• Wally West: Was almost not released from Doctor Fate's helmet because Nabu knew he was worthy, uses denial as a coping mechanism because he can't handle confronting his problems because they cause him pain, chooses not to believe in magic because he can't stand accepting something he can't control and science is the only thing he can trust, was trusted enough by Dick that he revealed his and Bruce's identities, was the first one who escaped from the nightmare in Face Your Fears, is insecure because he thinks he's not good enough to be Flash's sidekick, protected Artemis in Bereft even after she said she'd probably been sent to kill him, the volcano that Red Volcano activated in Humanity would have destroyed the world had Wally not used his immense intelligence to figure out a way to save them, sacrificed his birthday to save a young queen by running a donor heart cross country, realized that the best birthday gift he could have ever gotten was seeing her smile, uses humor and bad flirting because he has a fear of rejection, FREAKING GOT HIMSELF STUCK IN THE SPEEDFORCE TO SAVE THE WORLD AND NOW EVERYONE THINKS HE'S DEAD, AND HIS LAST WORDS WERE TELLING BARRY TO MAKE SURE ARTEMIS AND HIS PARENTS KNEW HE LOVED THEM.
  • Also Wally West: I'll bet you I can eat that whole pizza in two bites
Doctors | Part Two

Dr. Reid is one of the top neurosurgeons in the country at an amazing hospital and is very focused on bettering his career, but what will he do when the new nurse in pediatrics unknowingly steals his attention from it?

a/n: here’s part two! please excuse any inaccuracy as i’m trying my best. also i changed the reader from a post op nurse to a pediatric nurse & i took the scrub colors for the surgeons and the name of the hospital y/n came from grey’s. happy birthday to the anon who sent me an ask💓 gif credit: @toyboxboy

warnings: hospital, medical talk, medication, mentions of surgery, pediatric surgical cases

character list. | tag list. | doctors masterlist

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New Jongin courting Soo fics pls? Thanks a lot!

Hey there. So I love this category and had a hard time narrowing it down so I didn’t. Here is where I did this last. Thanks as usual to  wtfuckaisoo for helping with this list! enjoy!

This could be us: one shot Jongin starts working at the library with cold Kyungsoo but keeps trying to get him to do things with him

Moonlight Love: one shot. Jongin is a wolf who has mated with vampire Kyungsoo who isn’t feeling it and Jongin tries really HARD

I am an organ donor, need anything? My heart, perhaps?: one shot someone is leaving Kyungsoo secret admirer notes with medical pick up lines

The Compatibility of Signs and Staring Habits : one shot. Jongin approaches Kyungsoo and tries to get with him and Kyungsoo is a little put off but Jongin has a way he knows that they are compatible

Bashful Smiles: one shot they work together at the zoo and someone is leaving Kyungsoo notes

Asky Outy: one shot. Kyungsoo wants Jongin to put a little work into asking him out/ the date

Heartstrings: one shot I love this story so hard. They have the relationship string connected to them as kids but Kyungsoo doesn’t want to be connected to a boy then years later they meet again when Jongin hits on Kyungsoo

Catch you (I’m Trying): one shot. Kyungsoo is an omega who doesn’t like anyone and Jongin comes to the library where he works to talk to him

You’re Bee-autiful: one shot Kyungsoo is a baker and Jongin comes in with a weird request

Do Kyungsoo’s Guide to Romance (ft. Kim Jongin): one shot they live in the same building and Kyungsoo doesn’t like Jongin after he catches him drawing on his car but he grows on him

Smells Like Teen Spirit: complete 8 chapters. Jongin is the popular school player and he gets teamed up with unpopular Kyungsoo for a project and his friends don’t like it

Wailing Roses: One shot- wolf Jongin has a crush on quiet vampire Kyungsoo in school, and gets to know him by working in a flower shop with him

Mix me with your coffee: one shot. Jongin comes to the coffee shop that Kyungsoo works at to talk to him

in fair verona, where we lay our scene: one shot Jongin pretends to know Shakespeare so he can talk to Kyungsoo

