dont act like you dont know me

  • lets imagine! wonder woman acts as a mediator for an argument between bruce and clark
  • wondy: batman. we know why you're upset. before we stop for the day, can you just say one nice thing about superman, so we don't leave each other angry.
  • bruce: no. >:C
  • wondy: *uses lasso* come on. one nice thing about superman, and then we can go.
  • bruce: *vein popping in his forehead from resisting*
  • bruce: i....i like when....*struggling* he shoots the lasers out of his eyes...i think....its pretty... cool.
  • clark: :D!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love when some abled people try to act like theyre so educated on your illness, they think they can offer you advice, talk about your issues and your limitations as if they know what those are, they think they can tell you how disabled you are, and what you can and cant do. thinking they know you better than you know yourself, and thinking they know your illness better than you do.

they think theyre so educated, that is, until you call them out on not actually being educated, until you tell them “stop that, youre being ignorant, you cant know this, so why act like you do?”

then they get all upset over it, and the usual thing i hear is “well you cant blame me for being ignorant on something i dont go through”

which is true, you cant help being ignorant on something you dont, have never and will never have to go through.

but for real, if youre ignorant on something and KNOW youre ignorant on it, why in the world are you talking about it as if you arent?

Its so fucked up how fat people even MENTION other people accepting us people ALWAYS come out of the woodworks with some

“Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder!” “You cant make people find you attractive!”

Like yall make the BIGGEST fucking reaches to tell us that we arent ALLOWED to be accepted and loved and cared for.

And no, just cause you say you care for our health and that were “dying” and “killing yourselves” and talk about all these health conditions that yall dont even KNOW we have. Yall love to fucking run your mouths about shit yall dont fucking know about

You’re not ME you’re not my fucking doctor you dont fucking know me or my health history! Stop talking like you know shit!

And then there are those who act like wanting to fuck us is a compliment when its NOT. We are not your fucking fetish we are not objects to sexualize and fuck. We are real fucking people with real feelings. Go to hell

And then the bitches who flat out say disgusting awful cruel shit about us. Theyre the big bullies who pick on people because theyre sad about their own lives

No matter what happens, fat people are CONSTANTLY dehuminized. Were not allowed to be human because we’re fat. Were not allowed tonbe happy and free and love ourselves and our lives nevause we’re fat.

We deal with bullshit from our friends and families and even fucking strangers! I had a woman come up to me while i was at a diner with my mom and whe literally said to my face “you need to lose some weight” a stranger! Who i never seen again! How is that okay!

People don’t care about the effects. They dont care if we develop eating disorders, have depression, low self esteem. They don’t care because well, they hate us, and want to dictate how we live our lives because dont like the space we take up

But well, were here, and we will always be here. If you dont like it, look the other way or you can kiss my FAT puerto rican ass

to the people who told me to "let it go"

stop invalidating the discrimination people with disabilities face from doctors and hospitals.

stop saying “its the doctors job to make sure youre telling the truth”, they couldve done that job without assuming i was making everything up, they didnt have to call me a liar

stop saying “well if you looked sicker, they wouldnt have been like that to you”, dont blame me for a doctors incompetence, they shouldnt have treated me like that in the first place.

stop saying “you have to understand, your illness isnt common, you cant expect them to have known what to do”, lmao not knowing what to do doesnt give them the right to mistreat me in any way, they couldve TRIED to do something instead of calling me crazy, a liar, an attention seeker and everything else.

stop saying “you cant expect a doctor to know everything, theyre human too ya know” i didnt expect them to know everything, or anything for that matter, this isnt a matter of their knowledge as a doctor, its a matter how human decency, something i was robbed of because doctors didnt even try to help me, they told me to go away, or that im overreacting.

stop saying “everyone makes mistakes, even them”, the constant discrimination i faced, the lack of help i got from doctors cause they were too busy calling me a liar has altered my life, it wasnt a mistake, it was a tragedy.

stop saying “well you know not all doctors are like that,” Yeah, i do know, i also know that alot of doctors are, and that it gets worse if people try to excuse what they do.

