donna is not impressed

Gladio:  ♪ At first I was afraid, I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side ♫
Gladio: ♫ But then I spent so many nights just thinking how you did me wrong- I grew strong… ♪
Ignis: Gladio-
Gladio: ♪ And I learned how to get along- ♫
Ignis: Gla-
Gladio: And so you’re back  ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ From outer space  ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ I just walk in to find you here with that sad look upon your face  ♪ 
Ignis: If you could-
Gladio: I should have changed that stupid lock, I should have made you leave your key- ♪ ♫
Ignis: For the love of-
Gladio: If I had known for just one second you’d be back to bother me ♫
Ignis: I can-
Gladio: GO ON NOW GO  ♪
Ignis: Gladiolus Amicitia, 
Ignis: Listen to m-  
Ignis: I’m trying to-
Ignis: When I said I was leaving this morning I meant to work, not leaving you, you twat.
Gladio: Ah.

title: a blast from the past

ship: jaykyle

summary: jason gets kyle’s friends to talk about his early days as a green lantern. It ends up being really embarrassing. kyle retaliates by roping jason’s siblings into calling out his past costume choices.

as they say, all is fair in love and dragging your significant other down.

a/n: @ anon who encouraged me to write this: thanks have fun with this meta shitpost callout fic

[on ao3]

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Masterpiece Theatre


“all I want is you.”
“I’ve been here so very long.”
“I could wreck it if I had to but I’m the wreck, so what would that do?”
“my masterpiece will fall apart.”
“it was over before the start.”
“if I burn out and slip away…”
“well this is just a part I portray.”
“you’re beautiful.”
“can I hide in you awhile?”
“they keep mostly to themselves.”
“don’t make a sound in case they hear you.”
“it only hurts me to be near you.”
“keep those tired eyes closed.”
“careful, follow my instruction.”
“I will show you self destruction.”
“this masterpiece is only mine.”
“I just can’t let it out.”


“don’t patronize.”
“I realize, I’m losing and this is my real life.”
”I’m half asleep, and I’m wide awake.”
”This habit is always so hard to break.”
“I don’t wanna be the bad guy.”
“I’ve been blaming myself and I think you know why.”
“I’m killing time, and time’s killing me.”
“Please just follow me.”
“I thought you wanted me?”
“I want you all to myself.”
“I can try and suck it up.”
“I just can’t suck it up.”
“Make me feel like someone else.”
“I’m under the gun.”
“I just can’t decide what I’m running from.”
“This isn’t what I wanted but I just can’t keep my filthy fucking mouth shut.”
“It’s not enough, it’s never enough.”
“I wish I could breath without getting it stuck.”
“I can’t stay with someone else!”
“I just keep fucking up.”


“So here’s another day I’ll spend away from you.”
“Another night I’m on another broken avenue.”
“My bag is ripped and worn, but then again so am I.”
“Take what you want to take.”
“I miss the stupid things.”
“We’d go to sleep and then you’d wake me up and kick me out of bed at 3 AM.”
“Do what you want to do.”
“Take me with you,”
“I start to miss you.”
“Take me home, I don’t want to be alone tonight.”
“I do want to show you I will run to you, ‘til I can’t stand on my own anymore.”
“Cross my heart and hope to die.”
“Hotels are all the same.”
“You’re still away from me.”
“Another day, another dollar that I’ll never see.”
“I wonder what you’re doing.”
“I wonder if you doubt it.”
“I wonder how we ever used to go so long without it.”
“I don’t know where to go.” 
“I’m going back to you.”


“If your heart wears thin I will hold you up.”
“I will hide you when it gets too much.”
“I’ll be right beside you.”
“the words you want are out of reach but they’ve never been so loud.”
“I will stay.”
“Nobody will break you.”
“Trust in me, trust in me, don’t pull away.”
“I’m just trying to keep this together.”
“I could do worse and you could do better.”


“But the rest is forgotten.”
“Sometimes it reminds me of when we used to belong here.”
“Every memory comes on when I hear that old song that we used to sing with the words all wrong.”
“I remember the faces and familiar places.”
“Ran out of gas on the highway.”
“I gave drunken speeches on sobriety.”
“Now we’ve all moved away and somehow became men.”
“But I remember where it began.”
“They tore the house down.”