You’re too dog gone cute: one shot Kyungsoo brings his puppy to the vet that his friends know and the vet wants to see more Kyungsoo

Lilac Pills: one shot best friends and Jongin has a crush and Kyungsoo has health problems and Jongin helps out very sweet

Anti-Climax: one shot. Kyungsoo has never had an orgasm before so Jongin volunteers to help

You Slow Down (Then You Speed Up): one shot. Jongin is Kyungsoo’s driving instructor and they start spending time after lessons together and Jongin asks Kyungsoo for love advice

Falling: one shot. Once Jongin sees Kyungsoo fall on the first day of classes he can’t help but to follow him around

Baby Tooth: one shot Kyungsoo is a dentist that Jongin keeps bringing his kid to so he can see Kyungsoo

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hi!!! i was wondering if there were any new doctor AU or medical of the sort! Thank you babes!! 💕💕

sure! ^^ new + some that weren’t recced before:

  • that would be enough - both are doctors and their jobs keep them busy and it makes kyungsoo sad
  • Stay For A Minute - jongin is a pediatric surgeon and kyungsoo is in neuro, they meet in between their shifts and quickly bond
  • I Am An Organ Donor, Need Anything? My Heart, Perhaps? - fluff with medical pick up lines
  • Shot at you (and your heart) - doc kyungsoo is a surgeon he saves jongin numerous times, jongin although very secretive of his job gets attracted to the doctor quickly
  • Problem Solved + The Doctor’s Solution - pwp, Kyungsoo is finally ready to get his personal examination done by nonetheless, handsome doctor, Kim Jongin
  • The Delirium of Negation - a bit more intense read kind of like gods are like stars born dying
  • Dream Theater: Doctors - soo is single doctor who doesn’t like relationships because he’s so busy, jongin is a new doctor who changes that
  • caught between dreams and secret loves + in my dreams (you’re there with me): sec part is where kyungsoo is a doctor a the first they are kind of friends with benefits and soo doesn’t have time for a relationship and in the second he regrets it
  • Come One, Come All - circus!au + set in 1950, kyungsoo is a med student who runs away with a circus in search of an adventure and little did he know it’d come in form of a lithe and graceful acrobat (so soft and pure ;;)
  • Descendants of the Moon - DOTS!au, doctor!au + wolf!au + military!au, doctor kyungsoo and his team of paramedics were sent on a secret mission to help to an undercover unit of military soldiers. which turns out to be different from the usual ones
  • Doctor, Please -  fluff, doctor!soo and jongin using cheesy pickup lines (that work!)
  • check me out - rainbowtoxicity’s stress relieving fluff/comedy!!! nini has a rash on his…balls but his doc is his big crush (Dr. Hottie Do :–)

and vet!kd extras - i’m sure there are more but these are rly medical i guess?:

  • You’re Too Dog Gone Cute - vet jongin; they meet when ksoo’s puppy gets sick
  • counting pulses - vet kyungsoo; jongin’s puppy got food poisoning and jongin panics so he calls sehun to get him to his friend

doctor / hospital au requests here :) enjoy ~ Admin J

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Hello may I request an angst fic where MC had an accident/disease where her heart stop functioning but not yet died (still in coma/dying state) and still could be saved if she get a donor. And jumin as her lover want to donor his heart for her? You don't have to do this if you feel uncomfortable about it. Thank you. I love your writing😊😊

I’m so glad to see you like my writing! I hope this request fits your desires. Have a fantastic day dear! <3


You had started to slow down lately. 

You hadn’t been able to move as you used to, quickly overcome with exhaustion finding yourself having to sit down more and more as time passed.

And Jumin noticed almost immediately. 

The first point had been excited to take him to the local market, finding that it had been something he hadn’t visited.

You had made it, a smile tugging at your lips as you dragged him on, his faint chuckles following along.