Im tired of being told to get over what i went through, im tired of being told to get over being told i wasnt sick, that i was insane, that i was a liar, because not only was it something awful to go through, but its something i am still going through. because there will be other people, and other doctors who think this.

only now its “i dont know what your illness is, it sounds fake”

and “i dont know how to help but let me act like i do”

now i have a diagnosis and i will face other types of discrimination by hospital and doctors. and people will tell me to let it go when i do.

and ill tell them to fuck off, cause it isnt somethig you just let go of.


In first movie, Lucy needed Natsu’s love and care. She wanted him to comfort herself and she finded peace in his arms.

Now, look at the second pic from second movie. Look at Natsu’s face. Can you see love? Can you see how peaceful he is?? You can see his calm expression which expresses his happiness of cared and comforted by lucy, right?

Okay. Look at the both Natsu and Lucy’s expressions from pic 1 and 2.

They look worried and thinking. They are worrying and thinking about each others silently.

Dont know about you but for me, friends.

For me, this is true love.

just something ive seen happen, and feel the need to bring up

stop being surprised when a disabled person is able to do something, stop being surprised that your ignorant assumption was wrong.

the only reason youre surprised that a disabled person can do something YOU thought they couldnt, is because you didnt know their limitations, but thought you did, and if thats not bad enough, people will go the extra mile and make that ignorance the disabled person’s problem.

its beyond disrespectful, i dont wanna see your raised eyebrows or hear your voice go up an octave, i dont want to know how surprised you were that my disability doesnt stop me from everything, i dont want to know how shocked you are that i, a disabled person, can do something/is good at something.

I dont want to see you act this cringy because i dont want to be reminded that people who are THAT ignorant exist, i dont want to be reminded that ableism is so normalized that its completely fine to act surprised when a disabled person can do something.

like its embarressing enough that youre that ignorant, but its even worse when you openly express how ignorant you are through being surprised.

Ok so major vent/fuck coworkers post because I swear if I don’t I’m going to punch this fucker’s teeth in. Its long without a tl;dr so im sorry viewers

There is this slimey mother fucker at my work… lets name him Graig… and he is that insufferable “teacher’s pet” kind of person (read as: the store manager’s bitch), and hes that fuck that will kiss everyone’s ass and act really nice and polite but then actively talks shit and tries to snitch on u for something u may or may not have done the moment ur back is turned. But he talks the most shit on people who are “in his way” (ie: people whi arent managers but are still in a higher position than him) and he actively tries to sabotage blue shirts because he thinks that if the one in front of him is gone they have no choice but to make him a blue shirt. In every case he successfully pisses off a blue shirt to the point they leave, my manager just hires another blue shirt

Here’s a little segway to explain how the heirarchy of Dankin Doodoos works. At the top of a specific store is the manager who wears a red shirt in the middle are the shift leaders who wear blue shirts and at the bottom are the crew who wear white shirts

Now backstory for Graig so this will make sense: at this point he is a White Shirt and hes pissed because he is p much the store’s bitch and all he does is complain about how he doesnt have a Blue shirt, how he deserves a blue shirt even tho he takes waaaaay too many short cuts, actively ignores when Blue shirts ask him to do something or tell him to move to a different station, actively creates and perpetuates rumors to cause discourse, is very rude to customers, didnt know how to do most stuff that ur p much supposed to learn in training, literally fucks up most of his drinks, etc the list goes on and on for why he shouldn’t have one and shouldnt even work here for that matter and we were all even told by our District Manager (a big higher up) he will never have a blue shirt. I came to work at this location after him but as a whole I was an actual manager at my old store so i was immediately put in a blue shirt position. He was not happy about that one fucking bit. I didn’t care. I was nice to him, hoping if i didnt give him anything to bitch about hed eventually fuck off and do his goddamn job.