“I will softly pull away.”
“And in the dead and quiet I will slowly fade.”
“I’ll burn out and slip away.”
“You’re beautiful, can I hide in you and stay here?”
“Hush now they’ll hurt you till your heart melts.”
“They know you’re lonely, and they will only break your heart.”
“And this masterpiece will tear you apart.”
“I’ll wreck this if I have to.”
“Tell me, what good would that do?”


“Can I have your attention?”
“Is it clear? Is it loud for you?”
“You just need me to be stable, but I won’t be able to keep it together again.”
“Now don’t pretty please me.”
“Do not make it that easy to slow me down.”
“I’m not eating, I’m not sleeping.”
“Sing, sing to me.”
“Sing me something I need.”
“Sing new, sing good.”
“God I wish that I could.”
“Are you hearing now?”
“Hear the sad little sounds as they fall from my mouth.”
“Don’t you ever tell me I’m not lovin’ you best.”
“I just need a minute, I just need a breath.”


“Everyone’s around.”
“I can’t find my breath, can we just say the rest with no sound.”
“I know this isn’t enough, I still don’t measure up.”
“I’m not prepared.”
“Sorry, it’s never there when you need it.”
“I do want you to know I’ll hold you up above everyone.”
“I do want you to know I think you’d be good to me, and I’d be so good to you.”
“I thought I saw a sign somewhere between the lines.”
“Maybe it’s me, maybe I only see what I want.”
“I still have your letter.”
“I just got caught between someone I just invented, who I really am and who I’ve become.”
“You bring me higher.”
“I’d be good to you.”
“I’d be so good to you.”


“I’m trading in who I’ve been for shiny celebrity skin.”
“I like to push it and push it until my luck is over.”
“It never stops.”
“Well you better.”
“Think it over prima donna you don’t want to sever.”
“All the work is to impress, charming girls out of their dresses.”
“well pretty will swallow you forever.”
“Step one, step two, step three repeat.”
“When the mirrors and the lights, and the smoke clear,  I’d never guess how we ever could have got here.”
“You can say what you say when the lights go down.”
“Just shake, shake, shake and shut your mouth.”
“I let you wreck, resurrect whatever you want to.”
“You know I thought you were my friend.”
“Just stop, just stop, just stop.”
“I think I got it.”
“Sorry you, sorry me, sorry every in between,”
“Sorry everybody here will never be somebody clean.”
“There’s a piece of me they’re throwing back at us.”
“They will buy you and sell you for celebrity status.”
“I’m trying.”


“Please sing to me.”
“Fast words make it easier on me.”
“If the point is to never disappoint you, somebodies got to tell me what to do.”
“Just wish you could’ve seen me, when it used to come so easy.”
“I like to say it’s easy to stay but it’s not for me, cause I’m barely here at all.”
“slow down now.”
“The secret’s out.”
“I swear now everything is perfect.”
“What you want, what you need has been killing me.”
“I try to be everything that you want me to be.”
“I’ll undress,”
“I’ve done more for less.”
“Now I’ll change everything until it’s perfect again.”
“I hate the way that I say I should stay.”
“I know that I don’t give a fuck about it anyway.”
“Shake hands, and shoot smiles all around,”
"I sell my body by the pound.”
“I think it’s better this way.”
“This is good in a bad way.”
“It’s better this way.”
“I’ll make this perfect again.”


“This place is a hole, but I don’t want to go”
“I wish we could stay here forever alone.”
“I still love your taste.”
“Don’t let him take my place,”
“Don’t just sit there.”
“Sometimes I wish you would leave me.”
“Well, I’m not sick of you yet, is that as good as it gets?”
“I’ll just try to hide it”
“It’s so easy to come back into you.”
“My tongue’s turning black.”
“I’ll take you back.”
“You’re still the best more or less, I guess.”
“Don’t you leave me,”
“It hurts me to say that it hurts me to stay.”
“It might be alright if you go.”
“It hurts me to say that I want you to stay.”
“So leave me.”
“Sometimes I think that the bitter in you and the quitter in me is the bitter in you and the quitter in me.”
“The bitter in you and the quitter in me, is bigger than the both of us.”