But the noise caught up.

And the people began to ram into you accidentally, their apologies shouted into your ear. 

And a pain banged in your chest. 

You clenched onto your chest, dropping your hand from your husband as you began to collapse, the pain only growing by the second, coursing throughout your entire body. 

Jumin raced to catch you almost immediately, his voice soft and worried, a circle of concerned people crowding about. 

“Love are you okay? What’s the matter?” 

You hadn’t even been able to muster the words, weakened gasps and sputters only able to escape you, eyes wide and confused.

A doctor’s visit hadn’t been too far ahead. 

The pains had been persisting you yourself finding it hard to even move out of the penthouse most days, your limbs brittle and exhausted, muscles practically gasping for breath.

And the doctors had been able to soon tell you.


Your heart was giving out.

It was weak.

And soon you found yourself ridden to a hospital bed, each breath you took feeling heavier than cinderblocks, unable to do more than speak a few words at a time. 

Yet Jumin had been beside you for all of it.

He spent every night at the hospital, many times passing out at the bedside, his hand always entwined with your own. 

Though on a few occasions, he’d be forced to leave, most of the time from work.

He would always seem to be in almost despair promising he’d return, pressing a small kiss to your forehead.

But one day he didn’t. 

He had been hours late than usual, your gaze constantly traveling out to the door hoping he’d arrive.

Instead, you got your doctor, a mixed expression painting his features.

“MC, how’re you doing today?”

You were silent, frowning, tipping your head from side to side.

“That answers my question,” He continued, managing a grin. “Well, I’ve got very good news. You’ve got a donor.” 

Your eyes lit up, lips parting as you wanted to speak. “What…? Who…?”

“That’s where I have to come in with my bad news,” He sighed, sorrow taking over him. “It’s your husband. There was an accident. He’s been put into a medically induced coma. His brain is in a vegetative state, and without life support…he’s essentially gone.” 


That was the only thing you could feel in those following moments.

It was an agony far worse than when your heart began to give out.

Tears began to pour out before you were even aware, your hands trembling as you had attempted to wipe them away, your chin quivering, coughs and wheezing escaping you.


“He um…he left a letter, addressed to you.” 

He rounded to your bed, slipping in into your lap, setting a soft hand onto your shoulder. “I’m sorry MC. But…this will save your life. I’m sure he’d want you to do this.” 

He left the room shortly after, giving you a faint dip of his head as he disappeared.

And so you began to read the letter.

“My darling MC,

                             By now you’ve surely heard the news. I’m not quite sure how else you would’ve received the letter but I digress. 

                              Do not mourn me, the last thing I want for you is to be in any more pain. I only wish for you to have the greatest happiness my love. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.

                               But as I said, I did for this. I did this to help you. I hadn’t taken a drive for myself in awhile. I decided to change that. At least this time my poor skills will be put to good use.

                               Never forget that even in death you still are utterly my most precious love. Not only will my heart be with you but so will my soul. Even if I cannot be there with you physically.  

                                           I cannot wait for the day we meet again,


And as you closed the letter, despite a living future, the days would still be eternally dark.

For they would be days he could never spend with you.

And It Hurts With Every Heartbeat

<b>TW: major character death, organ donation.</b>

It was always going to be an emotional day, this one.

When they’d first gotten engaged - the boys had strategically slipped the ring into her purse, right next to the juice boxes they’d planned to ask for an hour into their family picnic - she’d been a wreck. Her first marriage hadn’t been a happy one and she hadn’t been quite over the “You deserve better than me,” hump.

Then, after a while, happiness had taken the place of anxiety. He’d caught her numerous times unable to keep herself from smiling when her eyes fell to the diamond sitting snugly on her ring finger.

Mary Margaret had been insufferable, even by Robin’s standards but her fussing had brought a confidence out in Regina. It was a confirmation - not that she’d needed one - that this was okay.