Now onto the reason I say fuck Graig. I used to stream myself playing video games on twitch on my off time from work, which was A) a great stress reliever and B) something I’ve wanted to make a career for a while now. My manager knew I used to do this because I’d gush about how much I loved doing it so much. Id given a lot of my coworkers my twitch url and told them to come watch some time and it was all fun!

But then one day my manager calls me into the office (with, of course Graig pretending to need shit out the office every 5 seconds so he can eavesdrop) and she tells me that someone had sent the url of one of my stored videos on twitch to my the district manager. It would have been all good, because i literally never say anyone’s name and i never say i work for Dankin, it was just a fun stream i did with my friend and honestly my hair was long and i look way different with my hair pulled up so i might not have even been recognised so any of the foul language and dicks and stuff i joked about wouldnt have even mattered. But of course they absolutely had to try and get me with something, so they saw my shirt, which said DankinRonpa (a parody of Danganronpa) on it with a bear on it was close enough to the Dankin Doodoos design that I was representing my location and decided that everything i was doing was inappropriate so I was literally almost fired. And my district manager even made the comment that she had saved the url to my page so that shes going to check in from time to time to make sure im not doing anything inappropriate. Thankfully my manager saved my ass by pointing out it was a first time offense, i didn’t know that my shirt would let people know where i work, promised it wont happen again etc etc

I was so upset i still havent back streaming because im terrified shell keep her promise. So now if i want to continue streaming i have to abandon my current twitch channel (and all 200 followers) and start fresh.

Of course after my shift is over my actual friend that worked there at the time also as a blue shirt let me know that Graig decided he had “had enough of me” and decided to prove that he had “eyes everywhere” and sent the link to my district manager.

And the kicker? The real fucking kicker? He got a job as a assistant manager at a dollar corporal and he had put in his two weeks in the same fucking email he sent my twitch url in. He legitimately had no fucking reason to do it other than to be a petty piece of shit.

Oh and even after he left, he kept calling the store, asking whoever answered the phone how much they were making, then told them they could make more at his dollar corporal like are you fucking serious? And what hes doing is trying to convince people to leave their job here and to come work under him. And from what the other managers say, its because he acts like hes a fucking bigshot and yells at everyone and hes already driven off half the staff.

And wouldnt you know it, because of that they severely cut his hours to the point where he came crawling back this past week. But because right now, my store is so severely understaffed because all the hires have additudes and refuse to come in on time, they damn near handed him a blue shirt.

But he always nags me when i dont let him touch my drawer or count the safe, or let him in drive thru. “Oh why dont you trust people?” And then try to guess why: “is it that rumor i heard about you getting in trouble over youtube?” And honestly that pisses me off even more because he was there when i had the conversation with someone esle i worked with and even asked questions about it, so he knows. And one of these days hes going to catch me when im not in uniform and not in the store and im gonna whoop his fucking ass if he doesnt leave me alone

Steve Rogers X Black!Reader Headcanons Part deux

This is a mish mash of many requests i got, part is about steve calling out microaggressions another is another request i just there in so yeah hope you enjoy this (also don’t be a PUSSY, REBLOG THIS…plz)

-‘why is this person always saying the n word, theyre not black’ -steve

-‘i love you baby youre so woke’ -you

-‘love you too honey’

-steve calling out the microagressions that the avengers commit towards you, sam, rhodey and/or tchalla

-natasha: “can i thouch your hair”

-Steve, in response: “You dont have eyes natasha?”

-natasha: “sorry damn it just looks…exotic”

-Tony:” you dont act like a normal black person, Y/N”

-Steve, in response “so what does a ‘normal’ black person act like then…?”

-Bucky- “i dont think you would know much about this Y/N”

-Steve, in response “She fucking majored in this James.”