“In every heart, there is a room, a sanctuary is safe and strong, to heal the wounds from lovers past, until a new one comes along.”
“I spoke to you in cautious tones.”
“you answered me with no pretense.”
“Still I feel I’ve said too much.”
“My silence is my self defense.”
“And this why my eyes are closed.”
“It’s just as well for all I’ve seen.”
“And so it goes.”
“And you’re the only who knows.”
“I would choose to be with you, as if the choice were mine to make.”
“You can make decisions too.”
“You can have this to break.”


“I’ve got a new disease in me.”
“I’ve got a friend that’s losing sleep,”
“I take it hard, it’s hard to take,”
“I’m wide awake.”
“One more confession, discretion’s not what I need to sell,”
“I never needed a reason for keeping secrets from myself.”
“Now that’s just how I tell I’m wide awake.”
“I don’t know how this is wrong.”
“I’m so frustrated!”
“You were a friend of mine.”
“I’d be so good to you, because they don’t know you like I do.”
“There’s a difference from me to them,”
“The road home is paved in star fuckers requiem,”
“I can never go, go back home again,”
“It’s getting better in the worst way”
“I’ve been here so very long.”
“I never took you for a trip.”
“I don’t know what you want.”
“I could take it if you need to take this out on someone.”
“If this is just a part I portray.”
“I don’t know how it got this way.”

Fun with Action Figures

tallulah99 to Jamaica with her actual husband, not her imaginary Cumberspouse, for a week. I was left on my own. With a key to her house.

I was to get the mail and keep her house from burning to the ground, that sort of thing. But that’s no fun.

So I brought Ron Burgundy over to Tallulah’s to play.

Initially, he had some issues with the place.

“There are no damn cookies in this cookie jar! Who is responsible for this?!”

Look at that eyebrow. The Tenth Doctor could not be enjoying this piggyback ride any less.  

Things didn’t go much better with Martha Jones. “There’s no need for tears. I didn’t say that you were the worst companion. It’s just that you were no Donna Noble. That’s all I’m saying.”

Tallulah has an impressive collection of really cool toys high-end collectible figures. Like John Watson here, who was the next to meet Ron.

“And Sherlock was just, like, beating the corpse? With a riding crop?”

“Yeah. Yeah, just like that.”

“Great Odin’s raven! That escalated quickly.”

Pretty much my entire childhood is on the shelves in Tallulah’s nerd cave.

“YES! PLAY ‘RAINBOW CONNECTION’ AGAIN! I’ll accompany you with some soulful jazz flute.”

Tallulah also has just about the entire cast of Firefly. Not that I’m jealous. Anyway, Ron and Jayne hit it off really well.

“I love beer. Beery, beer, beer. Here it goes down, down into my belly.”

Wolverine likes to party almost as hard as Ron does, and he’s just as good at Gagnam Style.

All good parties eventually end, though, and some sooner than others - too much beer gives Ron the bubbleguts. “Son of a bee sting. I think I just pooped a Cornish game hen!”

Ron filled the bowl but found his hands were too little to flush the handle. What to do? There was only one solution.

“This is what you call an upper decker. I learned that from MacGruber. It was pretty much the greatest movie ever made. The audience laughed 60% of the time, every time.” 

Thor was irked that Ron used the last of the toilet paper but didn’t put out a new roll. “We must all be Asgardians! Always replenish the Charmin!”

Speaking of Asgard, Tallulah owns more Lokis than I can count. Again, not that I’m jealous.

Amazingly, after just ten minutes with Ron, that Loki kid was back on the right path, ready to repair broken relationships and make amends for all the damage he’d done. It turns out all he needed all along was a muscular hug from a strong male figure who smelled of Blackbeard’s Delight. It was like he had been freed from a glass case of emotion.

Ron did, however, think it was a little outrageous how much bigger Loki’s staff was than his.

Ron found some creepy little angel thing hiding on Tallulah’s back shelf. It all worked out okay in the end - Ron can’t blink, because if he did, he might miss something on his teleprompter. Also, he’s made of molded plastic and does not have eyelids.

This little guy charmed Ron. Ron told BB-8 all his secrets, like how he once saw Brick kill a guy with a trident, and how he used to believe that “diversity” was an old, old ship used during the Civil War era.

