A happy night back home with all the bros :))

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sketch/warm-up dump from work!! aside from job-work i’ve been keeping myself busy by working on revamping an ol’ pitch project (which has been kicking my ass in terms of both drawing, concept, and writing but i’ve been learning a ton!) 

thanks for following despite my times of inactivity guys, i’ll try to post more often 😅


Meet Your Match 

  • Leonardo - Artemisia
  • Marietta - Michelangelo
  • Sofonisba - Donatello
  • Lavinia - Raphael 

Tried to do genderbend turtles again. I don’t like my previous version that much anymore and had to try again. I like these better :) I wonder what would have happened if the boys and girls ever met. I have a feeling they wouldn’t like each other very much (except Mikey and Marie of course): it’s said you’re usually annoyed by people who are too much like you because you can recognize all your own flaws in them.