Well that’s funny, because, actually, I spent the summer working in a pub to support my brothers and sister, I read all four volumes of Waffling’s Magical Theory, finished the books on the list for next term, completed my homework before August, helped Mary with hers, and ordered around a well-respected auror. And, I’m sorry, you got a tan, did you say?
—  Donna Shacklebolt on “How to Shoot Down Someone Being Condescending About Your Appearance”

Right ok, so I’m a hard core shipper of Donna Shacklebolt and Jack Lathe but at the same time I love the idea of Donna being Angelina Johnson’s mother. So I was racking my brain to come up with a solution to merge the two. This is what I’ve got.
Donna does become a kick ass auror but gives it up when she gets pregnant with Lathe. She has the baby and names her Angelina. Determined that she will not make the same mistakes her parents did and adamant that she won’t leave her child alone in this world (they’re both already on the death eaters hit list), her and Lathe decide to up and leave the country. They move to some foreign land (possibly with Donnas younger siblings, maybe not) and change their name to Lathes mothers maiden name Johnson. They live the first few years of Angelina’s life happily and peacefully and have meaningful jobs in this new country’s ministry. Some years after lily defeats Voldemort they return to England and Angelina starts Hogwarts. Donna hears that Harry is alive and well and decides not to interfere in his life. When Harry starts Hogwarts she and lathe enjoy stories from Angelina about Harry and the Weasleys. They survive the second wizarding war without fleeing this time. (Their daughter proudly fights and they help out the order from the side lines). A couple of years after the battle of Hogwarts, Harry finds out about his mums old best friend from a letter of Remus’s and with hermione’s help works out she’s Angelina’s mum, and through Angelina meets Donna for the first time (and jack) they get on extremely well and Donna enjoys telling Harry stories about lily and all their friends. He often pops in for tea or some fire whiskey. Ok I know this is unlikely, but hey, a girl can dream. :)


“Good morning, Lily… Donna…” said Adam McKinnon, as the two girls sat down close to him. Adam—like Donna—was dressed in Gryffindor Quidditch robes. “You going to the match today, Lily?”

“I never miss them,” she replied. “Hence my current patriotism…” She indicated to the red and gold scarf hanging around her neck.

“Lily, you wear that every day,” Donna pointed out. “I would hardly call that house pride.”

“Only in cold weather and only with my uniform,” argued Lily. “I never wear it with street clothes. It is house pride.”

“The Hufflepuff players look more enthusiastic for Gryffindor than you do,” said Donna coolly.

“They do not. They don’t, do they, Adam?” She turned to the wizard for support, but he frowned.

“I don’t know, Lily, I think a few of them are probably wearing more red and gold than you are, right now. Actually…” He surveyed her outfit. “Considering your top is sort of yellow-ish, and your skirt is black… I’d reckon you’re wearing more Hufflepuff colors.”

“It’s a cream colored sweater for Merlin’s sake!” protested Lily, as Donna laughed. “You two are ridiculous.”

“‘Morning, Shack,” said James Potter’s voice, as he appeared, taking a seat across from them. “'Morning, McKinnon… Snaps.” He was in a good mood. He was in a Quidditch game mood, and he looked it, Lily thought, the way his hair seemed even messier today, and a crooked grin was fixed upon his face.

Pouring a goblet of pumpkin juice, James glanced at Lily. “Gee, Snaps, you really went all out with the house spirit, didn’t you?”

Quiet, you.”


Donna Shacklebolt only ever said the word ‘love’ in a derisive tone. She vowed that she did not believe it—that the concepts of love and marriage were invented in some past era to keep women in line. Presently, these ideas were continually propagated to keep the populous at ease: to give them something for which they might strive. But she had no intention of striving for love of the romantic (or any other) nature. She rejected the idea that it even existed. She rejected it intellectually, anyway.

Because her Mum and Dad had been ‘in love,’ and they had died anyway. And Kingsley loved them all, but he still had to work ungodly hours in the auror department. And Severus Snape very clearly loved Lily Evans, but he was always hurting her. And Adam McKinnon very clearly loved Marlene Price, but Marlene did not seem to give a damn, because she was always on about Miles Stimpson (who, in turn, didn’t give a damn either).

Truthfully, Donna Shacklebolt believed in love, but she derided it because she hated the whole idea: the vulnerability and helplessness and the reliance on someone else not to hurt you. Donna believed in love, but she didn’t approve of any variety of it, and she certainly didn’t want it. (Not yet.)

—  Underappreciated TLAT quotes, Chapter 11: The Trouble With Angels

So… I’ve been reading lots of teasers and theories about TLAT, thinking in particular about how “a canon character sleeps with an OC” trying to come up with different crack ships.

Then I’m reading those very old, in-character questions Jules did aaages ago and I come across this:

And then I remember how evil Jules is and now I’m just…