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Donna & JJ's memorial fund.

I can’t believe I’m having to post this right now. It is so unreal. This is @baberahammlincoln and her husband’s (I’ll add his url when I reblog) memorial fund. If you cannot donate please share. Please. Their families can not afford to bury them.

I’m trying to get a candle light vigil going for Donna and JJ and their memories. Please, take to every social media outlet using the tags #rememberingdonnamarie and post your photos/videos of your candles burning for them. The hashtag will serve for an outlet for both of them, but since Donna was more active on social media, we’ll use her name.

This is for their online/spoonie community friends and those who won’t be able to attend services.

It will start at 4:30PM (preferably Florida time, but if you can’t do that, any time would be much appreciated) on Thursday the 28th when their services start, and last until the candles burn out.

Please help us show their families how much they were missed and how many lives they touched.

Give me a room with a view
of myself. Leave the flowers to wilt.
Draw shut the curtains. Only open them
at night when the window will reflect me
and I can write about my eyes being
unearthly phenomena. I can write about
my hands and how they droop like lilies.
Give me a sacred place where I can
examine my scars without shame;
where I can pull myself apart like
a birthday present; where I can love
my body quietly and apologize for the wait.
  • The idea for this photo came to me while I was watching a video on CreativeLive by Brooke Shaden on “How To Be Inspired as a Photographer.” All of her techniques on how to become inspired really gave me a yearning to go out and create something that I would be proud of. I had an idea of what I wanted, where I wanted it and what props to use and I went with it. I texted my friend Gen and announced that I was picking her up after school and she was going to be my assistant for the day. I gathered the things I would need and I was off. That’s sort of the summarized version of the story “behind” the photo, as there were many comical moments throughout the time of the shoot. The story seen in the photo may vary from person to person. But the feeling that I wanted to evoke was searching, yearning, waiting for something or someone. For what? You will have to determine that for yourself! The funny thing is I spent at least an hour shooting trying to get the perfect image that matched my idea, but the one that ended up being “The One,” was actually one of the first photos I took. It’s funny how that works sometimes; a photo that doesn’t appear too spectacular on the camera screen ends up being the photo you choose. That’s usually how it is in my case at least. I’m thankful for Brooke Shaden and her amazing talent and work which inspired this!

    -Donna Smith
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