Planning had been surprisingly easy - Regina had wanted a simple ceremony in their backyard with only a few guests. Roland was to be the ring bearer and Henry was to walk her down the aisle - but then, their lives had been torn apart completely.

The hardest decision, after Henry’s death, had been the use of his organs in order to save other lives and, though it’d been an awful decision to have to make, both Emma and Regina had agreed that donation would’ve been Henry’s choice. It hadn’t made it any easier though.

The driver of the car that had taken Henry’s life had been three times over the limit on the morning it’d happened and had “died of natural causes” that night in custody - Robin hadn’t questioned where Regina had been when she’d returned home late that night.

In the months after his death, Regina had closed in on herself completely. She’d lost weight, barely saw the light of day and had hardly said a word for the longest time. The only noises Robin really heard from her were in her sleep and never were they good noises. She’d whimper and sob into her pillow whilst lost in her dreams until he’d coax her gently into his arms and she’d burrow in close with nails biting at his skin, desperate to bring her boy back but without means to.

It’d been Scarlett’s first word that had been the start of her healing. The simple call of ‘Mama’ from Robin’s arms when he’d been checking on Regina one morning had pulled a small and sorrowful gasp from her but before he’d had the chance to soothe her pain, she’d held out her arms in a silent request for their daughter to fill them.

The next morning he’d woke to find her in the kitchen cooking them all breakfast, managing a small smile before she’d drawn strength from the feel of him pressed along her back with his arms around her waist.

It hadn’t been smooth sailing since then and never would they get over the loss of Henry but, as he slowly makes his way up their stairs to find his bride to be, he feels a calm certainty wash over him.

She answers his knock with a soft “Come in,” that he can’t help but smile at as his stomach flips pleasantly. Her eyes are on her reflection as she needlessly readjusts her veil around her shoulders and so she doesn’t realise it’s him until a sharp gasp falls from his lips.

Dark eyes framed by even darker lashes find his through the mirror and widen.

“You’re not supposed to be in here!” She scrambles to find cover, pulling open the closet door and standing behind it with only her gorgeous face showing. “What the hell are you-”

“You look beautiful.”

“Robin,” she intones with a little less heat, flustered by the way he’s staring at her. “What’s going on? The ceremony starts soon.”

“I know, my love,” he assures her gently, still absolutely stunned by her beauty. She’s wearing minimal makeup, only little touches to accentuate her features with soft curls pinned up and away from her face, save for the few thin strands sweeping her shoulders and, despite the confusion in her eyes, he can see a warmth there too. She’s happy. “I just need to introduce you to someone.”


“Trust me, sweetheart.” He turns only his head to encourage his guest forward, smiling assuredly and turning back to Regina to tell her, “This is Jack.”

She watches the stranger’s approach, smiling politely as she comes out of hiding - manners ever present despite her confusion - and stands before them both, looking to Robin for an answer.

He swallows, heart picking up pace a little because he knows what’s about to happen could go one of two ways and he’s hoping for the more positive as he continues, “Jack was born with a congenital heart disease that became life-threatening a couple of years ago, his parents thought they were going to have to say goodbye to him until just last year.”

Her eyes move from Robin, to Jack and back again, a little understanding bleeding into her gaze as her lips part gently.

“He received a donor heart that saved his life,” he steps closer to her as he speaks, palms held out in an offering that she takes when she’s close enough with hands that grip tight at his own and tremble in his grasp as her tears fill and fall from her eyes. “Henry saved his life, sweetheart.”

“The heart of the truest believer…” she breathes as her chin trembles.

“I’m alive because of your son, Ma’am.”

Her eyes move from Robin to Jack as he pulls a stethoscope out from his suit jacket and offers it to her with a smile of encouragement.

“I thought you’d want a piece of him here with you today,” he explains tenderly, glad when a smile curls at her lips as she nods and squeezes his fingers before moving closer to their guest and putting the stethoscope on.

