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New to Villeneuve (Gaston)

word count: 819

request: Can you do a Gaston x reader where you just moved into the village and Gaston shows you around, but he’s different around you than everyone else?

requested by: @sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt

warning: ppl being judgy assholes, ppl being assholes towards a dog

a/n: HERE WE GO. Haven’t been excited to write a shit ton of fics for a single character since Chato. ALSO, dogs are amazing and in this fic, smart af.

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“With Me” ~SpiritAssassin~ commish for @petratodd

Petra always has the best commission requests. The parameters were: sexy Chirrut & Baze… ABS… and Donnie Yen’s smile. Hehe. I didn’t think the end product would have so many pink hues, but I kind of love it. I’ve found I love to draw Baze’s hair A LOT, too. 

There was a little hiccup IRL for me, so the commissions are coming out a little slower! But they are getting done, all those who are still waiting. Thank you for being patient! 

By Arrangement (TMNT 2012, Apritello)

Summary: The war between humans and mutants ends the minute the Kraang come calling. There’s just the matter of making the tenuous peace stick – and Donnie drew the short straw. 

Here’s hoping his blushing bride doesn’t murder him in his sleep. 

Rating: PG. 

Word Count: 8,700.

Notes: My best @hotmilkytea asked for a bunch of kiss prompts for April and Donnie, and somehow what happened was several thousand words of arranged marriage shenanigans. I have no idea how. But enjoy the tropeyness! :D

@donniedrinkscoffee, @cesarin, here you go! 

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Donnie reminds himself to blink, and to breathe, and to smile – the gentle smile he practiced in his mirror for a solid month – when April appears in the doorway of the chapel.

She takes one look at him, and pulls a gun out of her wedding dress.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, he thinks, even though his heart plummets straight to his feet. At his side, Raph growls, and then Casey unsheathes a police baton along with his hockey stick.

Donnie keeps smiling because he doesn’t know what else to do with his face, but April isn’t aiming at him. She’s aiming right over his shoulder.

That’s when the gunshots start, and Donnie realizes that April – his brave, furious, beautiful, absolutely badass bride – isn’t shooting at him, but at the platoon of Kraang who just crashed through the back wall of the chapel.


Let’s back up a bit, shall we?


Once upon a time, there were humans, and there were mutants, and they had been at war for a very, very long time. No one remembers how the war got started – some say it started with two brothers, one human and one mutant, who fought over a woman, but frankly that story has been told too many times and wasn’t very interesting to begin with – but everyone knows about the fields that never stop burning, and the heads on spikes along the road.

It took almost a thousand years – years during which the air over Nebraska boiled, and Beijing nearly fell to an army of rats led by a masked king, and an actual alien invasion – but finally, the powers that be on both sides of the war said Enough.

Which was long overdue, to be honest, but at this rate, the world would be uninhabitable by the end of the century, and since staying alive was the one thing that both sides could agree on, the leaders agreed to a ceasefire.

Getting curb-stomped by pink screeching aliens has a wonderful way of putting things in perspective.

The world took a deep, shuddering breath, and wondered what would come next. Other than the Kraang invasion, that is.

An alliance, said the leaders. That’s what we need.

And how, said the world, which was tired and desperate and had almost forgotten how to hope, do you plan to do that?

uh, said the leaders. We’ll get back to you?


“You’re kidding me,” said Donnie. “A wedding? They do know this is actual, real life, and not fanfiction, right? We need – I don’t know, treaties, and to stop shooting each other, and –”

Leo shrugged. “I mean, it’s not like we have any other options, do we?”

Donnie tried not to choke on his own tongue. “We do,” he said, enunciating each word precisely. “Like treaties. And shooting the actual aliens, instead of each other.

“Yeah, because the other ceasefires worked so well,” said Raph, with a meaningful glance at the deep scar winding up Donnie’s thigh. “We’ll just go yell give peace a chance and put flowers in their assault rifles and boom! We got peace locked in! Up until the Kraang turn us into grape jelly.”

Donnie balled his hands into fists, both to keep from rubbing at the scar and in case he decided to pummel Raph in the face. “It’s an idiotic idea,” he said. “Marriage doesn’t solve anything when it’s just normal life. It’s not going to solve a war.”

Mikey leaned against his shoulder with a tired sigh. “Can we just like, enjoy the silence for five minutes?” he said. “I’m tired, dudes. When was the last time people weren’t tryin’ to kill us?”

“Never,” Donnie said in unison with Raph and Leo. He threw an arm around Mikey’s shoulder and closed his eyes. Mikey did have a point – they should take the chance to rest while they could, in case everything burned down around them tomorrow.

Splinter breathed quietly nearby, asleep or meditating, and slowly, Donnie’s brothers fell asleep too.

He stayed awake for a long time, wondering. Who were they going to rope into this disaster?

Probably not anyone I know, he thought, as sleep closed over his head.


