Bride Is Walked Down The Aisle By Man Who Received Her Father’s Donated Heart

A bride whose father was shot and killed in a botched mugging was walked down the aisle by the man whose life was saved by her father’s donated heart.

Jeni Stepien was married 10 years after her father was shot dead by a mugger in September 2006 in Swissvale, Pennsylvania.

Michael Stepien took a shortcut through an alleyway before being robbed at gunpoint by a 16-year-old mugger who shot him in the head at close range.

Leslie L Brown is now serving 40 years to life for the killing, according to the New York Times.

Arthur Thomas, 72, had been within days of dying when he received the donor heart - and kept in touch with the Stepien family after his operation.

Jeni Stepien said, ‘The murder and the wedding happened within a three-block radius. And I was just thinking, ‘My dad is here with us, and this man is here with us because of us.’

#1576: “The world’s first artificial heart was made of Dacron. It was implanted into a patient by Dr. Denton Cooley in Houston, Texas, on April 4, 1969. Four days later it was rejected by the patient’s body and the patient died.”


On April 4, 1969, the first artificial heart was implanted. It was originally intended as a bridge to help the patient survive until a donor was found, nearly three days later. The artificial heart was a simple pump, made of plastic and Dacron fabric.

Less than two days after his donor heart was transplanted, the patient died of complications related to an infection.

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Cristina PRIDED herself in the extensive traveling she had done since moving to Switzerland && continuing her research. Doctor Cristina Yang, first to print a fully functioning printer heart. She had been all over the world lecturing && helping to implant parts of the heart that had been printed at her hospital. Mass General, UCLH, Mayo, Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sanai, etc… All over the world. But this was the first time the procedure would be done with a fully functioning heart outside of her hospital. When Doctor Pierce had put her in touch with Doctor Nathan Riggs and explained to her that two donor hearts had already been rejected with this patient, she knew it was time to make the trip back to Seattle. So many times she had tried && just as many she had failed. Derek’s funeral was the closest she had ever come, getting ready to board the plane before chickening out. That phase of her life was OVER, she told herself time && time again. There was no need. But this was medicine. && this time, her trip would hopefully save a life. 

So she had her intern book the flight && her ( along with Ross ), took the almost thirteen hour flight to Seattle. Her closest colleague had requested at least twelve hours in their hotel before having to go to the hospital && she agreed with him. His fellow would be bringing their printer heart two days from now, just long enough for Cristina to familiarize herself with the case and the patient. New scans would be performed and an extensive patient history would be done by Ross’ fellow prior to opening her up. So, as she walked into Grey Sloan exactly twelve hours after stepping off her plane, she had a plan in mind. Mer promised to meet her with the kids for dinner after she was finished && she attempted ( quite unsuccessfully ), to keep that as the only thought in her mind as she reached the in-patient wing.  Hi, I’m looking for Doctors Bailey and Riggs. I’m Doctor Yang from Zurich ?? “ of course they’re WAITING for me. she thought to herself.