donna marie

I belong to myself. I belong to the whim of my every desire.

I am here to be wanted. No, not wanted, thirsted for. It’s close to torture. The very centre of your being demands me. Good. I accept no less. Not a drop of me for anyone who won’t savour the taste. Swill me around the mouth like wine and let me bring the heat out in you. Let me threaten any semblance of composure.

I give you my flesh to feast on. Sate yourself. Suck clean the bones. Let nothing go to waste. I am not here to be devoured halfway. Eat me to my ankles. Touch me ‘til you grasp at air.

—  Donna-Marie Riley, Feast
You called me your phantom limb and I remembered how there are certain things you say that explain my whole existence. We are war veterans, with scars and old photographs and eyes other people can’t look directly into. We suffered a great loss and we still feel it there, tingling. We remember the sensation. We remember the days we were whole. And here we are, just trying to move on with our lives, just trying to find love outside of a battlefield. Except I think, for me at least, love will always be a fight. Love will always be a struggle.
—  Donna-Marie Riley
Bring me all of your sad stories. Bring me every loss of blood, every pointless argument, every lover who became learned in the art of not coming back. Bring me your bad excuses, your tongue in teeth, your shifty eyes. Every night you’ve ever touched your body ‘til it came alive in your hands. Every time you were picked last in team projects. Bring me the suicide letters, by which I also mean the love letters. From your head, bring me the voice of your mother which guilts you into staying home. Bring me the broken mirror and the seven years bad luck that came with it. Bring me your superstitions and your doubts. Bring me your God, your Gods, bring me whatever you pray to. Bring me your regrets, your bad decisions, your wrong turns. Bring me your loneliness. Your heart which you took apart, a bomb ever ticking gently towards an explosion you knew you couldn’t withstand. Guess what? You’ve survived worse. Bring me your battle scars and I will love you in spite of them.
—  Donna-Marie Riley

just because a man
wants you now,
does not mean he will
want you later.

the men never want us
more than once.
the men use our bodies
like bridges,
to get from your softness
to mine, to hers.

they have made enough ground
on a new bridge, they dismantle
the one behind it,
watch it fall
into the throat of a river.

and laugh.

this is how they travel.
this is how we let them.

—  Donna-Marie Riley
I think the problem we have is that I am full of passion and you are full of calm. Instead of my passion exciting your calm, and instead of your calm relaxing my passion, my passion disrupts your calm and your calm puts out my passion.
—  Donna-Marie Riley

Thing High Atop The Thing—GREAT DAY IN THE MORNING!—we are finally at the end of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 1. Why is there a second season?!?!?!?!?!?! And, really, I’ve kept hoping that something good would come out …

  • The idea for this photo came to me while I was watching a video on CreativeLive by Brooke Shaden on “How To Be Inspired as a Photographer.” All of her techniques on how to become inspired really gave me a yearning to go out and create something that I would be proud of. I had an idea of what I wanted, where I wanted it and what props to use and I went with it. I texted my friend Gen and announced that I was picking her up after school and she was going to be my assistant for the day. I gathered the things I would need and I was off. That’s sort of the summarized version of the story “behind” the photo, as there were many comical moments throughout the time of the shoot. The story seen in the photo may vary from person to person. But the feeling that I wanted to evoke was searching, yearning, waiting for something or someone. For what? You will have to determine that for yourself! The funny thing is I spent at least an hour shooting trying to get the perfect image that matched my idea, but the one that ended up being “The One,” was actually one of the first photos I took. It’s funny how that works sometimes; a photo that doesn’t appear too spectacular on the camera screen ends up being the photo you choose. That’s usually how it is in my case at least. I’m thankful for Brooke Shaden and her amazing talent and work which inspired this!

    -Donna Smith