donnie is a mom too okay

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If the turts had babies with their S/O's! How would the turts react to their child playing with their weapon even after being instructed not to, and actually getting hurt in the process? Does dad or mom give discipline?

I’m really working on these asks, I’m not used to them so its the first time with me working on them. I hope you still like it!!! Also I’ve made the ages different for each turtle !! hope this was okay  !!!

Age: 12

“How did you even get hold of these?!” 

“You left them on the table” they sobbed, winching at the pain as they shamefully looked down as Donnie was stitching up the small but deep wound on their hand. I don’t think Leo would be able to give punishment, he’d be kicking himself too much. He’d take it out on himself, beating himself up both emotionally and physically going extra hard in the dojo as the mama was sorting things out. The ma is going to make them do every chore imaginable, just to make them understand that those weapons are not toys and shouldn’t be treated like such. Of cause, raising such an understanding kid, they took their punishment without a word. Because damn their hand really freaking hurt and they’re gonna regret ever touching them.

Leo is going to need a talking too though, I Honestly believe he’ll beat himself up for it for a while. Maybe up until the wound has completely healed, so they’ll have to smack him around the face a little and tell him these things happen, and assure him it’ll never happen again. 

“But please, be careful where you put them in the future?” He’d kiss her after saying that, like sealing the deal type of thing. 

Age: 10


“I’m sorry!” They were wincing, tears in their eyes as the already felt the bruise forming on their head. And of cause, they would go straight to Donnie to see if there was any long term damage, of cause they had a concussion. Mikey would be the soft one out of the two of them, so mama bear would be the one to give the punishment. It would be her taking away their kids video games and comic books,and i assure you, that would bring the biggest temper tantrum in the world. But even Mikey would back her up on this one, they weren’t a toy! After this he would keep them on him at all times, and even ask donnie if he had a safe he could use for them on a night. I also bet everything he would be so smothering afterwards, even with protests from their kid. 

Age: 13

“This is why I said no to playing with these”

“I know..” I feel like Raph’s kid would cut his face? Maybe they raised their hand too high and just grazed their cheek? nothing too harmful, not enough to leave stitches. But there would definitely be a lot of blood.

Out of all the kids, I feel like Raphs would be the one to actually go out of their way to get the weapons. mama bear isn’t going to go near this punishment - she’s gonna leave it all to Raph and not get involved. He’d ban anything fun for a very, very long time. Not letting them near a tv or internet, not letting ‘em hang out with any friends either. He’s gonna be so let down with them, all he asks of his child is to respect him and their mother. He doesn’t think that’s asking for much. The kids going to ignore them both for a while, but soon enough their heads going to be hung low and they’re going to apologize profoundly. 

“You did great baby” they’re s/o would smile, kissing his cheeks as they watched their kid run to their phone after about a month of not having it. 

Age: 11

“I thought I told you not to touch this, do you even understand how dangerous this is, i can’t believe–” 

“…..” I truly believe Donnie would talk the hell out of them, I don’t think he’d really punish them like the other turtles. Just lecture them. A lot. Literally to the point where they actually are sorry and wont want to go near the thing again. Of cause, the mama bear wouldn’t want to do anything either, knowing his lectures would be enough. However something has to be done for them to really understand what they did was wrong, so mama would personally take away any gadgets that they had. Between them not having their stuff and their dad nagging in their ear constantly, they’d get the message and apologize for what they did. 

Okay just hear me out what if the Band of Brothers guys went by different nicknames

Like how funny would it be? They could’ve realistically been called by so many different names.

- Rich Winters
- Rick Winters
- Jack Martin (since Jack is a weird nickname for John)
- Dave Webster
- Ken Webster (because that could’ve been a thing)
- Joey Toye
- Joey Liebgott (tbh I could see that being Lieb’s nickname when he was young but just one day looked at his mom and was like “I’m too old for that; call me Joe.”)
- Donnie Malarkey
- Teddy Heffron (because apparently Teddy is a nickname for Edward, looking at you JKR)
- Ed Heffron
- Will Guarnere
- Willy Guarnere
- Billy Guarnere
- And my personal favorite, CHARLIE GRANT

But then there’s the people that it would be so strange to hear them go by their real names.

- Richard Winters
- Ronald Speirs (because he’s just Ron)
- Lynn Compton
- William Guarnere
- both Josephs, honestly
- Denver Randleman
- Warren Muck
- Alexander Penkala
- Darrel Powers
- Robert Wynn
- Even Charles Grant sounds weird tbh

okay but Auntie Krystal
  • taking Oscar and Gemma to the mall/movies when Alison and Donnie are doing god knows what with their business
  • letting Gemma give her a make over
  • playing house/tea party
  • helping Oscar when he wants to ask a girl on a date but is too nervous 
  • Letting the kids take a sip of champaign on new years (”don’t tell your mom, it’ll be our little secret”)
  • krystal doing everything she can when it comes to protecting them because lbr that’s the kind of person she is