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Those “if someone from your favorite show found your blog how would they react” posts are so hard for the Supernatural fandom because it’s like 

Kim Rhodes finds a smut account? She would high five you and look under the Briana tag. 

Jensen Ackles finds a Destiel account? This is awkward….

Jared Padalecki finds a Sabriel account? “Haha, no way! Oh my god, Rich, have you seen this?” 

Rob Benedict finds a Richard Speight Jr account? He runs it.  

Matt Cohen finds a Dean Winchester fanfic account? “No way. His lips are way better than that.”

Misha Collins finds literally any account? He loves it. Supports it 100%. Could be gayer, though. 

Richard Speight Jr finds a Crowley account? He literally just starts imitating Mark’s voice.

Like there are so many different outcomes 

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Twenty

Summary: Your adoption is finalised and you get to know your new extended family at what you think is an Independence Day party. Genevieve corners you on your way back to the party, and Danneel helps you escape and relax when it all gets too much
Jared x Reader x Gen, Jensen, JJ, Donna, Gino, Danneel (mentioned extended Ackles/Graul family)
Words: 3.5k
Warnings: fluff, f/f kissing, mildly nsfw chat
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife - Masterpost

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Driving, it seemed, wasn’t as difficult as you thought it would be.

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Jensen Ackles singing Brother by Needtobreathe featuring Gavin DeGraw

With All My Heart - Part 9

Word Count: 2562

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst, some mentions of depression/anxiety, medical situations

A/N: Tags for this series are closed. Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. 

Feedback and constructive criticism always welcome

With All My Heart Masterlist

The week leading up to your surgery you felt mostly numb. You weren’t scared or anxious. Just numb. Your parents had come to Texas and were staying in your house while you still stayed with Jensen. Jensen had noticed your change in demeanor and while he was trying to change it by staying upbeat, he wasn’t pushing the issue. He didn’t want to come on too strong.

Now that the IV was out of your arm you could go in the pool and that was where you could be found most of the time, floating on a raft or just on your back in the water, eyes closed, lost in thought. “Hey.” Jensen approached, sitting on the side of the pool and dangling his legs into the water. “Everyone’s gonna be here soon for dinner. Unless you wanna cancel.”

“We can’t cancel now.” You sighed and dragged yourself out of the pool. “Besides, your parents are coming and I’ve never met them. I don’t want them to hate me for canceling.”

“They wouldn’t hate you.” Jensen grabbed your towel and wrapped it around your body. “You’ve talked to ‘em on the phone. They love you just as much as I do. We’ll make dinner quick and kick everyone out and then it’ll just be me and you.”

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Angelina’s Best of June

Here it is, June’s list. It is hella long, so fics will be under the cut. I started a new thing with this last month and will be featuring one to two fics that really did it for me. I can never pick just one and would spotlight all of them if I could! But that wouldn’t make any sense! I hope you guys are enjoying these fics as much as I did and a GIGANTIC THANK YOU to all the writers that keep us entertained!

Feel free to tag me, but be aware I read mostly Dean and Sam or J2; with an occasional Cas or Misha. 

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Future Part 60

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1247

Summary: Jensen and the Reader video chat with both their parents to tell them of their engagement, and continue to get ready for Season 3 filming. 

Part 60 in The Future Series.  Read Part 34 here, Part 35 here, Part 36 here, Part 37 here, Part 38 here,Part 39 here,Part 40 here,Part 41 here, Part 42 here, Part 43 here, Part 44 here, Part 45 here, Part 46 here, Part 47 here, Part 48 here, Part 49 here, Part 50 here, Part 51 here, Part 52 here, Part 53 here, Part 54 here, Part 55 here, Part 56 here, Part 57 herePart 58 here, Part 59 here.

I know it’s taken a while, but here is Part 60 of Future!! :) Enjoy everyone! 

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Twisted Desires Chapter Nineteen

A/N - There’s a lot of stuff coming up that is dark. It’s just the path the story took. All chapters will have specific warnings when needed.

Quick Info - JJ’s birthday party. Jensen brings someone home
Word Count - 1763
Warnings - language, angst, mention of smut

Part nineteen of twenty five. Hope you enjoy this series as much as i enjoyed writing it.

This is my first Jensen series. I mean no disrespect toward Jensen or Danneel. This is purely a fictitious story that I tried with Dean but it didn’t work as well. Thank you to @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, @tankcupcakes and @atc74 for their beta and encouragement with this series.

Twisted Desires Masterlist

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Twisted Desires Chapter Nineteen

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