Raph hadn’t stopped laughing in five minutes. Mikey was facedown on the floor, making strangled noises, and Leo was looking anywhere but at Donnie.

“No,” Donnie said again. He’d lost track of how many times he’d said it so far, but nothing else came to mind. “No.”

Splinter laid a warm, dry hand on his shoulder. “You have been honored, my son,” he said, his whiskers ever-so-slightly twitching. “Make us proud.”

Donnie thought about saying No again, and decided to hyperventilate instead.

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Alive: Donnie

You paced the lair nervously. They were out there fighting for their very lives and you, a mere human, could do nothing to help them. Hours ticked by and fear choked you until every breath was a battle. In the deepest hours of the night, a noise halted you in your tracks. The door slid open and relief poured through you as all four brothers filed in. Your eyes ran a quick assessment. Mikey was limping and Donnie was favoring his left shoulder. They all looked a little ragged but they were alive. Sweet Jesus, they were alive. Your eyes traveled up and down Donnie’s lean form, looking for further damage. When your eyes made it up to his face, your eyes caught his and tension flared through you. You wanted to check every inch of him, make sure he was really and truly okay.
“Come on, lets go have a look.” You said softly, drawing him away from his brothers. He led you down to the lair and sat in his chair. You went to him and climbed up, straddling him to get a better look at his shoulder.
“How bad is it?” You asked as your fingers ever so gently ran over his cool, thick skin.
“Just a little sore.” He promised as your fingers worked there way around the muscle. Reassured, your hands traveled over his other battle wounds, small scratches and bruises he didn’t even noticed. So intent were you on checking every inch of him that his tortured moan startled you.
“What hurts?” You asked, concerned.
His eyes opened to reveal smoldering Amber irises that seemed to consume you. His hands slid up your thighs, circling your hips.
“You haven’t hurt me, Princess.” He promised. “I’m feeling all better.”
The tone of his voice along with the sly look on his face confused you for a minute until he pulled your hips tight to his and you felt the full ridge of his arousal against you. In an instant, all of that concern and fear went up in a raging inferno of need. You leaned forward, sealing you lips against his as you grinded down against him. Donnie wouldn’t be rushed though and he stilled your seeking hips against him, taking time to kiss you thoroughly. Frustrated, you pulled back.
“I need you.” You breathed, your lips still only inches from his.
He lunged up out of his chair so quickly that you yelped your surprise. You found yourself on your back on Donnie’s desk, his body braced over yours.
“Not enough.” He answered your earlier statement. “Not yet.” The promise in his voice sent a shock of pleasure to your core. He chose that moment to press against you again, his cock firm against your center. You wiggled, trying for more stimulation but his arm pinned your hips. He came closer, crowding out everything but himself. His lips began to graze your neck, brushing so lightly that goosebumps rose across your skin. He covered the bare skin of your neck and chest with these caresses, making you so sensitive to his touch that you could almost scream every time he breathed against you. You couldn’t hold still any longer but your hips were still pinned so instead your hands began yet another gentle exploration of his skin, brushing over it as gently as he was caressing you. The smell of him, the feel of him, the taste of his kisses, the sound of his breath blowing out to meet your skin. You were surrounded by him. Completely and utterly lost in his presence, lost to the need he was so masterfully feeding.
“Donnie, I need you inside of me.” You whimpered as his fingers traced over your hip at the line of your sweatpants. “Please, love. Please.”
“Fuck.” He swore quietly as your pleading broke some of his restraint. He pulled off your pants and panties in one motion and a thrill went through you as he knelt before you. Your legs fell open shamelessly and he pulled you to the edge of the desk. He blew on your slick folds, making you squirm before he slid his tongue deep inside of you, tasting the need he had so expertly kindled. Fire raced up your spine as his thick tongue moved in and out, making your walls clench and your hips jerk.
“Ohhhhh…..”you moaned but you knew as well as he did that it wouldn’t be enough. “Please, Donnie, please baby. You know what I need.” Your head thrashed as his tongue withdrew from your hole and slid all the way up your slit.
“Ahh!” Your body jerked when his tongue passed over your swollen clit. God you needed him there. You felt his thick finger enter you as his mouth descended on your clit. He stroked you in a slow, steady rhythm, finally releasing your hips. You thrust yourself into his caresses, desperate. A churr rumbled through him as he quickened his pace.
“God, Donnie. I’m gonna cum.” You panted
He churred again into your pussy as he sucked your clit. Your muscles tensed as fire raced through you and his name came out on a shout of ecstasy. He nibbled and kissed your flesh until your heaving breath slowed and then he stood. You wondered when he’d taken his cock from his pants but he stood between your legs and slid it up your belly, letting you feel the smooth weight of it. Your hand went down and covered it, pressing it into your soft skin and drawing a hushed gasp from his lips.
“Inside of me, love.” You said.
He leaned over, supporting his weight above you on a forearm as he kissed you deeply. You felt him at your entrance, pressing. You arched as he entered you slowly, lighting up each nerve. When he was fully seated inside of you, he pulled you into a reclined sitting position. His mouth went to your nipples, sucking one and then the other as he began to thrust.
“More.” You said, your hands clinging to his shoulders.
Donnie’s control was at an end. He thrust hard, his flesh slapping against yours. The little grunts he made every time he drove into you were driving you wild.
“I love you.” He gasped just before his lips descended on yours. His body jerked as he kissed you fiercely and the pulsing of his cock as he exploded inside of you sent you over the edge once more. He broke the kiss, breathing heavily into the crook of your neck.
“I love you too.” You answered, stroking his skin. “Please try not to scare me like that ever again.”
“I can’t promise you won’t be scared for me, but I do promise to always find a way home to you.” He answered.
“That’s all I need.” You smiled softly.

