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Get to know me

I was tagged by @tolivebeyondthestars, and she issued a challenge to tag 5 people. So I’ll tag @wholockgal @kat2609 @mryddinwilt @hissaviourqueen and…someone. 

Name: Julie

Age: 33

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Favorite Color: Purple 

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Song(s): Fight Song by Rachel Patten

Favorite Book(s): Pride and Prejudice, The Harry Potter Series

Favorite Food: pretty much anything Mediterranean, i love pasta and tomatoes

Favorite Movie(s): The Princess Bride, Star Wars

Favorite TV show: Once Upon A Time, Doctor Who

Favorite Ship(s): Captain Swan, Rose and Ten/Amy and Rory

Favorite Fanfiction Story: Oh, gosh. I can’t think of one specifically at the moment. I’ll get back to you. 

Something You Wish to Accomplish This Year: Be a better dancer

A Weird Quirk You Have: I love to color.

What Do You Blog Most About: Once Upon A Time, Doctor Who and right now, Star Wars. 

Post A Gif That Best Describes You:

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