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Wishlist for Wayward Sisters

Jody Mills-check

Donna Handscom

Claire Novak


Representation for all women

Robbie Thompson to write at least a few episodes

Occasional visits by Castiel, Sam and Dean

Chuck to show up in the first episode of the season to resurrect Charlie, Eileen and Rowena to teach hacking, hunting and magic

Those “if someone from your favorite show found your blog how would they react” posts are so hard for the Supernatural fandom because it’s like 

Kim Rhodes finds a smut account? She would high five you and look under the Briana tag. 

Jensen Ackles finds a Destiel account? This is awkward….

Jared Padalecki finds a Sabriel account? “Haha, no way! Oh my god, Rich, have you seen this?” 

Rob Benedict finds a Richard Speight Jr account? He runs it.  

Matt Cohen finds a Dean Winchester fanfic account? “No way. His lips are way better than that.”

Misha Collins finds literally any account? He loves it. Supports it 100%. Could be gayer, though. 

Richard Speight Jr finds a Crowley account? He literally just starts imitating Mark’s voice.

Like there are so many different outcomes
Superantural Spinoff Wayward Sisters Starring Kim Rhodes Eyed at The CW
The CW is taking another stab at a Supernatural spinoff, this one built around Kim Rhodes’ Sheriff Jody Mills.
By Michael Ausiello

This is not a drill! A potential Jody spin-off called Wayward Sisters about “Sheriff Mills (Rhodes) and a group of troubled young women, all of them orphaned by supernatural tragedy, will team up as a supreme monster-fighting force.”


Wayward Sisters Fanmade Intro/Opening Credits

I was really excited to hear that the Supernatural spinoff, Wayward Sisters, will get a backdoor pilot next season so I put together a quick fanvid.

Music: “Strange Sight” - KT Tunstall

If you haven’t heard the news WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?
We are so freaking excited for you, @kimrhodes4! Please bring @officialbrianab along for the ride cause you two on screen are DYNAMITE!