Fragments - Part 8

Word Count: 3488

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of being roofied? 

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“Y/N!” Donna beamed so bright her smile could light up the night sky.

You smiled and pushed your hair behind your ear. “I uh…I got your message and I thought since I was close I’d stop in…unless it’s a bad time…”

“Never a bad time for you, get in here!” She practically pulled you inside, yanking you into a bone-crushing hug. “Dean called and said you were alive, I didn’t believe him, but here you are.”

“Here I am.”

“So…wanna get blingo’d, eat a buncha junk food, and have a girl’s night?”

“God, yes.” You smiled. “I see why we’re friends.”

Donna opened her home to you and let you use her shower while she ordered all kinds of take out. She laughed it off when you told her you had no idea what foods you liked best and said she’d take good care of you. You trusted her in that regard.

You walked out of the bathroom, your hair thrown up in a messy ponytail, wearing a pair of sweatpants and one of Dean’s flannels you’d stolen. Donna gave you a knowing smirk as you sat down next to her on the couch, peering into one of the takeout bags. “That’s Dean’s. Smells just like ‘em.” She laughed. “You take it or did he give it to ya?”

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Training Day

Title: Training Day

Summary: Dean and Donna work out.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Donna Hanscum

Word Count:  1722

Warnings:  explicit language, explicit sexual content, smut, unprotected sex

Author’s Notes:  I sent out a plea for some Dean x Donna story ideas. This one came from @tonifish. Photo from Briana Buckmaster.

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“So in there is a library” the doctor said bouncing on his toes as he showed Donna the inside of the TARDIS and its many corridors. “A library?” she retorted “Yes a library, why not?” he quipped back and she smiled at his own excitement. “Nearly every book ever in there”
“And what about in there?” she asked pointing at the next door. “Swimming pool” he said and she frowned “How does all the water stay in?” she asked and he rolled his eyes “Oh lets take the fun out of everything” he sighed and Donna rolled her eyes back at him. In doing so one door caught her eye, different from all the other smooth and polished doors, this one was falling apart, held together with what looked like duck tape. It was in a dark corner where as the others where in the light. “What that, there?” she asked and nodding to door. “Nothing… just… nothing” he said and she could see that his face had fallen a little, like it did when he was remembering something bad. “Doctor?” she asked softly, her eyes full of sympathy “Doctor, are you alright?” it was as if he had blanked out, ignoring her and involved in his own thoughts.

Hours later, with the doctor distracted by a problem on the console, Donna crept off in search of the door again. On trying it she discovered that it was locked, but the wood was so rotten that she could easily pull it away and step inside. On entering Donna’s heart broke. The room was white filled with pastel pinks and blues. But it was dark, single beams of light filtered through as if moon light was coming in making the room eerier that it should have been. But on looking closer Donna saw what the room truly was. There was a double bed… a vanity table covered with bottles of perfumes and picture frames… a baby’s cot each covered with a layer of dust. “Oh-“ she breathed realising what the room was.

The doctor dashed around the console hitting parts with a hammer here and there causing several sparks to erupt out of the centre. A beep caught his attention and he ran around to see the screen again and he froze solid. The system had been set up to tell him if anyone entered the room he had locked long ago.

“I told you, nothing” the doctor said stood in the doorway, his long coat on and his hands in his suit pockets making him look more god like than ever in the darkness. Donna spun round to face him, tears in her eyes. “Doctor-?” she asked and he sighed taking his hands out of his pockets and walking into the room. As he did so the lights came on and Donna could see the full extent of the room. “What happened?” she asked and he sighed letting his fingers run across the surface of the vanity table. “Her name was Y/N” he muttered looking at a picture on the table. “Do you want to talk?” Donna asked and the doctor pulled a face. “She um…” he trailed off. He struggled to open up to anyone, only Y/N seemed able to make him do that she didn’t even need to try. “You don’t have too, but…” Donna’s words trailed off as well. “She was pregnant…” he hands touched the wooden cot mixing up the dust. “What happened to her?” he sucked in a sharp breath the same way he did when he was trying to be brave “She died” he said and made to leave. “But doctor…”
“She died… thats it now… please… Donna” he said and looked at her with pleading eyes. “Okay” she nodded understanding “I’ll be here if you need me” she said and he nodded watching her red hair as she left him alone in the room.

The doctor paced around angry that Donna had forced him to relive the painful memories. Yet another someone he had loved had gone taken from him:
“We might have a small… tiny… like… it’s not even the size of a pea problem” she said wincing a little as she tried to measure the scale between her two fingers
“That means its a big problem, like end of the universe big” he said a look of worry covering his face and she shook her head before flopping down on the seat at the edge of the console. “No, not… not quite that big. Like I said minuscule… I mean it doesn’t even matter really”
“Y/N, just tell me!”
“Fine, here” she said and threw him something, for him to catch. “Y/N? Your not?”
“Small very small-problem…” she whispered before burning her head in her hands.

The doctor ran his hands on the cot, his tears spilling over as he remembered. “I’m sorry Y/N” he whispered.

