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2013, walking the runway at DVF for NY Fashion Week. At the same time, she, Iman, and Bethann Hardison were calling out some major designers for using only white models to present their collections. The issue has been raised before, but this was the first time specific labels have been highlighted, including: Calvin Klein, Armani & Donna Karan

||Childhood Sweethearts/Train Rides|| March 18/March 19   ~Day 2 & 3~

Childhood sweethearts came from the idea of Blake & Adam being together for a long time. Like they’ve been a significant part of each others lives for a long time sort of thing. Grew up together, played/trained together, etc. etc. all that stuff.

Train rides relates to the Black Trailer & probably something else. (Kinda tired to think rn.)

Childhood Sweethearts & Train Rides

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Fic: Misinterpretation

Josh has some feelings. Donna is way off the mark. For the prompt “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” as requested a horribly long time ago by pillnerforpawnee. Rated G.

Also on AO3.

‘It’s not like there are many women just wandering around the office that you’d want to date.’

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