That was not nice, Kylo Ren. You have to take turns when you want to talk to BB-8. I don’t care how important it is that you discover Rey’s whereabouts.

“Screw you Star Wars guys. I’m going to the princess castle!”

“This is so much better. I really needed to air m’boys out. They were beginning to smell like a used diaper filled with Indian food.”

It’s not easy to keep up with the beauty routines of the average Disney princess. Ron found the taint waxing to be particularly problematic.

Overall, though, Ron enjoyed his time with the Princesses and the Barbies… until the unfortunate vehicular manslaughter incident forced him to go into deep cover, hiding among the tchotchkes and the garden gnomes.

“Go away! Can’t you see I’m busy trying to be on this beautiful blue troll? His eyes are like stars and his beard smells like cinnamon buns!”

Overwatch Character Playlists

So I’ve spent the last few weeks compiling some of my favorite music to all the playable characters in Overwatch.  The playlists can be found on Spotify by clicking HERE and going to the “Public Playlists” tab.

Each playlist has 10 songs and is roughly 30-45 minutes.  Most are lyrical, although there are some instrumental songs mixed in.  Each playlist ends with a song that has something to do with the character’s ultimate ability (whether it be the song title matches the ultimate name, or the song gives off a vibe of how you feel while using the ultimate).

Below the Keep Reading tab I’ve put the track lists and links to each individual playlist.

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Merry Christmas

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1742

Summary: Jensen and the reader grow closer, and time passes.

Part 24 in The Future Series.  Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here,Part 5 here, Part 6 here, Part 7 here, Part 8 here, Part 9 here,Part 10 here, Part 11 here, Part 12 here, Part 13 here, Part 14 here, Part 15 here, Part 16 here, Part 17 here, Part 18 here, Part 19 here, Part 20 here, Part 21 here, Part 22 here, and Part 23 here.

Alright, some fluff for you all again. Alan and Donna are Jensen’s parents, if you can’t tell. :) Enjoy!

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Kiss and Make Up

Summary:  The continuing saga of Dean and Donna. If you haven’t read One Thing or The Good Memories, you might want to. This is set directly after episode 10.08, Hibbing 911. It was inspired by this gifset (x).

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret  

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Donna Hanscum

Word Count:  3074

Warnings:  NSFW, smut, unprotected sex, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (male receiving)

Author’s Note:  Thank you to my amazing betas, @katnharper and @mamapeterson. I’m in love with the idea of these two together and I can’t get enough of them. I hope you love this (and them) as much as I do.

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anonymous asked:

Would you talk more about Martha x Donna? I could ship it

OKAY SO, I love RTD but I have to start this post by saying that he fucked up with Martha and Donna. Like, a lot. I have a ton of issues with how Martha was treated and I will always be bitter about Martha and Donna’s respective endings because… I mean, look at what he gave them.

Donna: Stuck with incurable memory loss because it was the only ending that would fit with the creation of Rose’s Doctor clone and tenuous happy ending. Had all agency and character development stripped away from her. Married off in The End of Time and given a lottery ticket as a consolation prize. Issues of plausibility and consent regarding the mindwipe are never addressed.

Martha: Inexplicably estranged from her fiancee Tom Milligan. Last seen as a freelance fighter. She is married to Mickey, a character with whom she has no on-screen chemistry or interaction with, because Russell T wanted to create a Smith and Jones pun (I am not making this up, that is from his own mouth. She got with Mickey for a fucking pun).

But putting aside that negativity, I have to absolutely applaud RTD for the sublime relationship he gave these two women. He didn’t have a lot of screen time to devote to them together, but in a short span of time he still made something beautiful. It blows all that ‘fighting over a man’ nonsense straight out of the water. There’s never any bitchiness or jealousy between them (thank God we didn’t have to sit through another School Reunion, right) it’s just respect among equals. 

In my opinion, when Donna and Martha met each other it was love at first sight. Platonic or romantic, whatever you choose to see, it’s undeniable that they’re drawn to each other from the moment they meet, and are instantly devoted to supporting and protecting one another. They are genuinely impressed by all the other’s achievements. Donna is always trying to make Martha laugh and she pays close attention to her wellbeing and feelings after a trauma - often closer than the Doctor. It’s a case of ladies protecting ladies and ladies loving ladies - and under it all there’s a whiff of special intrigue, or particularly tender warmth. They smile at each other a little too long. They hug a little too long. When they see each other again, they are drawn together, and they delight in the other’s company.

