donnas gramp


30 days of Doctor Who day 2, favourite companion.

Donna, because she says the most genius things about Ten’s figure.  Plus a multitude of other reasons.

fic: fill in the gaps, p3/4

Part One, Part Two

The Doctor lingered in the console room when Donna and Rose first went inside. No one remarked upon it, but the two women did share a confused look. But he’d said he would be out in a few minutes, so they left him to it and went to say hello to Sylvia and Wilf.

“Mum, Gramps - this is Rose.”

“Lovely to meet you both,” Rose said politely, shaking Wilf’s hand. She felt Sylvia look her up and down, but a smile soon came to her face, so she guessed that she had been met with approval.

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