donna margaret

ice bear cyanotype - 2015
it might be summer, but my head is full of cold places, snow and bears.

the words are from a poem by margaret atwood - “the animals reject their names and things return to their origins”

i take back what you have stolen,
and in your languages i announce
i am now nameless.
my true name is a growl…

(that’s just a small section of the poem. look it up. it’s one of my favourites)

Mandatory Minimums (1.20)
  • Donna: You should notice that Josh has on a nice suit.
  • Margaret: That is a nice suit.
  • Josh: Donna.
  • Donna: We'll call it his Joey Lucas suit -
  • Josh: Donna.
  • Donna: - you know, from now on.
  • Margaret: Joey Lucas is coming?
  • Josh: We need a California expert. And this is my regular Tuesday suit.
  • Margaret: You assign your clothes days of the week?

Il maschio e la femmina rappresentano i due aspetti del grande dualismo radicale.
Ma nei fatti sono in fase di perpetuo passaggio dentro l’un l’altro.
I fluidi si induriscono in solidi, i solidi si liquefanno in fluidi.
Non c’è un uomo completamente maschio, e nessuna donna puramente femmina.


Ph. Helmut Newton