One of my fave moments: “I can see why he likes you. You are good.”

Me too, Martha.

Then there’s The Doctor’s Daughter where Donna is even more protective of Martha than the Doctor, shouting, “Her name’s Martha, and she’s not collateral damage, not for anyone, have you got that?”

This episode is also gr9 because when Martha reunites with the others, the Doctor gets to her first and hugs her and he’s trying to talk to her but Martha’s just

oh my god it’s donna

it’s donna

and she fuckin hurls the Doctor’s skinny ass aside so she can give the bae a big hug

ALSO while we’re talking about sweet, glorious lady hugs, let’s appreciate that in Journey’s End, the first shot after they fly the earth home is on Martha and Donna, who turn instinctively to one another out of everyone else in the room and hug.

Their relationship is just so pure and healthy: they protect each other, they treat each other as equals, they make each other laugh, and they’re a fantastic team when it comes to solving crises too. AND THEY HAVE REALLY GREAT HUGS.

The way I actually started shipping Martha and Donna was by fantasising over how I would fix their respective endings in canon. I’ve always adored their friendship, so I came up with the idea that Martha found her friend Donna Noble in the intervening months after Journey’s End (because hey - did anyone ever even tell Martha what happened to Donna? She deserved to know). She is working with Wilf to find a cure. The Doctor comes back as per End of Time. Martha absolutely chews him out for wiping her mind and abandoning her. She really lets him have it and they actually ADDRESS that it was non-consensual and that the Doctor was wrong to do it the way he did.

The mess with the Master happens, and thanks to Martha acting as Donna’s doctor and administering some kind of partial cure (probably against the Doctor’s wishes because he’d say it wasn’t worth the risk) Donna undergoes a partial regeneration and becomes a stable human/time lord hybrid like Tentoo was (AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HOW IT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE THAT TENTOO, A HUMAN WITH A TIME LORD BRAIN, CAN SURVIVE WHILE DONNA CAN’T honestly the Rose/Tentoo ending is a fucking mess ugh). 

Donna and Martha help save the world, but the Doctor is badly hurt in the process, as in canon. Donna and the Doctor get to have their tearful reunion. The Doctor asks Donna to come with him, but she says no. She gets to confront him over what he did to her. She chooses to leave. She cobbles together a time machine - perhaps by growing a TARDIS or building something of her own - and then she and Martha Jones fly into the stars together. She chooses a life in the stars with Martha, the doctor who didn’t abandon her; the doctor who stayed with her when she was sick; the doctor that looked for a cure; the doctor that saved her.

And THAT is when we discover that the prophecy of the DoctorDonna was actually referring to the duo of Doctor Martha Jones and Donna Noble, who travel time and space together. And the Doctor is terribly sad to see them go, but also proud. So, so proud. Because these are his soldiers - a fiery, red-haired woman who has never wielded a gun and who solves problems by being quick, clever and talkative, and an incredibly tenacious, courageous and compassionate doctor who will never leave a patient behind, ever. His song is ending, but the song of the DoctorDonna is only just beginning. They part on good terms, but it’s obvious he probably won’t see them again - except maybe in specials - and the Doctor carries on, regenerates, and Eleven’s run continues as normal.

I’m not a huge Moffat-era fan, but I was impressed with Clara’s ending because “flying off into the stars with her space girlfiend” is the ending I wanted for Martha and Donna, and that’s pretty much what Moffat gave Clara and Ashildr. Also I really liked Moffat’s not so subtle digs at RTD’s handling of Donna’s mindwipe.

tl;dr space girlfriends are good and pure and could probably solve all the problems in the universe. Let the good ship Martha/Donna into your heart.

More Random Headcanons

Roxy shows Dave the wonders of Nintendo. They spend hours upon hours playing Mario, Metroid, Pokemon and Animal Crossing (among others).

Dirk and Jane like to quote Parks and Rec to each other. Jane does great Ron Swanson and Donna impressions, while Dirk is ridiculously good at Tom and Leslie. They both do pretty decent April and Andy. 

