Caroline was struggling to get this lycanthropy off her, she was focussing that he wouldn’t bite her, couldn’t reach for any of her weapons.
Then she heard a loud shot, the lycanthropy changed in his human form and Caroline crawled as fast as she could away from it.
she was out of breath but felt relieved when she looked up and saw her savior.

‘I guess I’m right on time now, don’t you think?’ Dean pulled her up with one hand and they stared at eachother for a while.
'I thought I said you can’t follow me anymore’ She said.
'Yeah, that would be really great for you, when you would be dead in the next 5 minutes..’
'Ok I’m sorry.. Thank you for helping me.’

Dean wanted to scream, yell at her, ask her who she really is, what she’s doing here, but he couldn’t.
Not after what she’s been through, but he’s scared she would take off again.
And then what? Wait until she pops up again whenever they have another job.
the best he could think of was 'you wanna go get a drink, in the pub? Looks like you need it.’

Still not over the fact that she said yes, they took place at a table in the corner.
'I know you have alot of questions, so do I.’ she said.
'I’ll tell you, whenever needed, but not right now Dean.’
Dean was ok with that, because looking at her sad eyes, he knew there was something with her, but she wouldn’t fool him.
Deep down he knows he can trust her, and that’s ok for now.

Dearoline fanfic part 4.


‘Come on Dean’ she said. 'let’s get something to eat, it’s almost getting morning and I’m hungry.’
Dean felt comfortable with her next to him.
They’ve been hunting all three together for a while now, and it felt right.
Dean didn’t ask about her past and she didn’t ask anything in return.
Sam was also getting attached to this girl, but in a way he always shows he wants to know her past and who she really is.

Caroline and Dean went to a shady pub to eat.
Caroline her laugh was magnificent, Dean couldn’t stop staring at her. It didn’t even matter what she was saying.
'Dean.. Dean’ he stopped staring and came back to reality when she took his hand.
'Are you ok?’ the warmth of her hand made him think that maybe Sam was right, even if she felt so trustable, they needed to know more about her.
But that means they’ll have to do alot of explaining as well.

Caroline felt awkward and took her hand back when Dean’ phone began to ring.
'Dean get your ass back here again wherever you guys are, I found something, a new lead, an important one.’ Sam said.
Caroline payed the waitress and took their coats as she headed back to the car with Dean following her.
The loud engine would wake up the whole neighbourhood but too slow to see how quickly Dean took off to get back to the motel.

Dearoline fanfic part 5.


‘You are quite a catch for the eye, you know that?’
Caroline was having a really bad day and hearing this doesn’t made it any better, until she looked up and saw a young man infront of her table.
Dean took the chair and sat down while laughing at her.
'Excuse me?’ She said.
'You know what I mean, I saw you in Virginia last week and now here in Blacksburg, you wanna tell me what’s up with that?’

Caroline stood up, took her coat and walked outside the bar, knowing that he was following her.
'Seriously, you wanna know what’s up with that? That means you’re a creep for following me. And your friend over there by the door as well for keeping an eye on me.’
Sam came a bit closer, next to Dean and stared at the ground.
'Oh and don’t look at my ass again when I walk away from you’ she winked at him and headed back to her motel.
While leaving Dean with an open mouth watching her walk away.

Dearoline fanfic part 2.


‘hey boys, I suggest you to let him go, right now, before someone gets killed’
They were strangling him and he though it would be over for him, until he heard a loud female’ voice.

Caroline killed the first 2 guys who wanted to kill her. Dean had his hands free now so he could move again.
From the corner of his eye he saw the blonde goddess fighting like a warrior.

3 bodies on the ground, 2 still standing.
'Who are you?’ Dean looked shocked, he couldn’t believe that a girl like her just killed 2 men, demons even.
'Seriously, you don’t even say thank you? I just saved your ass.’ Dean was too stunned to say anything else, he wanted to know who she was.
'Instead of following me the last 2 weeks, I thought I could follow you now and looks like I was right on time, don’t you think ? Don’t mention it.’ She said.

Caroline’ phone was ringing while they went downstairs.
'Hey Liz, I’m on my way, gimme one second okay.’ She stared into Dean’ eyes and said 'Don’t try to follow me again okay’
'Wait, you just killed 2 men and that doesn’t freak you out?!’ he said.
'Nothing can shock me anymore.’ she said with a smile.
Caroline was on her way to her car and said something to this woman that just called her, before stepping into her car she turned around.
'I’m Caroline by the way and uhm nice car, Dean’
And the sound of her engine took over the silence.

Dearoline fanfic part 3.