Biggest Distraction

Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Character: Donnie
Relationship: Donnie/reader
Request: can you do a oneshot where Donnie finds the reader making pancakes and decides he wants to marry her?

Donnie was drawn out of his lab by the soft singing coming from the kitchen.
His brothers had gone out earlier and he knew Splinter had went to bed for the night, meaning it could only be one person.
He hadn’t expected you to come today. He had been working on a new piece of tech for the last few days and you knew this. He was always grateful when you did leave him to get on with his work. You were his biggest distraction, and it had turned into somewhat of a nick name.
When you were in the lab with him, he couldn’t concentrate. He couldn’t even keep his eyes off you. Even when you were just sitting in the corner reading a book. He found himself watching you. When you read, he noticed you would make little faces when something happened in the book. He found it endearing.
Donnie felt bad when he hinted that he needed to finish something and you would leave. But you were fine with it and you understood complete.
It had only been 3 days since Donnie had last seen you. While the two of you had been texting and calling, Donnie felt an ache in his chest and upon hearing your voice, he couldn’t stop himself.
To him, you were perfect and this time apart was killing him.
As he walked down the hallway, a sweet smell filled the air. He instantly knew it was pancakes and that only made him walk faster.  
He walked into the kitchen and stopped to lean on the doorframe, smiled softly to himself.
You were standing with your back to him, your hair up in pigtails and you were wearing a oversized hoodie. Donnie couldn’t quiet guess the tune you were now humming but he could see the small plate at your side which was filled with fresh pancake.
You used a spatula to move the final pancake from the pan onto the plate and you turned off the hob.
“Smells good.” Donnie spoke up, revealing his presents. You didn’t jump but you glanced over your shoulder at him and smiled.
“I thought you might need a break. Plus I needed attention.” You giggled, picking up the plate and walking towards him.
He could have picked you up and spun you around.
He knew you could never fully know how much you meant to him. Or how ever time he saw you, he would fall in love with you all over again. Never had a moment gone by that he regretted kissing you that night. That first kiss had been on impulse and Donnie, who normally thought things through thoroughly, couldn’t control himself. So when you kissed him back, he felt complete.
3 years.
Donnie frowned slightly. Had it really been 3 years since that night? But he as he quickly calculated it in his mind, he knew he was right.
“You alright?” You asked, seeing Donnies smile fade and replaced with a frown.
“Yeah, just thinking.” He shook his head and smiled again. You walked past him and, as you did, he looped his arm around you waist and the two of you started to walk back to the lab.
It was late, probably just after 10pm so Donnie knew you would be staying. He wasn’t all that keen on you walking through the alley ways and streets this late at night in the pitch black. Not that you wanted to. He noticed you played on this and you would turn up at night so he would pull you into his bed with him.
you started to hum again as the two of you entered the lab again and went over to where Donnie had been sitting. You pulled a seat over and placed the pancakes on the table. You pulled open a draw, which was your things, pulled out a book you had been reading and started reading. As you did, Donnie allowed his eyes to wander to you and his thought away from the project.
Donnie was still very much in love with you and you with him. He couldn’t imagine ever leaving you or being without you and he wanted to show you how much he loved you.
It was the first thing to pop into his mind but he quickly shook his head and turned away from you. He couldn’t marry you. He couldn’t even go out in the streets with you.
But it didn’t have to be the conventional wedding. You had always said you like things that were different and unique.
Maybe you would think the same for marriage. The two of you were basically a married couple anyway. You would know it wouldn’t be conventional.
He looked up at you.
Maybe it could work. The two of you could figure it out some how. You would no doubt have the best ideas.
you look up to see Donnie staring at you. You had seen that look before and knew he was thinking about something important.
“Everything okay, Donnie?” You asked, reaching out to place your hand on his knee. Your actions brought him back into the room and he smiled. You saw a small spark in his eyes, normally meaning he had decided something or had an idea on how to fix something.
“Perfect, my little distraction.” He chuckled, leaning forward to press a kiss to your forehead but reaching out to grab a pancake.