-Steve honestly always calling people out and exposing them

-Steve constantly on twitter exposing these hoes

-Tony, “swing those hips for me fiery latina”

-Steve in response, “should i even have to say anything like really tony?”

-Steve loving your body so much 

-reporters making the supidest comments about you, your body, your race

-Steve and the whole team defending you all the time

-you being offered roles on shows (not as an actor but as like a guest t be interviewed or as a judge on like project runway or some shit)

( honestly its my dream to be a judge on project runway so i had to put ^ that on there)

-The public loving you (aside from the *shudder* conservatives)

-being offered like modeling jobs and all that shit

-becoming like a guest public speaker for a lot of things

-you speak about fat-shaming, bullying, racism, sexism, homophobia and a lot of other stuff

-companies and organizations ask you to be the cover firgure of their groups cuz youre so lit

-everyday we lit you cant tell me shit

-steve supporting you in everything cuz hes the littest white boyfriend ever

-yall just lovin ech other a lot and unconditionally

-”i love you pookiebear”

-”i love you more, doll” also whoever says doll is fuckin sexist i give no shits its fuckin cute and it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside

-”no i love you more captain”

-”we all know it it i that loves you more my lovemuffin”

- Sam: “Shut the fuck up we allllll know yall love each other a lot can yall get a fucking room or better yet a new house so we dont have to always hear yall fucking in the early mornin like damn can a nigga get some peace in this place”

lol i loved making this and now that its summer i have a lot of free time so get ready

random bios (masterpost - 37 eng 37 pt)

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  1. eu não sou hetero, nem homo e nem bi, aqui é love yourself 
  2. nem tua mãe fala bem de você 
  3. mete mais o pau e se mete menos na vida das pessoas
  4. você é linda, no escuro
  5. te sigo de volta so pra ver os micão ao vivo na minha timeline
  6. não precisa ter medo de filme de terror pq nem monstro quer te pegar
  7. baixar a cabeça nunca, só se for pra pagar boquete. 
  8. levanta a cabeça princesa, o boquete já acabo
  9. que deus te elimine
  10. vamo se abraça com a lingua
  11. oi licença vc poderia me passar onde fez essa tatuagem de piranha na cara
  12. to pior que a lady gaga na era artpop
  13. acha bonito ser escrota
  14. my heart say yes but my mom sayVAI LAVA A LOUÇA GAROTA
  15. esse twitter hoje ta calmissimo, vamo causa minha gente
  16. aqui vcs vão ver os dramas vividos pela kardashian perdida
  17. tombei, mas gata cai em pé
  18. não piso em quem ja ta no chão
  19. more nao força
  20. vai com calma que tu só tem um cu viado
  21. toma aqui as vírgulas que eu não faço questão de usar ,,,,,,,, 
  22. vc já caga pelo cu não precisa cagar pela boca
  23. só entra heterofobik
  24. pede mijoooo
  25. mando nude com cachê
  26. nao gerem burburinho que estragariam minha imagem, deixa que isso eu msm faço
  27. hoje eu to pior que a lotus tour
  28. honrando a vagabunda que sou
  29. shokada em crysto
  30. eu nao acredito que inventei a raiva em 2017
  31. to aqui pra destilar meu veneno mortal
  32. talvez voce so esteja aqui porque deve ser aquela poeira que eu finjo que nao vejo quando faço faxina
  33. desnecessaria
  34. acompanhe as desventuras cotidianas dessa blue ivy perdida
  35. a + loka dos role
  36. e aí @PastorMalafaia seu bosta
  37. nois trupica mas nao breca


