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This…uh. BTS v TOP performance intro plagiarism thing. I love my boys with all my heart, and I still love BigBang as much as I did years ago, but as an artist myself (a professional one at that, by definition. I get paid for what I do)… and having seen the comparisons of the stages myself… yeah its just straight up ripped.

Having a vague knowledge of Bangtan’s creative process makes me believe that it may not have been the boys themselves who came up with the concept, or had much of a say in how the stage intro was presented in the end. However, they are bb fans and should be/are probably fully aware of the similarities - perhaps they even meant it as a homage.

But, heres the thing. that doesnt mean shit if you dont ask permission and leave credit first. If my work was referenced without my permission, and without a single inkling of credit or acknowledgement to the original I would be rightly pissed! I promise NO ONE on bb’s side of this is overreacting. Even if they sue - they are totally within their rights to.

I don’t believe Bangtan had hostile intentions with this, though. I really don’t. And i have faith this will be addressed by not only bighit but probably some the boys as individuals. We know how proud and deeply connected Yoongi and Namjoon and the others are to their work as whole; music, lyrics and stage performances, and their understaning of it as an art form is complex and respectful. I don’t think they will take this lightly. Especially if the intro turns out to be their idea in the first place.

But, again, whoever is responsible should know better and need to speak the fuck up. The intro is straight up a rip of TOPs intro stage. Way, way too similar. practically identical. and thats really fucked up. that is theft. no ifs ands or buts.

the fanwar this will cause is the scariest thought to me, honestly. as both VIP and ARMY can we please not do this :///

Reasons I am the Demogorgon

- No one likes me
- Ugly
- would let Steve Harrington hit me with a bat
- makes weird noises a lot

I cant believe tracer loves her gay girlfriend and i cant believe genji loves his gay robot boyfriend and i cant believe hanzo’s buying a cake for his gay cowboy boyfriend and i cant believe roadhog loves his gay smelly boyfriend and i cant b

(( its been a tough couple of weeks, i think we could all use a little break))

okay but i just realized: representation of lgbt characters in a webcomic is great, but its a pretty unknown and small genre. but a VIDEOGAME (a massively popular genre with arguably one of the most cishet male dominated fanbases), meant to be played by people who have never even heard of the comic, where 90% of the characters are canon bisexual with at least one mlm relationship already confirmed??? this shitstorm is gonna be GREAT.

You blamed me as if you had done nothing wrong.
—  fuck you