all the characters on the west wing are great but let’s be real the women blow all the men out of the water. cj cregg, press secretary of my soul, chief of my heart, badass feminist extraordinaire. donna moss my sun and moon, who grows into herself in the most heartbreaking way and turns into someone so strong and so sure of herself while still being caring sweet and kind. ainsley hayes had my heart the minute she slammed sam pretty-boy seaborn. abbey bartlet who holds her own all the mf time and refuses to be overshadowed by her husband. annabeth schott who is 4 feet 11 inches of star power and sass. u can have your Leo mcgarry and Sam seaborn and I’ll keep my ladies thank u and goodnight

Honestly like which sounds like a better story for how a president got started in politics– came from a wealthy family, father a lawyer, went to ivy leagues before also becoming a lawyer, getting into politics from there

Or walked into the Bartlet campaign where she hired herself, then made herself so indispensable that she worked her way to chief of staff for the first lady

Or walked into the white house, trying to get a job as a bike messenger to support his little sister after their mother was killed in the line of duty, only to come out with a job as the president’s body man, going to the number one Catholic university in America, then working for the chief of staff before making his way into a west wing office?

Moss/Young for America