Sometimes Dirk likes to hang out with Dave and Karkat just to try and learn what a healthy relationship is supposed to look like. He notices it usually involves a lot more casual physical contact than he’s comfortable with. 

Roxy and Rose read their wizard fics to each other, then read their respective parents’ finished works to the other. Then they write fanfics of the other’s fiction and read them to each other. It’s wizardficception.

Roxy voidsteals apples and apple trees are replanted. Dave gets to have apple juice again for the first time in years. Dave cries. 

Dirk is a bit unnerved by Terezi at first since she seems to know so much about him and his interests while he knows next to nothing about her or how to read her. Terezi takes full advantage of this and enjoys how his coolguy exterior isn’t nearly as difficult to break as Dave’s. Eventually, Dirk figures out she just wants to be friends and they come to an understanding. They start exchanging goofy drawings and image edits (which Dirk takes very ironically serious). She shows him her scalemates and together they make unholy smuppet/scalemate abominations. He knows it’s how she “sees” but he still hates it when she sniffs him and gets all tense every time. 

Dirk was never very good with physical contact, especially skin to skin. If he initiated it and was only touching them through their clothes, he was okay with it (it’s kind of like touching Cal or one of his other puppets). Otherwise, it was super uncomfortable for him. Dave’s hug was the first time human contact ever felt good, and he’s been a bit more open to touching since then. 

I was thinking today about Wayward Daughters and I wanted to share these thoughts with you guys. 

Wayward Daughters is honestly such an amazing a curious thing that is happening right now in this fandom. I mean, we have our show, which lets be honest is pretty problematic, and is coming to an end at some point sooner rather than later. TPTB want a spin off, they attempted a spin off, and they failed.

So what did fandom do? We created our own spinoff. We took the elements that we loved most from the show we all adore and we created something that is not only an exciting idea for a TV show, but also pretty much resolves the issues we have with the original show. We are all wayward daughters after all. The majority of spn fans are women. Sometimes i don’t think TPTB understand this. We want a show with strong female leads, we want a show that still focuses around family, we want a show about supernatural creatures and awesome women who can fight these creatures. Yes. We want Supernatural, with women

Regardless of what TPTB feel about this, it is a phenomenon. It has grown so that even the cast of the show is on board, even writers of the show and directors of the show are supportive of it. We have T-shirts and merchandise already made up and being sold and with creation and the cast we have started the beautiful movement on twitter under the hashtag #IStandWithWaywardDaughters. Bringing us together and bringing out the best in people.

I honestly can’t think of anything like this ever happening in the history of television. The powers of this fandom blow my mind, as to the powers of social media and this crazy website. I don’t know what will happen with Wayward Daughters, I hope that TPTB will take it and make it into the spin off we all so desperately want, I cant see how any other idea would now take off when Wayward Daughters is so ingrained in our minds. I’m not sure how it would work with the rights to the idea and everything but the fandom has given this to them on a plate. We are the proof that it would succeed. I truly hope that this happens, plus just think of the publicity. “The show created by the fans” it would be an amazing example of the power of fandom and the dedication of the passionate people who are all here bonding over their shared love of supernatural, and I for one, am glad to be a part of it. 

I’m tagging @waywarddaughtersacademy into this post as I want them to know how I feel about what they are doing. Thank you for this. Honestly, your creativity and dedication to this potentially wonderful spin off makes me incredibly happy. Lets hope TPTB pick it up and make it happen!

Donna: “Woah, impressive building.”

Tenth Doctor: “Oh, you don’t want to know what goes on in there. The customs houses hosted some of the most notorious escapees and smugglers in the galaxy. Burned down nine times. Survived the great siege of… Oh.”

Donna: “Oooh, it looks like a coffee shop.”

Tenth Doctor: “It… yeah it does, it looks a lot like a coffee shop.”

Donna: “You said they didn’t have coffee shops.”

Customs Greeter: “Welcome visitors to our Holistic Customs Office Experience. Coffee?”

Tenth Doctor: “Is there rum in it?”

Customs Greeter: (chuckles) “No sir, this is the Customs House.”

Donna: “Oooh, lovely.” (to The Doctor) “What’s up with your face?”

Tenth Doctor: “Well, you don’t have coffee shops on Calibris. You have… you have Buccaneers and stowaways and… monkeys dressed as pirates and wenches.”

