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For the one character ask, Donna Troy?

I want her to be a mom, Donna had a son, Robbie who along with her ex-husband died, and it has gotten endlessly mined for tragedy points to death. I just want single Mom Donna with Robbie being like 10-13 years old, her dealing with “work” life balance stuff, the Titans as cool aunts and uncles and baby sitters, as well as forming a new Teen Titans out of the children of the Titans, that’s mainly what I want for her, a life, the Titans, the role of mom/big sister to the Titans and just being a bad ass. 

Let’s learn Japanese with something weird we found in the internet!

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What kind of chicken is that?
sore wa donna tori niku desu ka?

“donna~” means “what kind of~” Literally this sentence said “what kind of chicken meat”

man: It’s REALLY REALLY GOOD, you know!
男性: すごくおいしいよ!
dansei: sugoku oishii yo!

“sugoku” is similar to “totemo (very)”, but with a more intense nuance. IT’S AWFULLY GOOD! The word “sugoku” comes from “sugoi”

それ: sore: that (near the hearer)
鶏肉: tori niku: chicken meat
鶏: tori : chicken
おいしい: oishii: delicious
男性: dansei: man




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Here Review

I was very excited to see Kelly Bartnik’s new original piece of immersive theatre ‘Here’. Kelly and the cast which includes Tori Sparks, Zach Martens, Donna Costello, and Jeffery Lyon developed the show together with all of them creating the movement/dance, dialogue, and physical score with Kelly being the source of creating the original story and characters.

Without going to much into the plot, 'Here’ follows siblings Jack and Vivian and their neighbors DeeDee and Daniel who are also siblings as they return to Jack and Vivian’s childhood home after the recent death of their father Joe Riley. What follows is a complicated web of secrets, relationships, and memories as the characters attempt to come to terms not only with the loss of this father figure, but come to terms with how they are TRULY feeling now that he is gone. The show truly analyzes loss and grief and how everyone grieves in different ways depending on the relationship they had with who passed.

'Here’ is extremely intimate. Only five audience members enter the Riley house during the performance. With the limited audience members, performers, and a smaller space, 'Here’ is MUCH more intimate and personal than 'Sleep No More’ which features over twenty performers and usually over four hundred audience members. The space itself is beautifully designed and incredibly atmospheric. The past haunts every inch of this house in the form of photographs, objects, and mementos constantly reminding the characters of things they would much rather repress and forget. The show is not a free roaming experience like 'Sleep No More’ but instead features an interesting system of splitting up audience members and putting them in different rooms to experience different parts of the story. All events in the show happen simultaneously, but not everyone will see the entire story.

I personally was mostly connected to the character of Jack played by Zach Martens because I found myself with him for most of the show. Zach is a truly captivating performer and actor. I felt so much for this character and accepted him despite his flaws and mistakes he made. That’s how powerful Zach’s performance is. I felt from the moment we made eye contact that we were connected. This led to an amazing one on one experience with him in which his inner demons came out. It was truly heartbreaking and I loved it! The fact the show features dialogue is really helpful as to better understand the story but also to set it apart from other wordless immersive productions.

I know I must go back as I would love to see a different track and experience more of the story. I know this show is going to be episodic meaning that this show I experienced was only Episode 1 but honestly if the show ended where it ended I’d be satisfied as I thought the show though short told a complete story despite it’s open ended ending. Overall I adored this production and I am so happy for Kelly and her amazingly talented cast. Please go see 'Here’ and support independent immersive theatre. I love this art form so much and would love to see more from Kelly and her team.

Can we just take a moment to honor Donna Martin from Beverly Hills 90210? Played by Tori Spelling, she was the long-suffering, kindhearted, and slightly ditzy fashion queen of West Beverly High. She was regularly teased by her friends, overlooked by most of the male population (despite that BANGING ass body), and endured a not-so-encouraging mother. She once proudly declared, “I’m not a doormat!” And we couldn’t agree more. 

Don’t worry, Donna. We remember you. Without your eagerness to forgive AND self respect, the crew would have imploded. Here’s to you. 


The dramz of Beverly Hills 90210.

Dylan’s rich guy problems of being an alcoholic and constantly going to Baha.

Brenda decides to become an animal activist and takes it too far (as per) and ends up arrested

Brandon decides to drink because everyone thinks he is a square, after 2 drinks gets drunk, crashes his car and vows to drink because he is angry with his drunken behaviour and therefore goes to an AA meeting. (All in one episode)

Andrea,known for being a know it all an constantly stalking Brandon.

Kelly crying because everyone in Beverly Hills knows her mum is a coke head Yikes!

Steve crying because another girl made a mug of him. (Again!)

David Silver’s unacceptable dancing and rapping. Period.

And Donna or should i say Tori Spellings acting is the most dramatic and controversial of them all