Ha.. Ahahaha……. I’m sick and twisted, and I’m going to hell, okay? XD 
Okay, so now that we’ve established that, let me explain this… This is a scene from an rp I’m having with a friend of mine, just as sick and twisted as me… Yeah… I’m in control of Mikey and Raph, and she’s in control of Donnie and Leo… We dig the tcest, okay? We’re BOTH going to burn in hell… XD
Okay, okay… So, the story goes, that Mikey has been infected by a mutated parasite, that feeds on happiness and energy, causing the host to become depressed.. Mikey had kept it hidden from his brothers, but Donnie spots that something is not right, so he decides to find out what’s wrong, and discovers the parasite.. He sends Mikey to bed, while he’s making the antidote… When the antidote is done, he goes to Mikey to inject him, Mikey being all whiney about it, so Donnie pulls him closer to make him stay still, and Mikey leans his head against his shoulder… And right at that moment, Leo walks in, misunderstanding the entire situation.. XD

Snippets from the RP:

Mikey: *He looked up at his brother with big, wet eyes, leaning his head against his shoulder with a whimper, as he felt the needle penetrate his skin.. He wasn’t a fan of needles, and it hurt to be stung like this*

Leo: *He opened the door into the bedroom and saw those two with Mikey against Donnie’s shoulder* Oh sorry ehehe I won’t disturb ~ *He closed the door and stood with his back against the door*
Donnie: *He looked after the door and blinked a little before he realized what it could look like* W-wait Leo! I-it is not what you think

Mikey: *He looked up, when he heard a voice, just managing to see the door closing behind his older brother.. He sniffled a little, before again leaning his head against Donnie’s shoulder* … D.. It hurts.. Are you done soon?

Donnie: *He looked down at Mikey again and hold his shoulders, pushing him a little so he could look at Mikey* Yes it is done, now we just wait little brother *Even though he didn’t know why, he hugged him into his chest*

Mikey: *He nodded a little, closing his eyes as he felt the arms og his brother around him.. He leaned his head against his chest, wrapping his arms around him, pressing himself against him*  … Thanks Donnie…

Donnie: *He smiled at how cute his brother looked and sat more on the bed and tried to make Mikey sleep*

Mikey: *He leaned closer against him, looking up at him with a dazed look* It wasn’t nonsense, D… You might be a nerd, but you’re still cool, and smart…

Donnie: *He shook his head and smiled* Okay, thank you Mikey .. You are also cool and smart, in your own way ~

Mikey: *He smiled at him, yet again pressing a kiss to his cheek, drowsily, before he cuddled up to him, closing his eyes* I love you.. Donnie… *He mumbled, just before he fell asleep against him*

Donnie: *He blushed a lot again and looked out the window* I love you too baby brother

We’re going to hell… I know it… XD This was the first time I even tried drawing turtles… Meh, I tried, at least… XD And yeah, we’re in the 2012 verse… We’re both nerds for that show, man XD

A late DMD valentine. I hope you like it

Donnie and Mikey are my OTP on TMNT, I think they are perfect for each other in any incarnation of the turtles. In the 2012 serie they need to grow up a little.  I know is a little late for San valentin but… Here you have my 8D Valentine image. Fun facts: 
- Mikey head mark is MomoRaw`s one. I love how she made it so I asked her a time ago if I could use it. 
- Donatello Head mark is by mooncalfe`s Tmnt comic, I really liked it so I use it, but is her creation.

(Don’t worry! There’s nothing innopropriate! Just a bunch of awesomeness! CX)

*squees and then dies of happiness*

Mer OTP~ Aaaaaaaa this is so perfect! >3< I love this so much!

Adding one story

But just one for now, because I’m already juggling two RaZr stories and a SaLNr story.

And this one story will not be a Invader Zim story, so I can shake things up a bit, so can you all decide between:

- Mikey x Donnie (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, more specifically the 2012 cartoon)

- Bill Cipher x Dipper (from Gravity Falls)

Just put your votes in my ask box. I’ll be doing this for the next few days. :)