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Out of the Ashes, Failures by Design

Out of the Ashes, part 6/?
Rose Tyler, human!Tenth Doctor (AU)

Rose Tyler is used to being alone, having learned the hard way that, eventually, everyone disappears.  After losing the one person she dared to believe wouldn’t leave her, she stops trying to believe that anything will last.  She’s determined that no one will hurt her or her son again.

Genres: hurt/comfort/romance
Rating: teen
Beta: rudennotgingr

tumblr A03

“Evening, little brother.”

James looked up from the book he was reading at the kitchen table as his sister sat down.

“Evening,” he said pleasantly, then frowned, glancing at his watch. “I thought you had a date.”

“Oh, I did,” she replied. “Just got home.”

James arched an eyebrow, casting another pointed glance at his watch, proudly showing it to be only nine thirty.

“Oi,” Donna said with frown. “We went to dinner and a film, and then he brought me home at a respectful hour because he’s a gentleman.”

“Right,” James said slowly, picking up the glass of water on the table. “And this was your…what…fourth date with the gentleman?”

“Fifth,” Donna admitted in a slightly annoyed tone, and James hid a grin behind his glass.

“And how’s that working out for you?” he asked.

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