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What happens when what is arguably the biggest pop culture phenomenon of all time occurs at a time when the mainstream culture is too small to absorb it?

That’s kind of what happened in those pre-World Wide Web days of the original Star Wars trilogy. Carrie Fisher guest starred on Saturday Night Live. Donnie and Marie Osmond had a Star War sketch on their show. And, of course, there’s the (in)famous Star Wars Holiday Special.

Another example of this bizarre clash of pop and mainstream cultures was Mark Hamill guesting both as Mark Hamill and as Luke Skywalker on “The Muppet Show” in February 1980.

“Just picture it, Barbara. You and I, dancing together in front of thousands, maybe millions.”
“Where, Marji, tell me again, where?”
“Oh, the Flip Wilson Show, Sonny and Cher. Maybe even Donny and Marie.”
“And you’re sure it’s going to happen this time?”
“That’s what the strange man in the trench coat at the bus stop who sold me this magic amulet said.”
“Then we’d better get started on our new act! And-a-one, and-a-two…”


from the original donny and marie show.

credit goes to DavEvans066


Danny, Wilmer, Ashton, and Topher on The Donny and Marie Osmond Talk Show – 2.25.1999. That ‘70s Show had just been picked up for a second season. Definitely worth the watch. Ashton’s totally like the class clown who can’t quite sit still during class. *lol*


Look what I found. Never saw this one before! 

Jensen AcklesOn The Donny & Marie Osmond Talk Show [1999]


A rare video of Jensen on The Donny and Marie Show in 1999! I love how while he obviously looks so much younger, you can pick many of this mannerisms that we are familiar with from Conventions.

thanks to DavEvans066 for uploading.

Frozen Fun Fact

Hyrum Osmond was the supervising animator for Olaf, but he volunteered to animate Prince Hans for one particular moment during the number Love Is An Open Door.

In a phone conversation with Yahoo Movies, Osmond said, “I requested that shot, just because I knew that that was the perfect moment to kind of pepper in that Donny Osmond feel to it.”

Hyrum’s father is George Virl Osmond Jr., the eldest of Donny’s seven brothers.

“Obviously we were exposed to the Donny and Marie show. We were on set a lot,” Hyrum said. “And me and my brothers and sisters almost playfully mocked our uncles with their signature move, which was basically sort of a tilted head, eyes squinting, with the raising of their arm or arms as they belt out that note.”

So when it was time for Hans to hit his high note, Osmond wanted to pay tribute to that move. “I just thought it was a perfect moment to kind of hit the Donny Osmond pose there.”