She gasps when she hears it, when she hears Henry’s heart beating in Jack’s body and he takes the hand she offers when she reaches back for him, standing steadfast behind her ready to catch her if she should fall.

They spend endless minutes stood in their room just listening until Mary Margaret appears with a watery smile in the doorway and asks if they’re ready.

Regina’s smile is both beaming and sorrowful as she nods because they’ll never get over Henry’s death. Never. But he knows, as he takes her hand and presses a kiss to her knuckles, promising to meet her by the altar, that together they will learn to keep going.

Stone Cold (Clark Kent x Reader)

A/N: Based on a request for a Clark Kent imagine where the reader is a medical student or doctor and they rarely see each other. Their relationship is falling apart, but a lot of fluff in the end. Hope you guys like it!

Clark Kent was the boyfriend that everyone wanted. He was kind, funny, and extremely attractive. He wanted the best for everyone around him even if he didn’t particular like them. He was the one that loved you.

Superman was the hero everyone praised. He was selfless, charming, and extremely muscular. He wanted to save the world and protect those around him even if it meant abandoning whatever he was doing at the moment. He was the one who left you behind.

You met Clark at the city hospital when he first came to Metropolis. You had been working a shift and he had asked to shadow you for the day in order to write a story for the newspaper. In all honesty, you wanted to say no; it was hard enough to do your job with everyone else in the way, and a journalist would only add to that. However, the decision wasn’t yours to make, it was up to your boss, and she said yes.

Clark observed you silently for the most part as you took care of the patients. He was amazed by your kind nature as you cared for those around you. The first time he had really talked to you that day was during your lunch break. You brought him to an empty conference room and talked to him about your job.

You answered all of his questions, but the last thing he expected was for you to ask questions. You asked about the life of a journalist and the people he met as he wrote his stories. He claimed he wasn’t that interesting since he mainly did sports stories, but you claimed that everything in the newspaper was fascinating. That he was a terrific writer who would move up in the journalist world and go on grand adventurers. Clark often tells you that that’s the moment he realized his heart was in your hands.

You met Superman a few months after you began dating Clark. It had been an accident that you had found out the truth. Clark had no intention of revealing it to you, but life works in mysterious ways. You had been on a Mercy Flight helicopter with a critical patient that was being transported to a hospital in Gotham where his heart donor was. No one really knew what had caused the helicopter to fail, but one minute you were up in the air, so close to your destination, and the next minute you were plummeting to certain death.

You had accepted your fate as you got closer to the ground. It may not have been the ideal way to go, but nothing could change what was about to happen. At least that’s what you thought.

Time seemed to stop when the helicopter began to slow down. There had been a loud noise from the side that was closest to the ground before everything stopped. You felt dizzy as you were slowly lowered to the ground. As soon as the helicopter was placed on solid ground, the door was ripped off and Superman stood there with a worried expression.

You questioned how he even knew that your flight was going down, but it didn’t matter. You were alive and needed to tell Clark you were okay. The other doctors had convinced Superman to rush the patient to the hospital, and he complied. What you didn’t expect was for him to return.

“Are you okay?” Superman asked you as he helped you out of the helicopter. You nodded slowly and swayed as you stood outside. As you were about to fall, his strong arms wrapped around you and picked you up.

“She hit her head when we started going down,” one of colleagues told him. “It’s probably a concussion.”

“Is everyone else alright?”

“We’re fine,” the doctor replied. “Just take her home and make sure she rests.”

Superman nodded and took off with you in his arms. You realized that you didn’t tell him where you lived but he was already going in the right direction. You looked up at his face, his familiar eyes and those lips you knew you had kissed.

Clark Kent was Superman.

He had tried to deny it at first. He had flown away as Superman after leaving you in your apartment before returning an hour later as Clark. You had refused to speak to him until he confessed, but he was too stubborn for that. You knew he would reveal himself if you did something stupid.

It wasn’t your brightest idea. You knew it would get him to react, though. He had left your bedroom for a minute to get a glass of water, and when he returned, you were sitting in your window about to let yourself fall. You lived on the top floor and it would be certain death if no one saved you.