  1. im such a sarcastic bitch
  2. go ahead. do your worst.
  3. they say i act like i dont give a fuck, i tell them im not acting
  4. talents: sleeping
  5. this semester isn’t done but i sure am 
  6. i dont know whats emptier, my bank account or my love life 
  7. if you eat enough pizza it tastes like love 
  8. im 900% ready for summer vacation 
  9. please don’t waste good pizza on bad people 
  10. i just want to sleep forever because dealing with people is annoying as hell 
  11. 2010 me would literally be terrified of 2015 me and I love it 
  12. why be moody when u can shake dat booty am i right ladies 
  13. quick tip: fuck off 
  14. i wish i had dora’s parents they let that bitch go everywhere
  15. everyone is stupid except me
  16. dont be a dick
  17. if youre reading this send me nudes
  18. i got 99 problems but I’m gonna take a nap and ignore them all 
  19. I’m so cute why am I not dating anyone 
  20. baby girl please don’t trust these fuckboys 
  21. wear black and be gold.
  22. you can tell a lot by listening to a girl’s favorite song 
  23. who needs april’s fools when ur life is a joke
  24. sarcasm is my only defense
  25. i dont argue, i explain why im right
  26. she a good girl, but you know she bad though
  27. where are you now that i need a food????
  28. all the cocaine in the world in your nose still on my bussiness
  29. no hungry, no problem.
  30. she can fuck you good, but i can fuck you bettA
  31. you little shit
  32. bitch i will kill you with my kawaii powers
  33. just imagine how great life would be if pizza made u skinny 
  34. i say idk a lot but trust me i be knowing
  35. can u lose weight by running away from ur feelings 
  36. dropping out of school to become a princess 
  37. me and my mom gossip about u 
An emotional convo between trini and zack
  • Trini: soooooo...whats up?
  • Zack: uh nothin much just in love with billy. is there something on your mind?
  • Trini: i dont even know kim has been acting weird lately i think she doesnt like me anymore
  • Zack: why r u so stupid have u seen kim, shes in love with you
  • Trini: i just dont know she used to be a popular girl and i dont know if shes really serious about me
  • Zack: oh trini come here *gestures for a hug*
  • Trini: *hugs zack* *sniffles
  • Zack: kim has talked to me so many times droning on and on about how much she likes you dont let your insecurities blind you from whats right in front of you
  • Trini: *wipes eyes* really?
  • Zack: really.
  • Trini: *wipes last of her tears and smiles* thank you zack you're a really good bro
  • Zack: No problem
  • Long pause
  • Zack: maybe really can be our always
  • Trini: wow
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  • Emotional Convo #1

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Hi! So... can you explain why you don't ship Creek? (It sounds bad. I didn't intended it tho. I love your blog, and basically everything that u're posting! I just want to know what you don't like about this ship, because I'm theirs trash lmao)

no worries, i dont mind explaining!

there’s a lot of things that bug me about creek? first off its origins because it all started with Tweek vs Craig back in 1999 which was literally their only interaction ever. and they were pitted against each other and fought the entire time. but somehow it became one of the most popular ships in the fandom and rivaled style for years. 

and like, i get rival ships, i do, because i love staig LOL and thats what youd expect to come out from that episode, right? but with tweek and craig no one really ships them as rivals? they ship them as like…cute and soft and gentle and loving and it just seems really out of character to me. i dont think id hate creek as much as i do if it was like, done right, you know? ive just never seen someone handle it in a way that appeals to me. (and a lot of the time people dont even get staig right… maybe im just really nitpicky mndfmsdfn)

and the whole Tweek x Craig episode really bothered me, too. i mean the episode was really funny but the thing that didnt sit right with me was…how they were basically forced together. and they kept claiming they weren’t gay, but everyone else was pushing that on to them. and even if they were gay, you should never force someone to come out? like…id want craig and tweek to come out and say it when they were ready not because they wanted to make everyone else happy. like it just made me uncomfortable because…theyre literally only together because of pressure and guilt. 

and even then, the only time they enjoy eachother’s company it seems is when theyre away from everyone else and. you know. being friends. but as soon as they have to act like a couple they just….have a blank expression and arent that into it. i just dont like that LOL

i love craig and tweek as their own characters but, when paired together i just…i dont know. its not something i can get behind, so im sorry creek shippers. 

