’ then continue to eat it. so you would distract him and go in for a bite of his ice-cream and he would turn around and be all cute like ‘i cant see it where is it’ then he’d see his ice-cream and start to pout and get all cute and he’d be like “why’d you do thattt’ :”)

hoshi- hoshi would have ‘no idea’ what flavour to get you and would end up bring back only ‘one ice cream’ and you would just look at him like wdym?? and he’d just kinda laugh awkwardly and say ‘i didn’t know what you wanted… so i didn’t get you anything at all’ and you’d just stare at him and be like ‘yOu know what i likeeee’ and he’d sit down and pull your favourite flavour of ice-cream from behind his back and be like ‘just kidding!’ and bop your nose.

vernon- vernon would be very impromptu and just pull you out of the house and be like ‘we’re going for ice cream’ and you’d be like ‘why??’ and he’d be like ‘just cause’ and you’d spend the whole day just walking and talking and holding hands casually. oh and ofc eating your ice cream

shin soukoku

Dazai: Just as I predicted, atsushi and akutagawa are a formidable team worthy of the name shin-soukoku. they have a partnership just like ours!

Chuuya: *rolling his eyes* yeah right

Atsushi: get out of my way akutagawa!

Akutagawa: no YOU get out of MY way!

Atsushi: youre even more pathetic than I am!


Atsushi: NO WAY

Akutagawa: YES WAY







Atsushi: *doing an impression of akutagawa* uuuu dazai san please notice me, i love you dazai-san, oh dazai-san please let me lick your shoes, just this once



Dazai: pretty impressive, right chuuya?

Chuuya: … when you said “a partnership just like ours” you… weren’t kidding



  • he knew it
  • he recognised your face when he saw your profile picture 
  • hearing your voice on the phone only made him suspect it all
  • he wanted nothing more than to ask
  • it was literally eating at him
  • but at the same time he didnt want to invade your privacy
  • but he couldnt help himself
  • one night while the two of you were on the phone he finally asked
  • “MC, you dont have to tell me, but are you the MC?”
  • baby boy jumped up in excitement about how he knew it had to be you when you told him it was true
  • he couldn’t contain his excitement
  • he had seen a few of your musicals that you were in
  • but he wansn’t consumed in it 
  • wasn’t
  • he is now
  • he bought all the soundtracks that incuded you
  • watched everything you had been in
  • he was amazed
  • it was you
  • really you
  • the two of you sing broadway together whenever apropriate *cough* that means always *cough*
  • he was stunned
  • he saw the two of you as almost a power couple
  • he couldnt believe he found someone who is so talented 
  • and someone who has the same interests as him
  • he wants the two of you to be in a show together


  • he isnt that into broadway
  • he’s more into classical stuff
  • but when he asked you what it was you do for a living and you openly stated you were a broadway actor he immediantly searched for you
  • he bought all the DVDs you were in, even if you were just a chorus member
  • although it wasnt his style
  • he was amazed how much emotion you put into your performances 
  • he could tell when you were on stage that you loved it with a fiery passion.
  • after the RFA party he went to one of your shows
  • and he was breathtaken
  • you were so much more vibrant on stage
  • he could see every emotion
  • all your passion and hard work
  • they way you made it look effortless
  • the smile of delight on your features during certain scenes
  • he wasnt sure if it was you staying in character or that you were unable to hide it
  • he gives you the biggest hug after your show
  • he’s just so proud of you
  • he boasts about your talent to anyone who will listen
  • Jaehee has takem note that if he seems stricter and needs to calm donw that if she mentions you - espeacially your talent he will instantly brighten up
  • no matter what mood he is in
  • a smile will appear on his features
  • and the more he talks about you the brighter the smile gets


  • his jaw dropped
  • like Zen?!
  • woah!
  • what shows were you in MC???
  • are you going to be in another show soon???
  • can I come please?!!
  • can I hear you sing please MC
  • his baby boy almost cries when he hears you sing 
  • you’re just too perfect 
  • how can you be beautiful and be gifted with the arts??
  • he honestly thinks youre so cool
  • he tries to go to whatever shows he can make it too
  • and he buys you flowers for when you finished 
  • he sometimes forget that hes your boyfriend like
  • ???
  • how did I get you???
  • he’s so impressed
  • he honeslty feels like he couldnt do that kind of stuff every night and remember all those lines and songs
  • he loves watching you reherse 
  • he sometimes listens to you practice your songs while he plays LOLOL
  • his friends always talk about it 
  • “who’s that singing in the background?”
    “it sounds amazing!”


