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New to Villeneuve (Gaston)

word count: 819

request: Can you do a Gaston x reader where you just moved into the village and Gaston shows you around, but he’s different around you than everyone else?

requested by: @sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt

warning: ppl being judgy assholes, ppl being assholes towards a dog

a/n: HERE WE GO. Haven’t been excited to write a shit ton of fics for a single character since Chato. ALSO, dogs are amazing and in this fic, smart af.

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Kinda of a spoiler for TMNT 5x3

YOOOOOO FINALLY A LEO AND DONNIE EPISODE!!!! Ya’ll don’t even understand how happy I am with this episode! My feels are sky high right now!!! When Leo saved Donnie and the smile and thumbs up has me squealing like a middle schooler. We always get Leo and Raph and sometimes Leo and Mikey, this was a good change. A+ in my book. Leo was a very good brother in this episode.

Raph Drabble #1

His anger completely faded when he was around her, he melted - his bad boy image he fronted completely left his mind, he stared at you with complete love. He never really understood why you loved him like he did you, he didn’t know why you whispered your devotion to him at 4am when he woke up from a nightmare and lulled him back to sleep.

You laughed at Mikey, hitting him on the arm as he cheated on the video game you were both playing. He laughed quietly to himself, he looked at his hand - he used to cringe at what he saw, but you healed most of his self hatred. You were his little angel, a goddess even. And he thanked everyone in heaven for you.

He felt someone sit beside him, it was donnie. He smiled up at his brother and Donatello couldn’t help but chuckle at his love sick brother.

“You’re completely head over heels for her, aren’t you?” He wasn’t looking at his brother, he was staring at you. And when you gave him a huge smile, one that made all his angry voices fade away in an instant.

“lil’ bro, you have no idea”

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Hi *waves shyly at the lovely boys and smiles at Donnie* I was wondering if I were to make you guys pizza what toppings would you prefer?

“PIZZA!! dude I think I speak for all of us when I say, Any pizza will do just no Anchovies, pineapple, olives and uhhh,” Pausing Mikey whispered Don’t give Leo any Mushrooms on anything you give him, it gives him the nasty gas.” Mikey said  before getting a smack in the back of the head by Leo.

“Ignore him, whatever you wish to bring us is fine and if we don’t like something we can always pick it off.” Leo replied while Mikey made gagging noises and complained that ‘it ruins the flavor to have them cook with bad toppings on it.