Pax West : Crankgameplays X Reader

Request : nope just started writing
Fandom : youtube / Crankgameplays X Reader
Gender : i wrote it at female but i can redo it as male or no gender if needed
Warnings : nope! not eve swearing! but a protective eth in part! and failed attempt at fluff

A/N : I decided to write a Ethan X Reader where they are at pax west because i have no requests so i came up with this, its not my best job ever. if you have any thing yo want me to write, tell me it in a ask so im busy over the weekends and when im up late. and sorry if anything is spelt wrong im writing this on a tablet so i will correct my spelling when i am able to get to my computer, i am currently camping so im away from my computer.

Summery : Ethan, the reader and the gang are at paw west, the reader does 2 panels and has a meet and greet to do


Me and and my boyfriend Ethan and our friends, mark, Tyler and jack, we all are going to pax west today! I cant wait! I have two panels im doing, Ethan and mine, and then the group one of Jack, Ethan, Mark, Tyler, Bob, Wade and me. somehow they have room for us all on one panel! we also are doing meet and greets, i have a booth with Ethan, Mark, Tyler and Jack are next to us, then on the other side of me and Ethan was Bob and Wade. My panel with just ethan is before the group panel then we have our meet and greets to do.

on my first panel someone asked “ what is your guys favorite game to play together?” “just me and (Y/N) probally whos your daddy or portal 2” Ethan told the adiunce, i agreed with a head nod. then someone asked “how did you guys meet and when did you start dating?” ethan looked at me so I could answer, “i have been friends with tyler and mark for a very long time, so I meet ethan when mark did, its not that interesting of a story, and we started dating a while before ethan moved to LA" I answered “ya i was the first to say i liked her, she said i like you too, so we started dating not to intresting” ethan added.

On the second panel mark was in the middle then jack then wade then bob on his right, then ethan then me then tyler on his left. we did a lot of improve games, it was so much fun! i also have loved doing panels, i loved seeing everyone, thats why i adore meet and greets. when it was question time we took turns asking te questions off the screens on the sides. “sleepover time again who do you cuddle?” tyler asked reading it off the screen. “im going with jack again” bob answered. “ya jack” wade answered next. “im going with either mark or (Y/N), both of their hair is fluffy again like a pillow” jack said, that earned a dirty look from ethan. “ya jack or (Y/N) is my answer” mark said looking at ethan, ethan gave them both dirty looks then turned to me and but his arm around my shoulder. “im obvisly pick (Y/N), shes my girlfriend!” ethan said looking back at the other boys. “this is hard i cant pick” i said, ethan turned his head towards me with his mouth hung open. “how is it hard?!” he asked surprised. “well because i like cudding with you” i replied jesturing at ethan, “but jack has that cute accent and mark has amazing hair” “i have amazing hair too!” “ok fine i pick eth” i was just joking the whole time, of course i would pick my eth! “im going with mark or (Y/N) on this one, i know them both best” tyler then said, he knew mark and i the best out of all of us, since he knew us both since school. bobs turn to ask the question. “who has the best fashion sense?” he read from the screen. everyone said me, i said jack, his outfits were always the best.

after our panel we went to our meet and greet tables, and sat down. so many people came! some poeple asked some questions we were happy to answer. we gave out autographs and took pictures with everyone. we meet some smaller youtubers so we put them in our vlog with their permission. it was so much fun! me and ethan had so much fun meeting everyone.

when a boy would look at me the whole Ethan would imedeantly put his arm around my waist to show i was his, the only boys he didnt care about looking at me is mark, tyler, bob, wade, and jack. Ethan is very protective of me, he always had a eye on me just incase something happened , and because he loved looking at me, he has said that everytime i cought him staring or looking at me. when he had the chance he would kiss me on my forehead, cheeks, or lips, sometimes i even got it on film, he would blush when he noticed i had my camrea rolling.

