I needed to draw super cute, bright and colorful fluff. I love B-team, they are my favorites because I’m a lot like Donnie and I’d be best friends with Mikey X3 I wish they got along more in the show. Seems like Donnie is always getting mad at Mikey ;w; And omg Sun Flowers, I really should draw flowers more.

Drawn with copic/sharpies. Edited in photoshop.

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Purple c:

I already did this one on my other blog, but for you I can do it another time :)

This time, pictures!

1. I have a big TV

2. I have TMNT curtains

((excuse the mess lol))

3. I have walls full of TMNT! I also have my boyfriend’s drawings as well as my own on my wall!

4. My closet is the most messiest place in my room

5. My bed is 90% of the time unmade or messy.

6. One side of my room is most of the time neat.

((I said most of the time, lol, not all the time.))

7. I think Raph and Leo resent me for putting them on my computer desk..

((Okayy maybe just Leo))

8. I have in my room usually has either, a cup, a bowl, or some snack product.

((or left over bags or wrappings lol))

9. My sleeping buddies

10. 90% of the time my room is shared with my three pets and me.

((old-recent pictures of my babies!))

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What's Donnie's worst fear?

hahah where do I begin

 – “Uhh, Donnie’s afraid of a few different things… I’m not really sure which is the worst.”

 – “The list includes, but is not limited to, being lost, being forgotten, thunderstorms, anyone working for the government, Squirrelanoids, or at least he should be..”

“Enough, Mikey!”