  • no way 
  • her two favourite people are in musicals???
  • she found out what shows you were in and instantly watched them
  • she wanted to appreciate you
  • she coudlnt believe how amazing you were
  • lowkey slowly starts to buy your merch 
  • you remind her that she doesnt have to 
  • but she insists that she wants to becasue she wants to support you and show that support like she does for Zen
  • “You can show me support by coming to me show tomorrow night ~”
  • she almost screamed when you presented her with a ticket to your show
  • all tickets were sold out
  • and she desperatly wanted to see you live 
  • she 110% kissed you then adn there she was so excited 
  • she likes to listen to you sing while she catches up on work throughout the night
  • it relaxes her 
  • she blushes every time you direct a love song at her 
  • she turns bright red when you tell her she’s who you think about when singing those songs to get in character
  • she basically dies there rip Jaehee
  • she’s your muse??? but shes just an assistant ???
  • why wouldnt Zen or someone like that be your muse???
  • you convince her that she is way more than that and that she’s the most inspirational person you know


  • guys
  • he so knew 
  • he found out when he looked at your past for stalker safety reasons
  • so duh he just had to go to one of your shows
  • he compliments you all the time for it
  • he watches you practice through the security cameras
  • and of course he makes requests 
  • “MC can you do this song? THANKYOUSOMUCHILOVEYOU”
  • sometimes he’ll make serious requests
  • othertimes he request the most rediculous songs
  • of course you comply 
  • its the best bonding time for the two of you
  • this obviously creates so many inside jokes between the two of you
  • so when the two of you meet for the first time at teh party
  • you both honestly feel like you know each other perfectly

  • he’s not shocked
  • I mean 
  • youre perfect in everyway so duh youre talented 
  • he’ll take headshots for you 
  • and you even managed to get him to do the photoshoot for the cast and crew for the show 
  • he was honoured 
  • and he now has ties with them and he’s the first person they call for photoshoots now because they just love his work
  • the night he goes to see your show to do the photos while everyone was performing 
  • he was s h o o k 
  • he hadn’t seen you perform before
  • and he tried so hard to capture your passion and beauty in the photos
  • the prints are the best photos of the show they’ve ever had
  • and the ones of you are V’s favourite 
  • he’s actually framed some 
  • they’re in his apartment 
  • on his bedside table so he can see you in your element before he sleeps


  • he’s not into musicals and stuff like that
  • he doesnt really act impressed 
  • like um okay??? good for you babe
  • just not my thing
  • he’ll support you 
  • and let you practice while he’s doing something 
  • if the noise is too much he might tell you to stop
  • but most of the time he just leaves the room so you can keep on going 
  • you dont think he’s actually ever watched you perform, he usually just waits outside to pick you up
  • but he has
  • he’s actually gone to a couple of your performances
  • he acts like it’s not a big deal while watching
  • but at times
  • he’s actually teared up
  • over how cinvining you were to showing pain and saddness 
  • almost as though someone had actually hurt you
  • part of him actually was concerned that him not showing interest in your passion was a catalyst to make you cry 
  • he was actually so worried that he was the reason you cry
  • he makes sure to remind you at randoms times that he loves you, even if he has trouble showing it
Idubbbz Imagine// Ian imagine- Part One

You lay back on the bed and sigh, not sure what you expected when you decided to hang out with Ian today, you glance over at him. Gaming away, completely distracted, ignoring you. Well not ignoring you rudely, mostly distracted. You smile as he talks to himself about the game, cursing in funny words, cursing in harsher words. It all amuses you. Ian finally registers your giggle as he dies for what seems like the forty millionth time, he looks down at you

“you think this is funny, this genocide is comical to you?” he asks, you smile and nod, rolling from your back to your stomach, looking up at him.

“Even though this is basically a broken record, you dying on your games will always be funny” you tell him. especially when you were kids, Ian was always more mature than you, him being several years older, but whenever he gamed he just seemed so lighthearted. Yet, intense at the same time. Ian reaches up and nudges his glasses, sitting back in the chair with a sigh. 

“lets go do something” he says, you raise an eyebrow

“you mean… away from your games? Ian are you okay?” you ask teasing him, you stand and place the back of your hand on his cheek.

“oh no…” you say he rolls his eyes, swatting your hand away. You watch as he stands and walks to his closet, he sheds his shirt, you blush knowing he cant see you. This was normal, ever since you were kids, Ian wasnt shy. he pulls on his light grey thermal, and a black hoodie. You look over at the computer shyly.