throught out the whole day i vlogged so it could go on my daily vlogging channel, i am known for my gaming/challenge channel, but i also did a daily vlog channel. ethan would get flustured when i would just pull out my camrea and start filmimg, some how he is not use to it yet, even tho we have been living together since december (A/N : i think thats when he moved out to LA). jack got excited when i vlogged, not sure why but he just did. wade and bob just looked at me weird. and tyler and mark would act normal. thats what i love about my friends, they always act like themselfs even when a camrea is on them, they dont act any diffrent.

today was amazing! i love going to conventions!


A/N : Sorry didnt know how to end this, i tried to add some fluff but failed :( plz dont forget to send requests i will be on tumblr till Monday non stop, so i have time to write. im trying to write more so i need ideas! if you liked this dont forget to like and follow so you can read more things i write! love you all bye!

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read something and made me wonder if we're doing any good with the calls/chats. the netflix reps are made to act like they agree etc. they're just doing their jobs at the end of the day. they dont get a say in anything, and i doubt these "we're hearing talks about this and that" are true. they say that just to calm you and make u feel reassured but they couldnt even say anything if they knew. these transcripts get sent over right? why would they say things like that, things they dont know.

I mean they do type up everything you say to them and send it to headquarters and all of these calls are being recorded and the majority of them are heard by someone up top. And in regards to we’ve been hearing talks, it may just be a rumor among them because I’ve been told as well that the reps have been chatting about the insane amount of calls they’re getting by this. I don’t want anyone’s hopes to get up by I also don’t want you guys feeling down because nothing is happening. In order for this to happen, we have to continue until we get what we want. I believe the customer service reps may not generally know what’s going on because as I’ve been told on one call, they’re usually just there if you’re having issues with your account and so in other words, they’re pretty oblivious right now.

Wentworth Miller: Recently, I did a Q&A at a college campus… the only thing they wanted to talk about was Prison Break. And everyone in the room was 17, 18 years old, so they were just coming to it. For them, the show is present tense. And that hammered home for me that, because of technology and social media, this stuff has a second life.’

What are you looking to do next?

Dominic Purcell: We want to work together again. We want to come up with a TV concept [where] we can work together. If we can come up with something brilliant, we’ll make it happen.

Wentworth Miller: I’m looking to do a bit of both. Maybe I’m working on a show as an actor and I’m writing the odd episode. I’ve had the experience of working in Hollywood as a feature film writer. Unfortunately, I did not encounter a lot of respect there, but in TV, the writer is king. That’s the fountainhead, that’s the source.

DP: And I’ve said to Wentworth, “You’re a fucking brilliant writer, so why not be the executive producer, the guy that writes the fucking pilot, and the guy that chooses to act in five episodes rather than 15?” We’re also exploring the possibility of doing a Prison Break reunion, end of chapter or whatever it is.

WM: A hidden chapter, a limited series, something. That model of [24: Live Another Day] and either flash back, like, This is what you didn’t see, or Where are they now? in a reunion set-up.

What excites you about the idea of playing these men again?

DP: Just to discover what’s happened to them, how far they’ve journeyed. I don’t see it being another series; I see it being a standalone movie or a miniseries. But, again, I want to work with Wentworth on something completely separate from all that and make that work.

WM: I’m also excited by the possibility, or the potential of going back and taking a look at Michael Scofield as a man who is now 43, as opposed to when I was starting out at 33, because I will come at it from a different angle. I have a different set of skills and experiences to bring to the table.

Is a reunion movie something you’re exploring in a legitimate way with Fox or is it just an idea for now?

DP: Legitimate.

WM: We were shooting the breeze on set of The Flash and having a good time being back together and reminiscing and out of that came this, “Wouldn’t it be cool…” The wheels are in motion, but things take time.

