My good friend, Donnie Madden, posted this picture on his timeline today.  It reminded me of the quote from the Tao Te Ching I posted a few days back.  “In the practice of the Way, everyday something is dropped.”

Release, Release, Release.  Surrender, Surrender, Surrender.  Peace, Peace, Peace.

#tbt I have a thorough respect for my previous subjects and teams. Photography has kept its artistry for me and has not become a task. This is all due to creative people who care about the work more than the accolades and financial compensation. Nothing is free. No ones time is free it cost all of us something to create art that is lasting. We lose sight of things in the paper chase. I’m not a household name and that is okay. I am free from those pressures. Here is another free soul: @williegomez in a piece from @akaiitoboutique shot and styled by #donniemadden

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