How The Basterds Meet you and Their First Impressions

Anon:  Hey lovely! Could I get an inglourious basterds preference where it’s how they meet you and their first impression of you? Thank you and I love your blog!

Aldo Raine: You two meet during boot camp. You happen to come across a little underground fight club thing that Aldo had started and you managed to impress him with your fighting skill. His first impression of you is that you’re arrogant, seeing as you just walked right up to the biggest guy in the room and offered to fight him, but after you beat the guy, Aldo’s view on you changed to something of admiration.

Donny Donowitz: You two have known each other since you were children. Your mother’s became best friends when the two of you were 5 and since then, you’ve been inseparable. His first impression of you was just that he flat out didn’t like you. His mom and your mom wanted to set the two of you up to get married in the future, and he hated the idea of that. He warmed up to you after one day, these boys were making fun of him and you punched one of them in the face.

Archie Hicox: You two met when you were assigned to go on a mission with him. Both of you worked alone before this, so neither of you were really happy about the situation. First impression was something of jealousy. He thought that you were way smarter than him and he became quite jealous, and projected that jealousy during the mission. Thankfully, about half way through the mission, you called him out on it and he slowly warmed up to you.

Hugo Stiglitz: You were being held against your will by the Nazi’s, and that’s how Hugo met you. You’re actually partially what inspired him to go on his officer killing spree. He genuinely liked you when you two first met. He was enamored by your strength when facing off against your captors. You are such an inspiration to him and he absolutely considered you his strength when he started fighting against the Nazi’s.

Wilhelm Wicki: You accidentally stumbled across the Basterds when they were on their mission to kill Hitler. It wasn’t your fault, you just found them scalping Nazi’s while you were on your daily walk. Wilhelm was the first one to meet you, dragging you over to Aldo for questioning. He’s suspicious of you at first, mainly because he was thinking that you were a spy, but as he gets to know you better, he becomes less suspicious and more protective of you.

Omar Ulmer: He knew you before the Basterd’s formed. You were actually the reason why he wanted to join the military in the first place. You became friends with him in high school, even though everyone thought you were dating. He first though that you were way out of his league, so it took him three years to work up the courage to even talk to you. In your junior year, when you finally struck up a conversation, he realized that you were a lovely person.

Smithson Utivich: You meet when he joins the Basterds. You were already a seasoned vet when Aldo asked you to help him out with this mission, and you readily accepted. You were in charge of making sure that each of these guys were ready for what they were about to go through. At first, he was terrified of you, and he really didn’t want much to do with you. He realized later on that after you relax, you open up a bit, but he’s still scared of you.

Gerold Hirshberg: He first met you at a bar in a small town in Germany. He thought that you were very attractive, so he started flirting with you. You turned him down after a little while but not long after, some guy started harassing you, and Gerold knocked him on his ass. He at first thought that you were cute as hell but a bit of a ditz. That soon changed when you and him started talking and he realized that you were actually very intelligent.