DP: That’s the other thing about Prison Break: It never stops. That’s the thing about new media. It’s like we have a new generation of Prison Break fans, thanks to Netflix.


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Are we not allowed to call Jin a mom anymore? I've never seen any other fandom have a problem with this. Like, in e*xo, Su*ho is known as the mom and not ever has that been a problem so...

afdjkghfd I don’t know how to answer this and I’m sorry if I end up offending anyone but ok-

So, I’m not the shipping God. I dont know what’s right or wrong. What is allowed or isn’t. But what I do think (in my opinion) is that we should (or don’t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ totally up to you)

  • stop labeling Jin as the wife b/c he is a male and it’s wrong to try and make everything heteronormative - but carry on calling Jin and x member husbands if you wish
  • dont call Jin ships with members beside Namjoon incest ships
  • dont call him a princess - Jin has pretty much made it clear he doesn’t like being called that anymore (prefers prince)
  • dont overuse the mom label unless he’s stereotypically acting like a ‘mom’ 

And just know that Jin is much more than those labels. He’s a caring hyung, amazing vocalist, great dancer (i’ll fight you on this), has a great sense of humor, super hard working, bts’s wings and the reason why BTS is literally flying off the charts. 

What are your guys’ opinion on this?

if im a bad taagnus shipper because i get tired of One kid acting like taagnus is inherently abusive and bad accusing me and my friends of being homophobic and fetishistic all while the same kid is stanning lupcretia (which i can definitely argue comes off as fetishistic but you know :) ) then so be it

i literally dont give a shit this discourse is literally the wildest shit and y’all wanna act like its ~legitimate~ just cuz they use big words and language that makes it sound smart but it literally boils down to “dont have fun in fandom you can only ship canon or ship for representation” which is the fucking. worst reason to start discourse ever

if you wanna talk about the downplay of w/w ships in comparison of m/m ships, you can do that without villainizing m/m shippers and calling us homophobic and fetishistic, you can do that without trying to paint a non abusive ship as an abusive one, you can do that without being a literal child about it and ignoring every mlm who doesnt agree with you.

you can have a discussion on the underepresentation of wlw in fandom and w/w ships without it immediately going into “ITS CUZ YALL FETISHIZE GAY MEN” shit cuz thats not it

it’s because the content in question is giving us like spoonfuls of w/w ships (ONE WHICH INVOLVES TWO GIRLS WHO ARE DEAD) it’s because misogyny exists, it’s because women are seen as less interesting and dynamic and in this fucking medium to be quite frank: the women are not as fucking developed as the central male cast and thats a problem with the medium, not the fans who create content for it

step off and if you want to fucking discourse with me, message me because i’m tired of my twitter tl and mentions and my tumblr notes being clogged up with shit

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A is awkward, has low self esteem, and is just a really caged person but B is a freebird, an adventurer, an artist, amazing and perfect but is also like A but doesn't show it. (They're supposed to be friends in high school who have known each other since 5th grade)

1. “Come on, one part wont kill you, I promise.” 

“You dont know that, seriously, I’d rather not go.” 

“I dont want to go either, yet here I am. So come on, make it a little easier on me, and come with.” 

2. “I dont get why you still hang out with me, I am kind of lame..” 

“Dude? What? No? If anyone here is garbage it’s me, you’re like, perfect.” 

3. “You’re perfect at everything you do, and there is nothing special about me..”

“First of all, I am not perfect, I am good at a couple things, sure, but I am far from perfect. Second, you not special? I know I dont act like, but I freaking hate people. The fact that you’ve managed to be this close to me for this long has got to mean something, right?” 

4. “How do you do it? How do you act so care-free from all the time?” 

“Huh? That’s easy, it’s just like you said: It’s an act.” 

5.”It’s a wonder that we are still so close, we’re opposites in every way..” 

“Thats not true.. We are so much more alike then different.. We’re own people, sure, but we have a lot of eachother in us..” 

I hope this works for you!