“where are we going” Ian asks, you look up, taken off guard.

“what? how am i supposed to know?” you ask, Ian scoffs.

“well what a shit co-pilot you are! we would be dead, you would have killed us if we were in a fighter jet and im like ‘hey man, whats the directions’ and youre like ‘duh’ we would die, all thanks to you” Ian says, you cant help but to laugh, Ian has always been able to make you laugh, even when you didnt want to. 

“how about the beach?” you ask, looking out the window. The storm clouds circle over-head, the air feels crisp and nice. 

“are you kidding me, the weather is terrible” Ian says, you shrug. Ian glances over and sees you staring out the window, admiring how gloomy it looks.

“i think its perfect…” you say, you love the grey tones, the blue undertones, how the sun sets through the clouds. Ian hits the blinker, and you smile looking over at him.

“maybe we’ll get struck by lightening” you say in a cheerful tone.

“oh i do hope so!” Ian says cheerily. you laugh. when you step outside the car the wind is blowing just a bit here and there, and the air is as crisp and cool as you imagined. It feels great, the mist is refreshing and energizing. You walk beside Ian and look out as far as you can.

“It’s weird right” Ian says, you look up curiously, he smiles and points out to the horizon.

“If you watch the ships when they get close, they dont just sail up straight forward. The ships come up bit by bit, top first, until it all comes up like an elevator. It puts things into perspective.” Ian says, you cant help but to admire him when he gets like this, Ian glances down at you and you blush.

“earth round” you say teasing him, an easy out from the awkwardness, he smiles and starts into a light jog, running ahead of you. You chase after him and you both wind up laughing.

“jesus… reminds me of sixth grade” Ian says, 

“what do you mean?” you ask, sitting down in the sand, facing the ocean. Ian sits down next to you leaning back onto his arms. you hug your knees to your chest.

“how you used to chase me everywhere” he says making you blush a deep red, you swallow a lump in your throat.

“i just wanted to put more make up on you like that one time” you tease Ian laughs. you remind him how the eyeliner made his eyes pop and he makes the fishy face. you laugh, and it turns into a deep sigh. you lay your head against your knees as you gaze out into the ocean. the waves crash into the sand, but further out they seem so peaceful. that must be what all the poets meant by sirens, it looks so desirable, as if you could float comfortably for hours out there. you stand and shed your jacket, kicking off your shoes.

“no way, come on its freezing” Ian says, you dont care, how often do you get this opportunity? you run forward and glance back before you hit the waves, the wind blows Ians hair in his face and you smile, he smiles lightly at first. when you hit the wave he grins, and starts to run after you. you jump as each wave comes in, and you feel the way it forces you back, then pulls you forward. the cold stings, but its soft at the same time, the way the water flows over your body. you feel a hand on your hip and you scream before laughing wildly, Ian laughs as he grabs you. you push away and realize now hes chasing you, you run as much as you can towards the shore. finally being able to step out. Your chest feels tight and empty, youre still grinning though, youre still happy. Ian is smiling just as much as you as he dredges out of the water, you both feel about one hundred pounds heavier with your soaked clothes… you make your way to the car. It’s dark out when you make it back, you cant help but to shiver when you get out, the air outside has cooled a good amount and its taking its tole on you. 

“you okay?” Ian asks as he  unlocks the door, you nod.

“Just cold” you smile. You get your shoes off at the door.

“Well, here, wear something of mine for now” Ian says as you step into his room. he grabs a long sleeve shirt and some sweat pants. you take them gently. Ian walks back to his closet and you stand by his bed. you cant even ait for him to leave youre so cold. you shed the wet shirt and try to pull the one Ian gave you over your damp body. Ian glances over to see you, the shirt clinging to your wet skin, he can see your breasts a bit from the side… Ian swallows and turns around when you start to unzip your jeans, he cant help but to peek a bit though. he catches a glimpse of the curve of your bottom as you pull them over your hips. you hug the oversized shirt to your body, and sigh. plunging into the bed. Ians smell is all around you, youre wearing it, you sigh and look up just as Ian pulls his shirt over his head, already fully changed. You smile and reach for your laptop, you scoot over as Ian hits the light and drops next to you, sitting up a bit. Ian gathers the blanket around you both, youre honestly thankful, because your hair is still wet. you turn on the walking dead and sit up next to Ian. It wasnt always this easy with Ian, it was… awkward, most of the time, Ian was smart and witty and totally levels ahead of you. Now you could get a good back and forth going, you could keep up with him, you were just a bit more confident in yourself.  