He tried to talk you out of it, his heart hammering in his chest as he told you how ridiculous you were being. And then you pushed yourself out. Clark immediately went after you, refusing to let you hit the ground. He had you back in your apartment before anyone had even noticed what happened.

“You can’t tell anyone, Y/N,” he whispered as he set you on your bed. “Knowing this puts you in danger, and I will never forgive myself if you get hurt.”

“Everything will be okay, Clark.”

And so your relationship strengthened as the time went by. That is until the world needed more saving from Superman. The hospital needed you to pick up more shifts. You went from seeing each other all the time to struggling for even a minute with each other. And then Clark started cancelling dates so he could work on stories with Lois Lane.

“Clark?” You whispered as you laid next to him in bed. The sun was just starting to rise and you knew he had only stumbled into your room not even an hour ago.

“Hmmm?” He hummed out in a low voice. You rolled over so you were facing him, his eyes shut and hair a mess.

“Do you want to go out tonight?” You asked nervously. “There’s this movie out that I think we would both really like, and I don’t have to work. I think it would be really fun”

“It sounds nice, Y/N,” he told you as his eyes opened a little. “But I promised Lois I would-”

“It’s fine,” you spoke harshly as you began to get out of bed. “I have to go to work. If you get home before me tonight, don’t wait up.”

“Y/N-” Clark started softly before being cut off by the bathroom door slamming shut. He let out a sad sigh and and reached out to your side of the bed. His face was buried in your pillow and he deeply inhaled the scent he had been missing for months.

Clark waited in your bedroom for you after your shower. When you came out with a towel wrapped around your body and one around your hair, he felt his breath catch in his throat. It had been a while since he had been intimate with you, and he would be lying if he said he didn’t miss it. If he didn’t miss you begging for him. If he didn’t miss the way you made him feel.

“Why are you still up? You were out all night and have work in a couple of hours,” you scolded as you searched through your closet for something to wear.

“Can we talk?“ He asked as he sat up. The sheets dropped from his chest, leaving his perfectly sculpted abs in plain sight. You turned to face him and felt your mind become hazy as his perfection distracted you.

“What about?”


“Yeah, of course,” you said nervously as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“Will you come sit next to me?” Clark practically begged. You nodded and walked over to the bed, sitting on your side of the bed and facing him. “Are we okay?”

“Clark…” You trailed off, looking down at your hands as you played with your nails. Clark inhaled sharply, dreading the truth he knew was going to fall from your lips.

“Say that it’s okay, Y/N. I just need to hear you say it.”

“But we’re not,” you told him honestly. His face dropped and he nodded once. “We never see each other anymore. I’m always working and you’re saving the world or working on something with Lois. She sees you more than I do, Clark!”

“I-I’m sorry,” he breathed out.

“Sometimes I tell myself you should just go be with her,” you admitted. Clark immediately felt his eyes fill with tears, his body moving to sit closer to yours.

“You know I love you,” he insisted. He went to tuck a loose strand of hair into your towel , but you flinched away. Clark’s heart broke and he had to bite his tongue to keep from letting out a small sob. You were the one he had pictured himself with for the rest of his life, the one he had planned on marrying. His dreams were shattered when you refused his touch and mentioned Lois; he knew you hated him. He had failed to balance his superhero life with the love of his life, and he was paying the price.

“I feel like we’re grasping onto something that is falling apart, Clark. I want this to work so badly, but I don’t think I can fix this.”

“Then let me,” he cried softly, his voice cracking as he fought to keep his emotions at bay. “I’ll take some time off from work and try to be home more often. I can’t lose you, Y/N.”

“Don’t take time off, Clark,” you told him. “We just have to be better at balancing everything.”

“I still want to take at least a few days off to make up for everything I’ve put you through lately,” he sniffled. You wiped at your own teary eyes before leaning foward and pressing a soft kiss to the corner of his mouth.