Donna: “I thank you.”

Tenth Doctor: “(???) and dodgy dealings and cutlasses! Not… not… is that a scone?” 

Donna: "Ooooh. Thank you.”

Tenth Doctor: “No,no,no,no. This is all wrong.”

Donna: “Would a scone help?”

Tenth Doctor: “No. Hey, we’ve been arrested. Can I see the customs officer?”

                                                                   - “Time Reaver”
                                        Big Finish Tenth Doctor Audio Adventures (2016)

fic: fill in the gaps, p1/4

The Doctor and Rose reunite after Midnight. 

Rose steadied herself against the nearest wall, heaving in a few deep breaths. Wherever she’d ended up was unbearably humid, so once she’d caught her breath back, she stripped off her blue leather jacket. Glancing around, she realised she was in some sort of changing room, which confused her. The dimension cannon was supposed to lock on to somewhere the TARDIS had recently been, using her key as a link. Why would the Doctor be in a gym, or something?

Wrinkling her nose, she pushed herself away from the tiles and made her way through a door to her left. It didn’t take her long before she found a sign telling her where she was. Apparently, the Doctor had fancied a spa weekend. Rose smirked to herself. Maybe he’d needed a holiday.

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A Place For Us To Dream || Partners In Crime

Title: A Place For Us To Dream (38/?)
Rating: T
Summary: —Doomsday AU— What would have happened if the Doctor’s lever had been the one to slip? If the Doctor had been the one trapped in the parallel universe? Rose has to pick up the pieces and carry on in his place. After all, someone has to be the Doctor.
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Pete Tyler, Mickey Smith, Martha Jones, Donna Noble
Notes: This story was inspired by a number of things — namely badwolfrun trying to keep me entertained at work by sending me this ask, which became this graphic and this graphic made by MK, and subsequent discussions with MK and perfectlyrose. Enjoy!

Rose hurried down the stairs to find Donna, only to find the exuberant redhead barreling toward her and throwing her arms around her in a tight hug.

“Oh, my god,” she gasped, pulling back to look at Rose. “I don’t believe it. Look at you! Have you gotten older? How long’s it been?”

“Er…” Rose peeked over the railing to see the guards barreling toward her. “I don’t think now’s the time for this Donna, come on.”

She grabbed Donna’s hand and dragged her up the stairs.

“Just like old times!” Rose called to Donna, and she laughed.

They came out onto the roof, Donna talking a mile a minute as soon as she caught her breath. “Because I thought, how do you find a mad blonde in a blue box?”


“And then I just thought, look for trouble and then she’ll turn up. She seems to like trouble.”

“Can’t get enough of it,” Rose agreed, sonicking the door.

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I don’t want to be too hard on Caecilius because he’s had a pretty tough 24 hours (although to be fair, not nearly as tough as about 20,000 of his friends and neighbors and slaves*) but his linguistic feat connecting the god Vulcan with the exploding mountain would be slightly more impressive if Donna hadn’t as close to flat-out given it to him as she could without directly saying the words VESUVIUS THE MOUNTAIN IS A GIANT GREAT BIG VOLCANO.

Oh wait, yes she pretty much *did*.

*Poor Rhombus the slave, Caecilius will miss YOU most of all. 

No one in his new villa in Rome will ever bring him some gooey ants in honey or a delicious crunchy dormouse the way you used to before the alien volcanic rock monster from beneath the hypocaust vaporized you to death.

You know what’s been on my mind all day?

Wayward Daughters 

Honestly I want it but I also don’t want it because it’s already too precious to me to be touched and all I’ve done is seen other people talk about it.

But I can’t help but think about it today, for some reason.  Of what I would do with this if it were me.  And I’ve been writing on this all day and so this is really long and yeah okay. 

It could be an ensemble show.  It really could.

With Jody and Donna at the helm.  With Alex, Claire, Krissy, and Josephine.  You’d have a great little family full of girls on the crusp on being adults and have lived so much of their life facing down bad things and then you’d have these two grown women that are so protective of them and help them.  Female mentors and mothers and female relationships and and and and

I am so very very sorry if you are on mobile and it doesn’t cut.  But the cut is right now.

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