you recognized two of them immediately and from the way one of them was eyeing you, you assumed he recognized you as well. waving at the one who was looking at you, whom you knew as The Bear Jew, you invited him by your movements to follow you to somewhere secluded. 

his heart was thumping happily as he followed you, mind racing ‘get a load of this looker. damn she is fine.’

when you knew you were alone you stopped, “what are you guys doing here?”

“Bawnjorno.” he grinned.

“i know you’re American.” 

Dating Donny Donowitz Would Include

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Anon:  can you pls do donny donowitz as a lover i’m having major feels for him rn

  • Super protective
  • He keeps a baseball bat by the door
  • So if anyone comes in and bothers you
  • He can have some fun.
  • He takes you out on fun dates
  • Definitely going out to baseball games
  • But also to cute little startup restaurants
  • And definitely some nice Italian places.
  • He totally did not spend three hours before your first date trying to figure out what he should wear and how his hair should look
  • And was still perfectly on time
  • And showed up with a giant bouquet of flowers.
  • He loves to kiss you roughly
  • But it took him a while to get that way
  • Because he didn’t want to scare you off
  • So at first he was really gentle with you
  • But the more he got to know you
  • The rougher he got
  • Until it got to the point where he shoves you up against the nearest solid object
  • And kisses you until your knees go out
  • And he has to hold you up.
  • In the bedroom it’s no different
  • If it even ends up in the bedroom
  • Because normally
  • You two will screw each other’s brains out
  • In the closest are possible.
  • He’s very dominant
  • And loves pinning you down
  • And biting you
  • And if you’re okay with it
  • He loves choking you
  • And he’ll go down on you so much
  • Because hearing you moan turns him on beyond anything else.
  • Afterwards, he loves wrapping you up in his arms
  • And feeling your body flush against his
  • And he usually falls asleep first
  • And wakes up first.
  • In the morning
  • He likes to lay in bed
  • Holding you tight as he listens to your breathing
  • And as he feels your heartbeat against his chest
  • He feels an overwhelming love rush over him
  • Because he can’t believe that someone like you would be with someone like him
  • And he’s always going to treat you right
  • Because he never wants to lose the love you have for him.