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Name: Stef

Gender: female

Sexuality: yes, please

Star Sign: pisces

Height: 5′4″

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Favourite Colour: purple

Favourite Animal: elephant

Current Time: 23:55

Cats or Dogs: cats

Favourite Fictional Characters: (there’s so many) Gabriel, Simi Parthenopeaus, The Doctor, Aiden Waite, Anne Shirley, Clint Barton, Donna Noble, Bitch Puddin’ (I’m gonna stop, I can keep going)

Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: one (it’s Florida, don’t need more than that)

Favourite Singer/Band: Journey (Steve Perry not the new guy, don’t get me started)

Dream Trip: Hertfordshire & Glasgow

Dream Job: David Tennant’s hair fluffer (a girl can dream dammit)

When Has This Blog Hit Its Peak: don’t know that I’ve ever had one

When Did You Decide to Get Tumblr: oh for Chuck’s sake…. It was back in 2012 or something & I have mom brain. Come on.

When was This Blog Created: 2012?

Why Did I Pick My URL: dusty is a nickname from my army days, celt is from my mom’s side

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wildlinging  asked:

5, 24, and then random number 20. MUAHHAHAH

5. Favourite animal? Uhm, an owl.

24. One thing I’ll definitely do: GO TO THE UK. That or attempt to make cake pops.

20. A tumblr trend I hate? Not really a trend but I don’t like it when people post up hate on a character like, “Oh I h8 donna her face is so annoying.” or stuff like that. One can state how they dislike the character but not go about bashing them.