My dear dear Carla , happy birthday !!

Yet again, there is another year gone by and you’re still one of the closest person to me. I love you, you’re incredible, sweet, amazing, wonderful, beautiful, kind, caring and so much more. I look up to you, you’re my shoulder to lean upon. And tho we do not speak very often these days, which I blame myself for, you’re always on my mind. You’re so special to me, I don’t even have the words to describe how much you mean to me. But you know ;)

I wish you all the best in the world, because out of all the people you’re the one who deserves all the luck, joy, happiness, love and succes.

I barely have time and you know I suck at editing, so I kinda used some old gifs I had in my album when I tried one and another and I wanted to have some of the new episode because well, I know you love Mabekah, who doesn’t and they were so cute and ofc Delena. either way, I’m sorry for my shitty present for you. I hope you’ll have an amazing day, alot of presents and pie !

I love you ! <3