The Naboo Cell having been supplied with clothes by the Tatooime Liberation Front
Donna Karan, Pre Fall 2011

What if… while the Republic and the Separatists are at war with each other after Invasion of Naboo, a Slave Uprising breaks out on Tatooine. Even after the Clone Wars has ended, the Republic is reorganized into an Empire that leaves the Desert World, that’s embittered in a civil war between the Hutts and Revolutionaries, to it’s own devices. Among them is 21 year old Revolutionary Anakin Skywalker, a force sensitive human male who is trained in the ways of the Force by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn or rather their Force Ghosts. But the problem is Anakin doesn’t really agree with most of the Jedi Code and thus refuses to become a Jedi…

Ever the tactician, Sabé knew that their forced landing on Tatooine would put a wedge in their plans. Although she supposed they completed their mission having infiltrated and sabotaged the crown jewel of the imperial navy. Still if the conversation Yané overheard would prove to be true the Empire was working on something far worse then the Malevolence. And while this… Death Star might not be operational for many years they had to informs the Alliance Leaders as soon as posible. While their ship might have been damaged during their escape, their situation could’ve have been far worse. The fact that the ship had crashed in a region of Tatooine that was in the hands of the revolutionaries rather then the Hutts spoke of their luck. Because Sabé and rest of her fellow handmaidens knew that if a moisture farmer (it didn’t matter Cliegg Lars had ties to the Revolutionaries) had recognized them, the Hutts would have too. They would either handed over to the empire to collect the bounties on their heads or they would’ve been enslaved and by the Hutts like she overheard Skywalker say to Padmé.

Speaking about Skywalker, the young man was probably the only positive thing about the desert planet. If only for the fact he made Padmé act like a normal girl. The fact he made the former Queen smile and laugh made him a good person in Sabé’s book. Well that and the fact he and his people supplied them with local clothing. Both their trooper armor and imperial uniforms made them stand out like a sore thumb on Tatooine and were quite simply not resistant to heat and sand of the planet.


2013, walking the runway at DVF for NY Fashion Week. At the same time, she, Iman, and Bethann Hardison were calling out some major designers for using only white models to present their collections. The issue has been raised before, but this was the first time specific labels have been highlighted, including: Calvin Klein, Armani & Donna Karan


My beautiful wife has worked with Donna Karan ( DKNY) for years. They have grown a special and unique bond. She has been so kind and giving to open her beach estate in Turks and Caicos to us many times over the years. It is really a once in life time opportunity that I have enjoyed many times over these last few years. Yet when she calls or text Martini….still seems surreal.