Talk about serious!

Donna Allen - Serious (We Are Monsters Rmx) by

I used to DJ a lot for a while. Mostly i played dirty boogie and disco with all its sub-genres under the same set. When i came over this tune i fell instantly in love with the song. It was so awsome in a very sexy way. Looking at the music video made me want to sink into the bottom (like you do when you discover that the lady you met last night isnt that pretty when your sober). But it was a great tune.

I also wanted to promote the talk gimmick in the song. So stupid but so sexy in a way. I wanted to make it robotic. So the robotic feel of the mix came naturally with it.

Things I want to see in season four of arrow:

-An established olicity.(Like Felicity and Oliver actually dating)

-More of Felicity’s apartment (bc her place is so cute and I just want Oliver to be living there)

-Bratva flashbacks!!!!

-Team arrow being awesome and what not.

-Donna Smoak reappears constantly to check on Felicity. ( and also if Felicity’s dad is the main villain for next season AND I EXPECT A ROMANCE WITH HER AND CAPTAIN LANCE)

-Flash/Arrow/Spin-off crossovers (you can’t have too many superheros in one show, just saying)

-More Thea and Felicity scenes. (thelicity, is that their ship name??)

-Less angst!! (I already have enough of that this season)

-Diggle tracking down HIVE. (And possibly finding out Felicity’s dad has something to do with it)

-Oliver needs to just smile more!! (his smile is adorable)

-SARA!! (enough said)


1967: Five Americans - Western Union
Western Union/Sounds of Love
Pop rock, vintage pop

1978: Talking Heads - I’m Not in Love
More Songs About Buildings and Food
New wave, post-punk

1986: Donna Allen - Serious
Perfect Timing
New jack swing

1998: The Cardigans - My Favourite Game
Gran Turismo
Alternative rock

2007: Darin - Insanity
Break the News

2015: San Fermin - Emily
Chamber pop

“And I’m losing my favorite game
You’re losing your mind again
I’m losing my baby
Losing my favorite game”

I honestly can’t believe “The Voice” is already back. It seems like just yesterday Cypress girl Danielle Bradbery was crowned the season 4 winner.

But onto the new! Shakira and Usher are out. Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, sporting a “Thriller” jacket and head tattoo, are back in the mix.

My recap of the blind auditions, photos and a poll - HERE.

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Donna Allen vs. Tessane Chin: Next To Me (The Voice)


Donna Allen… get me through this rainy day!


Can We Talk - Donna Allen