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Not only do I not like the whole show in general as much in the Moffat-era but I feel like we don't get to know the Doctor and his companions as much as we knew Nine or Ten (and all their companions). Any thoughts on why that is?

Well Moffat sees the Doctor as a “god” or whatever, so of course he’s going to make him all mysterious and what not. Not that I agree with it, that’s just what I assume is his reasoning.

As for why we don’t know the companions…it’s because Moffat doesn’t give us anything to know.

With Rose, we know that her father died when she was a baby, her mother raised her as a single parent, she dropped out of school to go out with Jimmy Stone (who subsequently left her debt), and she worked a dead-end job at a store, living a life that was going nowhere.

Martha — Her family is entirely dysfunctional at best, her father is dating a possible gold-digger, her mother is a bit of a snob (and that’s putting it nicely), she has two younger siblings, and everyone looks to her to be the mediator of every problem. We know that she’s brilliant (she has to be to be a doctor), and caring, and her family is important to her no matter how much they drive her insane.

Donna — She worked as a temp (which implies she probably never went to university), she still lives with her mother and grandfather, Sylvia sees her as a constant disappointment, and as a result they have an incredibly antagonistic relationship, Donna loves her grandfather dearly, and no matter how bad things get he’s a source of basically constant encouragement for her. We also know that Wilf fought in the war and never killed a single person, and I’m pretty sure her father died, but I’m a wee bit fuzzy on that one.

But look at all those details. Look at the rich lives these characters led before they met the Doctor. What exactly do we know about Moffat’s companions?

Amy — Her parents are dead, I think? She was raised by her aunt (who I’m pretty sure was never seen on screen), and she worked as a kissogram (and don’t even get me started on that one). Oh and by the way, she saw four different psychiatrists because of her obsession with her “imaginary friend” (aka the Doctor — which just goes back to my thing about women being obsessed with the Doctor since childhood).

Rory — Uh…he has a father. Does it ever talk about what happened to his mother? He’s a nurse. He loves Amy. Apparently he has enough friends to have a bachelor party but absolutely none of them are ever seen or mentioned again. Oh and he likes that car the Doctor got them at the end of The God Complex.

River — Child of Amy and Rory. Kidnapped and raised to kill the Doctor. Married the Doctor. She’s an archaeologist or something. Died to save the Doctor. Haunts the Doctor.

Clara — Her mother is dead. What about her father? How did she meet the friend whose children she was the nanny of? Does she have any aunts or uncles? When did she decide she wants to be a teacher? I know almost nothing about her.

Also Jackie, the Jones, and Sylvia and Wilf all played parts in the show during their respective daughters’/’sister’s/granddaughter’s tenure as a companion. Hell Wilf was a companion in The End of Time!

Seriously, was Amy’s aunt ever seen, or does she have Charlie Brown syndrome*? And what about the people Clara is living with? I know the kids are in a couple episodes (her first episode VERY briefly), but where the hell is their father? Isn’t he supposed to be a friend of Clara’s? And Clara where did you even meet this guy who has two kids and is clearly older than you?

((*Charlie Brown Syndrome — Charlie Brown is a cartoon/comic strip from the 60s where adults are never seen — they just stand off screen making “mwa mwa mwa” noises to imitate talking))

It all goes back to what I’m constantly saying about Moffat’s companions existing just to further serve the Doctor. They aren’t even characters — their plot devices. And it’s sad because they all had so much potential. And it was wasted.