When you’re trying to have a serious moment but your friend keeps making you laugh

This photo accurately describes Matt Smith

Photograph-Donna/Mitchell and Donna/Harvey

[[this is actually one of my preferred scenario for darvey, does that make me a horrible person? i do love mitchell even though we know nothing about him,]]

She still wears the band around her finger, fiddles with it when there is a lull at work. It makes her smile, a sad, but sweet smile because she misses him but she wouldn’t give up their time together for anything. Their picture sits on her desk.


Work helps and Louis makes his best to keep her busy, piling work on her and she has never been more thankful. Even with all the work, she finds herself at times just staring at her computer screen, or at a paper in her hand. She can’t stop thinking that when she gets home, he’ll be there and she can tell him about how hard she’s being worked.

She blinks away her tears, taking a deep shuddering breath when she feels someone stopping in front of her desk. Harvey stands there, sadness in his eyes, a kind smile on his lips and she can only smile sadly in return.

And then he reaches over and sets a picture frame on her desk, right next to her mouse. It is her wedding picture, in a new frame with new glass and she laughs, a few tears rolling down her cheeks. Her hands are shaky as she picks up the picture, but this time she holds it like it is the most treasured thing she has. Donna remembers breaking it, remembers throwing it away in grief but there it is and there are no words that can express her gratitude.


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Future Darvey Snippets #138
  • <p><b></b> ...<p/><b>Harvey:</b> [smirking flirtatiously] I think you're in love with me.<p/><b>Donna:</b> [straight-faced] I think YOU'RE in love with ME.<p/><b></b> [Harvey grins, Donna's face melts into a knowing smile]<p/><b>Harvey:</b> Draw?<p/><b>Donna:</b> Draw.<p/><b></b> ...<p/></p>

I just had a realization about Jack Harkness. Okay, so we know he was a part of an organization known as the Time Jumpers, which is an old organization based on earth. Now, we also know that he restarted Torchwood after he was left in the 20th century by The Doctor, and they started researching future tech. According to the episode “Turn Left” in series four, they have the ability to duplicate time travel technology, and possibly create better versions or expand on it, as well as create rudimentary time protection fields in normal clothing, and real-time tracking devices in watches. So, here’s my thought. Jack Harkness joined the time jumpers which allowed him to meet the doctor which made him the face of bo which allowed him to survive until he was able to create the new Torchwood, which eventually created the Time Jumpers, that he later joined.
Here's to You, Kojima-san | Metal Gear Music | Ep 2
Here's to You, Kojima-san | Metal Gear Music | Ep 2 What should we do next?! Want to join in?! Contact us here! Email: Join our Faceboo...


Here’s the Metal Gear Music Facebook group’s tribute and birthday gift to Hideo Kojima…with some help from James Horan (English VA for Skull Face) and Donna Burke (singer for “Heavens Divide,” “Sins of the Father,” etc)! Please check it out and like/comment/subscribe to Metal Gear Music for more MGS music projects in the future! :D

~the pianist from the USA

Another early regeneration AU.

Ten regenerates during Last of the Time Lords, so when the Doctor and Donna spot each other eavesdropping on Adipose Industries, she doesn’t recognise the chinny stranger in the window. He ends up being the one doing the crazy gestures, trying to communicate wordlessly that he’s the Doctor she met a year before, while she looks on in confusion.