“i still cant believe you havent seen this yet” Ian says breaking the silence.

“its scary” you say” he huffs a laugh.

“fake guts and corn syrup is scary?” he asks.

“so are helicopter hats and olive oil” you say, Ian laughs.

“what does that even have to do with scary movies?” he laughs, you shrug.

“pshhttt what doesnt it have to do with scary movies. you start the movie, theyre always doing one of two things. cooking, or fucking” you say, being bold, Ian laughs whole-heartedly.

“what does a helicopter hat have to do with sex” he says, shaking the bed with his laughter.

“oh boy oh boy wouldnt you like to know” you say, Loving that he finds you funny, you soak it all up while Ian gets comfortable, unintentionally pushing you further against the wall, you dont mind, youve always liked to be squished places, its comfortable. It feels safe. 

“i mean i guess it could be a kink” Ian says “theres all kinds of crazy kinks now-a-days yaknow” he says, you huff a laugh, getting a little embarrassed you started this type of conversation.

“i guess it could be, seems like a more innocent one” you say gladly.

“yea im more of a foot fetish man myself” Ian jokes you laugh.

“that is so weird to me” you laugh and Ian smiles.

“just the way the toes curve” he starts and you shove him a bit.

“ew stop” you say giggling through it.he’s amused by your discomfort.smiling widely. Ian finally calms, and you sigh.

“theres BDSM” Ian offers, trying to make you laugh, you shake your head.

“the idea of that always scared me” you say shyly.

“really why?” Ian asks

“Just feeling powerless, and i know i wouldnt like being tied up or anything… i would be scared” you say. 

“so you’ve thought about it” Ian says, you blush deep and he acts mock impressed.

“thats not what i meant!” you try to defend but hes already off on a rant.

“goodness me well i never, you know somebody ought to tell your mother” Ian says, you cover your face and laugh. Ians laugh fades.

“you, you dont have to be so shy” Ian says, you look up at him, he’s just looking at you now, head tilted a bit looking down at you. you look at yourself, pulled away from him, clenching the blanket.

“i didnt realize..” you say quietly, relaxing.

“you’ve always been shy” Ian says, relaxing against the bed. you remember being a teenager, seeing Ian at school and always waiting for him to approach you, never talking first. you bite your lip as Ian closes his eyes, he looks so relaxed… you lean forward, and before you can lose your courage you hover over his mouth, Ians lips separate, and his eyes open just for a moment before he closes the gap. You have imagined it. over and over youve imagined being touched, being kissed, and being wanted by Ian. Now its happening. Ians lips are soft, caressing yours, his arm snakes around your side to pull you closer. the other hand to cradle your face you kiss him, and he kisses you back, moving fluidly against your lips before re-positioning the kiss so he can taste you. You shiver as his tongue glides against yours, and he puts more pressure on your lips. You’ve never had a kiss like this, a kiss that felt so good. Ian slows and separates himself from you gently, you let out a sharp sigh, and small gasp as he does so. Your head feels light, and your heart is thumping wildly. 

“i.. uh…” you manage, but thats it. Ian laughs quietly.

“didnt like it?” Ian tries to finish your sentence. you swallow.

“no! of… of course i liked it” You cant even speak! you scold yourself, you should be saying something graceful! something magical and sultry! that isnt you though… you look up at Ian, he has the gleam of the Lap top on his face. You dont know if you can get up the courage to do it again, but you want to, badly. You shut the laptop, and slowly lean into him, Ian reaches out to you and guides you to him. Once youre at his lips again, you dont even need courage. Its all so… so natural. It comes easily, the way he moves, and guides your lips to move with his. you reach up and run your hands through his hair, loving how long its getting. Ian groans a bit, kissing your cheek as you pull at his hair.  you let a quick sigh go, and pull in a sharp shaky breath as Ian kisses down your neck.

“ian…!” you whimper, gripping his shirt, he stops. you’re getting a little overheated… the nerves just shot through you for a moment, making you fear where this was heading. you can feel his breath trail back up to your mouth.

“are you okay…?” he asks, you open your eyes and adjust to the dark, Ian looks a bit concerned. you nod.

“yea… i just…”  Ian can feel you retracting into yourself all over again, putting your guard up, he realizes he was going a little fast for you. 

“hey, its alright” Ian says you feel his hand on your side, he gently traces it up and down to your hip, and back up.its soothing, the constant touch, you relax bit by bit.  you sigh and lay your head in the curve of his neck. 

“im sorry…” you say, in a small voice.  Ian huffs a laugh.

