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Exclusive: Billionaires Secretly Fund Attacks On Climate Science

A secretive funding organisation in the United States that guarantees anonymity for its billionaire donors has emerged as a major operator in the climate “counter movement” to undermine the science of global warming, The Independent has learnt.

The Donors Trust, along with its sister group Donors Capital Fund, based in Alexandria, Virginia, is funnelling millions of dollars into the effort to cast doubt on climate change without revealing the identities of its wealthy backers or that they have links to the fossil fuel industry.

However, an audit trail reveals that Donors is being indirectly supported by the American billionaire Charles Koch who, with his brother David, jointly owns a majority stake in Koch Industries, a large oil, gas and chemicals conglomerate based in Kansas.

Millions of dollars has been paid to Donors through a third-party organisation, called the Knowledge and Progress Fund, with is operated by the Koch family but does not advertise its Koch connections.

Some commentators believe that such convoluted arrangements are becoming increasingly common to shield the identity and backgrounds of the wealthy supporters of climate scepticism – some of whom have vested interests in the fossil-fuel industry.

The Knowledge and Progress Fund, whose directors include Charles Koch and his wife Liz, gave $1.25m to Donors in 2007, a further $1.25m in 2008 and $2m in 2010. It does not appear to have given money to any other group and there is no mention of the fund on the websites of Koch Industries or the Charles Koch Foundation.

The Donors Trust is a “donor advised fund”, meaning that it has special status under the US tax system. People who give money receive generous tax relief and can retain greater anonymity than if they had used their own charitable foundations because, technically, they do not control how Donors spends the cash.

Anonymous private funding of global warming sceptics, who have criticised climate scientists for their lack of transparency, is becoming increasingly common. The Kochs, for instance, have overtaken the corporate funding of climate denialism by oil companies such as ExxonMobil. One such organisation, Americans for Prosperity, which was established by David Koch, claimed that the “Climategate” emails illegally hacked from the University of East Anglia in 2009 proved that global warming was the “biggest hoax the world has ever seen”.
A 50th anniversary few remember: LBJ's warning on carbon dioxide — The Daily Climate

In case you didn’t know. President Lyndon B Johnson called out anthropogenic (man made) climate change in 1965. He said his generation had altered the atmosphere on a global scale with the burning of fossil fuels. You can choose to believe that or not, just like you can choose to believe if the sun comes up in the east or not. But the science isn’t new. Just like the knowledge of where the sun rises isn’t either. The warnings about climate change are older then me (47 years old).The denial is the new kid on the block. “Between 2002 and 2010, conservative billionaires secretly donated nearly $120 million (£77 million) via two trusts (Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund) to more than 100 organizations seeking to cast doubt on the science behind climate change.”(Goldenberg, Suzanne (14 February 2013). “Secret funding helped build vast network of climate denial thinktanks”. The Guardian (London). Retrieved 1 March 2013.via Wikipedia)

So if you have been living in Climate Change Denial, it’s okay, you have been fooled. We have all been fooled at one time or another in our lives. We have all been ripped off at one time or another. It’s embarrassing to be ripped off. We feel ashamed when a used car salesman knowingly sells us a lemon. We feel duped, and some folks don’t like it when a friend or a neighbor tells them that the “new” car they have been driving around is a turkey turd. Believe it or not, if you are still holding on to the idea that anthropogenic climate change is not real and there is nothing we can do about it, you are driving a lemon and you just don’t know it yet. Don’t get mad at your friend because he is the one that told you you bought a lemon. Get mad at the billionaires that opened up the Lemon Shop in 2002 and have been hocking turkey turds since.

There is no shame in being ripped off, there is no shame in changing your thinking based on new information. The truth comes to each of us in its own way. We may not want to hear it or like it because it asks us to change our beliefs or because it is scary but the truth is the truth. Just like the sunrise. The truth is not changed by anyone’s will or beliefs, it’s not changed by throwing vast amounts of money at a campaign of lies. Yes, the truth can be obscured for a time, we can be made to be confused but in the end the truth will find it’s way to the surface.

People move into denial when what they are being confronted with what seems too large and difficult to deal with. Yes, we are given some pretty vast challenges in the face of climate change. But don’t loose hope, there are ways to deal with it that are available to us today. We do not have to move into caves, stop heating our homes, stop driving our cars or live in darkness. There are ways to move forward. If you want some hope check out this… (TheSolutionsProject.Org)

if you want to know more about the Lemon Factory check this out… (