IKEA! With batboys

I just really like IKEA so I decided to make an IKEA Headcanon for the batboys :)))


  • Man does he love IKEA 
  • Takes a video of the whole IKEA trip 
  • Makes puns out of furniture names 
  • You guys secretly jump on the beds 
  • You buy a carpet for no reason 
  • You don’t really need it but it’s IKEA so why not 
  • Eat cinnamon rolls 
  • He has no idea what smorgasbord is 
  • You don’t either
  •  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • You pretend like you’re a model 
  • Have a photo shoot with the furniture 
  • You consider getting something for Bruce
  • You get him a shoe organizer 
  • The man has a lot of shoes


  • Doesn’t really know what the big deal about IKEA is
  • Thinks it’s kinda ridiculous
  • Prefers rooms to go
  • Can’t help but joke about the names too
  • “Surprisingly Swedish pizza is good”
  • You want to buy something but you’re broke
  • Even the shower curtains are expensive
  • You finally find something affordable
  • Some bitch fights you for it
  • You start a fight
  • Jason holds your hoops
  • You get kicked out
  • Somehow you both saw it coming
  • You sneak back in for cinnamon rolls
  • Because they’re really good


  • Best behavior
  • More of a museum instead of a furniture store
  • You find a nice couch
  • It’s like $500
  • “Nope”
  • “Moving on”
  • Tim finds a beanbag chair
  • He likes it
  • He buys it
  • Thinks about getting something nice for Bruce
  • But he can probably buy the whole store, so you say nah
  • Plus Dick and his s/o already bought him a shoe organizer so…
  • “Where’s the Sofia Vergara collection?”
  • “That’s rooms to go, Timmy”
  • “Whoops”
  • Swedish salad was good


  • Hates IKEA at first
  • Nearly burns all the cowhide rugs.
  • “We are not coming here again.”
  • “I bet they kill all animals”
  • “No damian they don't”
  • “Yeah they do”
  • Lots of facepalming
  • You buy stationery for Alfred
  • Gardening section is damian’s favorite
  • Buys lots of gardening things
  • Buys a gazebo
  • “Your dad is gonna be mad”
  • “It’s just a gazebo, who doesn’t love gazebos?”
  • “Your dad”
  • Buys a lamp
  • Buys jason and his s/o a nightstand
  • They don’t need one but oh well

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10th: “Hello!” *gif*

4th: “Oh hi!” *gif* who are you?”

10th: “Wait a minute.. It’s me.”

Martha Jones: What do you mean?

12th: “You! Me?” *twelfth staring at eighth*

8th: “Excuse me, but look at those shoes!” *pointing at tenth’s shoes*

11th: “Rose, Rose Tyler!” *sees Rose Tyler and hurries to hug her*

Rose Tyler: “H-how you know my name? Who are you?”

11th: “Don’t you..oh of course you don’t. Stupid me. I’m the Doctor! and this is my..companion Amy Pond! Oh and Clara. There’s Clara!”

Clara Oswald: “Hello!” *smiles*

Rose Tyler: “You pretty! nice hair.”

Clara Oswald: *gif*

Rose Tyler: *gif*

River Song: “Hello Sweetie. Miss me?”

11th: “River! What are you doing here?”

Donna: “Can someone please explain what’s happening here? What the hell is going on?”

10th: “Do you remember the day, when i told you about my different faces..”

Donna: “Yes..”

10th: “You can see those now. Please don’t freak out.”

Donna: “Okay..I’m trying not to.” *taking deep breath*

River: “Haha, spoilers!”

11th:  “So..I never going to be ginger..”

12th: “Nope. Sorry!”

For @poemfreak306

Sorry for late request,I really hope this was worth it!

What to do about stress-eating

Stress-eating (emotional eating when you’re not really hungry or your body doesn’t really need any more calories) is a very common issue for people coping with anxiety and/or depression.  Even in sub-clinical cases (where the difficulties with anxiety/depression is mild or transient) stress-eating can be a significant irritant and source of concern.  There’s no quick-fix for this difficulty, but there are some easy practices that quite often can act to reduce troubles with stress-eating.  

In terms of structural neurology, hunger and appetite appear to be mitigated by way of the amygdala, the hippocampus, the insula, and the orbitofrontal cortex.  Unfortunately, these same structural components are also heavily involved in experience of emotion.  And this may have much to do with how eating habits can be so often affected by feeling depressed and/or anxious.  

Put simply, feeling especially sad or worried accidentally tricks the brain into thinking that the body is hungry.  The involuntary aspects of our neurology are very susceptible to being tricked… and we can use that to our advantage.  
So, how do we trick our minds into thinking we are no longer hungry?  Of course the best (and most annoying) answer is to eat healthy and get lots of exercise.  Exercise gets the body to have a full parasympathetic reaction (an effective modulation of fight/flight stress).  But lets face it, getting lots of exercise can be pretty difficult when one is feeling depressed and/or anxious.  
Suggesting that a patient get more exercise almost always earns me the ‘Donna face’ - that look from the patient that sarcastically says, ‘oh thank you for suggesting something that is completely and entirely unhelpful.’

There are, however, easier things you can do that tricks your body into feeling its had exercise…
Here’s the easiest one: tense up the muscles in your arms and legs.  Curl your arms up into your chest constricting the muscles as hard as you can.  

Meanwhile, stretch your legs out, pointing your toes.  Hold this constricted pose for a count of ten.  

Then relax your muscles for another count of ten.  Repeat three times and then let your body fully relax, taking deep breaths in through the nose and out through your mouth.  

Doing this automatically causes a release of various hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain that are associated with an effective reaction to stress.  It sort of completes a circuit that says to the involuntary parts of your brain that a fight-or-flight stress was encountered and effectively dealt with.  In turn, a secondary wave of hormones are released that helps the body to feel relaxed.  In other words, you can receive the neurological benefits of exercising without actually exercising.  
This process basically ‘chills out’ the amygdala, hippocampus, insula, and the orbitofrontal cortex.  Which in turn, reduces appetite and switches off that insatiable hunger.  Practicing this shortly after eating breakfast, lunch or dinner will even further enhance its effectiveness in terms of curbing your appetite.