donny thompson

Congratulations, Joan. You’re going to take the money from either a college kid or a grounds keeper so that your son who lives in a NYC penthouse can have the money. You know your son wouldn’t win because of his awful personality and rape jokes so you’re only hope is to stuff the ballot box with 11 year girls who don’t even know what Big Brother is. 

But you’re right. Your daughter’s 18 million followers makes you no different than any other houseguests’ families. I see your took part in Kris Jenner’s “How to be a parent” class. 


Character Archetypes:

Leader: Always knows the best thing to do—and people follow. 

Dreamer: Longs to be something he isn’t.

Waif: Appears innocent and weak and often relies on the pity of others.

Masquerader: Pretends to be something he is not.

Coward: Afraid of everything, controlled by fear.

Revolutionary: Stands opposed to the status quo and fights for her cause.

Sycophant: Self-seeking, flatterer, who works to please those in power.

Extraordinary man: The guy who can do anything.