donna noble gif set


Doctor Who Gifset The Doctor’s Daughter- I love Donna in this episode so much. She isn’t trying to tell the Doctor he is wrong about Jenny, but she is trying to to get him to understand, that even though she is a child made from his DNA by a machine, she is still a part of him. Donna knows the Doctor lost his family and planet in the Time War; she knows he is alone, and when an opportunity like Jenny appears for him to have a least someone similar like him, Donna makes sure he sees that. She understands Jenny can’t cover all the loss he had to endure, and that Jenny is just a copy of his species, but Donna just wants the Doctor to feel complete, so she tries to make him see past Jenny’s origins as a soldier, and tries to make him see her as a daughter. 


Doctor Who Gifset The Sontaran Stratagem- I love this. I mean I love The Doctor’s and Donna’s friendship enough as is, but the thought of how Donna was able to convince the Doctor to let her fly the Tardis just makes me happy on so many levels. I mean what if this is what happened, she was like, “Oi, Spaceman, I bet I can fly this thing better than you can. I mean my gramps, probably could fly this thing better than you can, and  he hasn’t been able to drive in ages. I mean that doesn’t stop him though. One time Mum left the car keys out and gramps got a hold of them, and next thing we knew a police officer was bringing him back  with the car in tow. Told us he was doing fine until got to the busy section of Chiswick, decided that he wanted to have chat with the crossing guard. Anyway, what harm can I do, we’re in space, right? Please, please, pretty please, let me have a go at it, Spaceman.” And probably after listening to  her beg and nag for the next five or so minutes; he just gives in and shows her how to fly the Tardis, and lets her at the controls of course with his supervision.