“It’s fine, you dont need to apologize. i was getting ahead of myself, Im glad you stopped me honestly. It would suck if you went along with something you didnt want to happen. I dont want to put you in any position like that” Ian says, you feel better, Ian wasnt a very sexual person anyways, Hes said before that he hasnt had many sexual relationships. 

“ I want to…” you say Ian’s hand is relentless against you, making you feel warm and safe, you let your hand fall to his chest.

“Just not yet?” Ian says, you nod. He’s right, its so much already… “ i understand” Ian says, moving his face to kiss your temple lightly.  you lift up a bit, leaning against him and capturing his lips, soaking in the relief it gives you. Ian pulls you in close and you feel his breath in your hair.  the sensation is so relaxing you find yourself drifting to sleep. Ian feels your breath deepen and relaxes against you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you in tightly against his chest.

subversiveawareness  asked:

How about marisa, who I thought would be your fave since she's a sword lady with purple hair

Oh dont worry I still adore Marisa!! Resting bitch face. Socially awkward. Really gay. Shes super relatable

  • First impression: I had a bias to like instantly bc you know, she looks and acts like Meira and was the reason I played FE8 and am into FE now so, that’s as far as my affection ran
  • Impression now: I cry shes so great?? I live for characters that seem cold until you’re close and then they get clumsy and, I love it I love her
  • Favorite moment: Her getting genuinely upset and Gerik not knowing how to react so he, literally offers to buy her a snack, it’s so comical to me
  • Idea for a story: Ok I have this, sorta baseless hc that when Marisa’s father passed, all she knew was what he taught her of the sword and how to survive as a mercenary, but she was just a lil kid and was forced to be an assassin under a really awful guild, and was borderline a slave until Gerik freed her and she joined him
  • Unpopular opinion: She’s not that bad a unit? Idk I always hear about her being bad in my experience (tho theres…not really any bad units in fe/8 tbh)
  • Favorite relationship: Her and Tethys!! Platonically or romantically its gr8 bc Tethys would help her break out of her shell but still respect her boundaries and be a sorta, sisterly figure to her
  • Favorite headcanon: Marisa doesn’t find particular enjoyment in unnecessary things like dressing up and such, but at rare times Tethys will ask to dress her up and do her hair and makeup and she wont admit it but she does feel kinda nice like that
What they signs say when they first meet you.

If you see * it means they’ve actually said that to me when I’ve first met them.

Aries: (In a business lesson) I think a flying backpack with an attached umbrella is something we all need - what do you think? *

Taurus: I actually think I like you, that’s weird *

Gemini: Do not talk to her like that! That’s so rude!(and walks away) *

Cancer: Oh, yea I’ve seen you around, don’t worry everyone says I look mean like even I think I look mean *

Leo: Ignore all those haters, I like you so like that’s a good thing right?

Virgo: Omg I really like your scarf (they take your scarf and start trying it on) * (it was a guy btw…)

Libra: (they dont talk to you psttttt they ignore you and turn around) *

Scorpio: No but when I’m using social networking sites it’s mainly for….like….stalking people you know? *

Sagittarius: This teacher is literally so bloody hot…. *

Capricorn: Oh my God…. You act so much older(or younger) than you are! *

Aquarius: Oh, can I have your snap chat then? *

Pisces: I am so sleepy omg! I LOVE THEM! (talking about a band) *

BTS Reaction To Like The Same Girl

I will separate this for squads. I hope you enjoy ^^

The jealous squad: they would stay close to you almost every time, preventing another member made some “move”. I could also call them “the protector squad.” I’ll try to explain it better. Like, they will want you to be close to them and would act like a brother with you just to impress others. Yeah, basically. - Jimin and V

The quiet squad: They, as its name says, would be quiet and just observe your relationship with the other members. If you were getting closer to someone, the boys of this squad would spend long hours with you. You know, it would make you more attached to them when you two are alone - Rap Monster, Suga and Jungkook

The “i dont care” squad: They literally don’t care! They would be okay with their relationship with the boys, inside not too well because they continue enjoying you, but wouldn’t mind you be closer to the other members. They would accept without many problem if you relate to another member. - Jin, J-Hope


In light of recent events, I’m reminded of something I once read here on tumblr (and I wish I could remember who said it):

“If Jensen Ackles is really under the impression that he isn’t acting like Dean’s bisexual and madly in love/attracted to Cas, then either Jensen is the worst actor in the world or he’s helplessly in love with Misha Collins.”

Well, which one is it, Jenny Thunder?