“I’ve heard people say that their vocal coaches use "singing like a Disney princess/prince” as a negative thing, and it upsets me. What’s wrong with singing like a Disney character? Idina Menzel, one of my idols, is a star on Broadway and does the singing voice of Elsa. So is Lea Salonga who does the voice for both Mulan and Jasmine. Then there’s Donny Osmond, voice of Shang, who’s been very famous since the 60s! I can only wish I could sing like some of these people.“


Space Ghost asks Donny Osmond an important question


Ever wondered how your body knows left from right? Why our bodies are asymmetrical on the inside, despite being so symmetrical on the outside? 

And why on Earth does singer Donny Osmond, like 1 in 20,000 people, have mirror-image inverted organs?

In this video, part 3 of my special series on how our bodies evolved to look the way that they do, find out the science of your asymmetry.

Watch below: