Isn’t this simply amazing? Getting to the top of our #hike is very rewarding. As soon as we get there, we all share our packed lunch and laughter. I LOVE #snowshoeing and it really makes me happy especially when shared with amazing, diverse and kind people. There are mornings where I would question myself, “Should I go or should I stay in bed cuz it’s just damn comfy to get out of it.” I always got up, eventhough I felt so lazy. I knew later when I get up that I would regret not going and that will affect the rest of my day. We all have frustration, pain, disappointment, health conditions, but we can’t let all these reasons defeat us. “I can’t do it.”, “I’ll never get to my old weight when I was younger.”, I won’t go to the gym cuz I only had 6 hours of sleep.“, "I don’t do healthy stuff, it’s too much work.”, “I shouldn’t go out cuz Ive been working all week.” How about we remove the Never, Don’t, Shouldn’t, Won’t, Can’t with our choices in terms of our health? Instead of complaining about how we’re not losing “weight”, feeling left out by peers and family cuz we chose to support the lifestyle we indulge on, invest on a healthy lifestyle that we can pass on to our children if not the people around us? #CHANGE. We have to do something different to acquire a different outcome. You just have to find what makes you happy. #Snowshoeing is one of those I found that truly makes me happy.

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