“Tell me when and I’ll take the time off, too.”

“I love you,” he murmured as he looked at you with so much love it left you breathless. You smiled warmly at him and he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his lap. His lips molded against yours and you let out a content hum as he let his hands roam across your almost naked. His hands slowly undid your towel, allowing it to fall against the bed before throwing it onto the floor as he laid you down. He pulled away from your lips before taking the one out of your hair and looking deep into your eyes.

“I love you, Clark.”

A smile formed on his face, and then his lips were on yours once again. It was in that moment you realized just how much you had missed him.

INTX- Heart Donors

INTJ: gets a book called “The Hearts We Sold” in her subscription box
INTJ: I thought we were going to get a different book, about this girl who sells her soul
INTP: but instead you got this book about selling hearts
INTP: yay, organ donors!
INTJ: No, INTP, it’s not about organ donors
INTJ: It’s about a girl who makes a deal with the devil to…
INTP: yes, INTJ, I know
INTP: that was a joke
INTJ: oh


The FATH (Argentinian Foundation of Liver Transplant) along with DDB Argentina, created an awareness campaign to empower people become organ donors.

With the help of an Argentinian artist, they recreated the most wanted organs in waiting lists with the trash bags and took the exhibition out to the streets of Buenos Aires, where everyone could see the message “this is where the organs that are not donated could end up in. Do not waste life, become a donor.”

Blunt Drama Recap 2014 (Part 2 of 4)

Empress Ki

I started as a warrior, maid, consort and then an empress. Because of some evil people, my life in the past was so crazy miserable. So I spent the rest of my life for a big revenge and I did it, but everybody I love died in the end. 

The Night Watchman 

I can see ghosts and together with my ghostbuster team I’m going to get that scumbag shaman who killed my parents and live happily ever after with my shaman girl. 

Miss Korea

This is my rough journey to be a Miss Korea back in 1997 with some guidance from my ex-boyfriend. He helped me to become a Miss Korea and I helped him to revive his cosmetic business. In the mean time, waikikiiii~! 

Cunning Single Lady

I left my husband when he’s poor. Now that he’s rich, I got him back. But don’t worry, he understands coz I have my own legit situations and reasons to divorce him back then. 

A New Leaf

I’m a bad lawyer. But after suffering from amnesia, suddenly I’m turning into a good one. It’s so good to be good. 

Fated To Love You 

My drink was spiked and I slept with this unattractive girl by accident till she got pregnant. We have our ups and downs but she turns out to be very attractive and my real destiny. HEUHEUHAHAHA…

The Spring Day of My Life 

I left my fiance after I got a heart donor from a lady that makes me fall in love with her husband and children. I didn’t make it far but I’m happy and that dude haz to become a widower again. Sorry.  

Mr. Back

I’m a filthy rich old grandpa who swallowed this piece of meteor by accident and suddenly I get to be young, wild, and ready to love again. But I still find it hard to text with smartphone. 

Come! Jang Bo Ri 

I was a princess in a legendary hanbok maker house. But then I lost my memories after jumping out of my mom’s car in an accident. My parents then adopted this devil bitch aka my foster sister who insanely turned my life upside down. But I survived and even reunited with my parents and the love of my life. 

Hotel King

I’m a hotel general manager. Imma get a revenge to the hotel chairman who I thought was my father, but turns out the vice chairman and the senior manager are my real parents. I get to marry the pretty hotel heiress though.

AU where

Hiyori and Yato meet, sort of. Two unfortunate bad days collided, which leaves Hiyori dying and Yato looking for a heart donor. They then start to talk, accidentally falling in love, even though they have a short time to be together. When Yato is suddenly rushed to surgery, Hiyori passes away. When he wakes up, he is told that a heart was donated to him. Curious, he finds out it was the heart of the girl he was falling for. After finding a bucket list Hiyori left behind, Yato goes out to discover more about the girl he barely knew.