donny l


 updated favorite films 

21. Raging Bull 

22. pulp fiction 

23.  Rashomon 

24 . Se7en 

25. Pan’s labyrinth

26.  Nightcrawler 

27.  Do the right thing 

28. Donnie darko 

29. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

30 . The butterfly Effect 

Whatever you ship, Raph doesn’t ship it.


Aww he’s just trying to protect his brother’s heart… but he is kind of a buzzkill. 


Again, just trying to protect Donnie. Sweet li’l killjoy. 


His reasons have gone from, “She’s in the Foot Clan!” to “She’s the Shredder’s daughter!” to “The Shredder raised her!” 
Now he’d probably say, “She’s Master Splinter’s daughter!”

Who knows how he’d react to Casrai…

Perhaps along these lines?

Looking forward to seeing how he feels about Minet!

Raph doesn’t just protect his brothers physically. He also tries to protect them from getting their hearts broken… and now sweet little cinnamon roll Mikey is twitterpated! 

But just you wait Raphael! One of these days you’re gonna meet your match! 
(lol reference ^-^)


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