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Top pic:  @dashtumbles here’s that third picture I told you about, Finally got it the way I wanted it to look

Second pic: random Leo and Raph

Third and fourth: @mikibaby94  here’s sweet little Leo and Don  (from her AU Growing Hearts).  

I might draw the rest of the turts like the bottom pic, we shall see

Baseball Bat Duel part one

A/n: might post the rest of what I have, if anyone likes it.

“Whose the new guy?” you asked Dwight, lightly jabbing him in the ribs, he laughed and looked around quickly before whispering in your ear.
“Some Sergeant, Donny Donowitz some of the guys are calling him the fucking Bear Jew”
“Bear Jew?” you raised an eyebrow as Dwight smirked, he knew exactly who this new guy was but for some reason he wasn’t telling you.
“He used to beat his enemies to death with a baseball bat, which earned him the Bear section I guess. He’s also Jewish. Hence, Bear Jew.” Dwight chuckled, mockingly leaning his arm around you. You pushed him off and poked your tongue out at him, Dwight laughed and shoved you slightly but was caught off guard when you shoved him with a bit more effort and sent him flying into the mud just as Negan came strolling toward you.
“What the fuck are you two doing?” Negan asked, his voice low as you stifled a laugh when Dwight stood up, completely caked from head to toe in mud.
“Nothing, sir.” Dwight nodded, earning a raised eyebrow from Negan and a quiet giggle from you.
“DONOWITZ!” Negan roared with fury, turning his head as a tall man with jet black hair came running over. This man was about the same height as Dwight, with jet black hair, dark brown eyes (much darker than Negan’s), a slight dark patch around where stubble was beginning to grow, finely tuned muscles, and a fair bit of hair on his chest; he wore a filthy white tank top that was tucked into his pitch black trousers, an old brown leather belt, striped brown suspenders, 3 large metal necklaces that came down to his stomach, and a golden bullet shaped necklace; he also carried a heavy baseball bat with the words “real bastard” carved into them.
“Yeah, boss?” Donowitz asked, cockily swinging his baseball bat at his side.
“This is Dwight. And that beautiful piece of art next to him is [Y/N]” Negan explained, winking at you and making you blush. You weren’t involved romantically with Negan, nor were you involved sexually, but he did constantly flirt with you. Donowitz grinned massively at you as he looked you up and down; he looked at your black and red Converse trainers that were muddied from years of wear and tear, your dark blue jeans, your light blue A Day To Remember shirt that had a bright pink octopus on it with the letters ‘A.D.T.R’ inscribed in white and pink at the top, but he fell in love with your hair. He saw how the bottom of your hair was black but it blended into burgundy and then red until the top and then ginger until it stopped at light brown, and how it was so long that it reached your lower back (or stomach if you had put it forward).
“Hey..” Donowitz grinned, biting his lip and unconsciously flexing his muscles, you giggled slightly and blushed when he held your hand and pressed it against his soft, pink lips.
“I’m Donny.” he smiled and looked into your stunning blue-grey eyes.
“[Y/N]” you blushed, Donowitz laughed and closed his eyes slightly.
“DONOWITZ!” Negan yelled like an angry dog, making you snap your head towards him and glare as Donowitz was forced to stop talking to you and listened to Negan.
“Yeah, boss?” he asked, you stepped between him and Negan with an angry sigh.
“[Y/N], don’t piss him off” Dwight groaned, knowing all too well what was about to take place.
“You rude mother fucker” you growled at Negan with a glare, if looks could kill then Negan would’ve gone to Hell.
“[Y/N], step out of my fucking way” Negan retorted, anger radiating off of his body.
“Make me.” you hissed.
“[Y/N], you don’t have to do this” Donowitz whispered in your ear.
“DON’T FUCKING TALK TO HER” Negan yelled, making Donowitz cower with fear slightly.
“Ex-fucking-cuse me, Negan! He can fucking talk to me if he wants!” you argued, slightly raising your voice. Donowitz held his bat between his legs and quickly restrained you.
“Don’t.” he whispered softly into your ear, you shook him off and puffed out your body to intimidate Negan.
“WHAT DID I TELL YOU, ASSHOLE?!” Negan exclaimed, his shoulders stretching back.
“Leave Donny alone, Negan!” you retaliated.
“OH, SO NOW YOU’RE CALLING HIM DONNY?! YOU JUST FUCKING MET THE GUY, AND NOW YOU’RE JUMPING ON HIS DICK?!” Negan roared with unthoughtful fury, you held your tongue slightly and pierced Negan’s eyes with your own.
“C'mon Donny.” you turned and lead Donowitz to your room.

Donowitz laid on the bed with his hands folded over his stomach and his head only just propped up on your multiple pillows.
“I’m sorry about Negan, he can be a real dick sometimes, but believe me, he’s a good guy” you smiled honestly. Negan was a good guy, and he treated you well, but he did get too jealous of anyone who even showed you the smallest second of attention, you didn’t understand why and you didn’t want to know why.
“Its no problem. I’m from Boston for fuck’s sake, I grew up throwin’ fists.” Donowitz smirked, you sat down next to him on the bed and looked up at the ceiling with him, your hands rested behind your head.
“It is a problem though…” you sighed, your chest rising and falling dramatically, Donowitz turned his head towards you with a worried look hidden away in his almost black eyes.
“Why? He ain’t hurting you, is he?” Donowitz furrowed his brow and locked away the anger in his heart.
“No! No. Its just… He does it with every single guy who so much as talks to me y'know? Whenever some guy says as much as a hello, Negan fucking loses his shit..” you sighed again, not realizing that Donowitz was gazing at you.
“Sounds like he’s jealous.” he laughed, you playfully slapped him on the chest and laughed.
“As fucking if! Negan probably has women from Hilltop and Alexandria fucking drooling over him! They’re much prettier than me, so what the fuck would he be jealous about?” you laughed sadly, looking over to Donowitz for a second before looking back at the ceiling.
“Everything. You’re pretty, no, wait, you’re fucking radiant! You’re cool, from what I can tell, and you just seem so fucking amazing.” Donowitz breathed out a happy sigh and put his arm around you, his warm embrace oddly comforting.