donna is not impressed

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There’s gotta be some kind of perception filter on the topic or something right? Because Donna’s right, how do you lose a planet?

I get the impression that people are aware that it’s happened–unlike Gallifrey, which basically became a myth. You’ve got Dee Dee, who’s written a whole paper on the Lost Moon of Poosh, which means there must be books and stuff she used for research. Obviously, the Adipose are aware of their missing breeding planet, and the Shadow Proclamation knew about Pyrovillia. It’s not that people don’t know planets have gone missing, it’s that 26 out of an entire universe isn’t much, and no one even considers that they could be the cogs that would turn the wheel of the reality bomb. 

Because why would you think that?

More Random Headcanons

Roxy shows Dave the wonders of Nintendo. They spend hours upon hours playing Mario, Metroid, Pokemon and Animal Crossing (among others).

Dirk and Jane like to quote Parks and Rec to each other. Jane does great Ron Swanson and Donna impressions, while Dirk is ridiculously good at Tom and Leslie. They both do pretty decent April and Andy. 

Sometimes Dirk likes to hang out with Dave and Karkat just to try and learn what a healthy relationship is supposed to look like. He notices it usually involves a lot more casual physical contact than he’s comfortable with. 

Roxy and Rose read their wizard fics to each other, then read their respective parents’ finished works to the other. Then they write fanfics of the other’s fiction and read them to each other. It’s wizardficception.

Roxy voidsteals apples and apple trees are replanted. Dave gets to have apple juice again for the first time in years. Dave cries. 

Dirk is a bit unnerved by Terezi at first since she seems to know so much about him and his interests while he knows next to nothing about her or how to read her. Terezi takes full advantage of this and enjoys how his coolguy exterior isn’t nearly as difficult to break as Dave’s. Eventually, Dirk figures out she just wants to be friends and they come to an understanding. They start exchanging goofy drawings and image edits (which Dirk takes very ironically serious). She shows him her scalemates and together they make unholy smuppet/scalemate abominations. He knows it’s how she “sees” but he still hates it when she sniffs him and gets all tense every time. 

Dirk was never very good with physical contact, especially skin to skin. If he initiated it and was only touching them through their clothes, he was okay with it (it’s kind of like touching Cal or one of his other puppets). Otherwise, it was super uncomfortable for him. Dave’s hug was the first time human contact ever felt good, and he’s been a bit more open to touching since then. 

I was thinking today about Wayward Daughters and I wanted to share these thoughts with you guys. 

Wayward Daughters is honestly such an amazing a curious thing that is happening right now in this fandom. I mean, we have our show, which lets be honest is pretty problematic, and is coming to an end at some point sooner rather than later. TPTB want a spin off, they attempted a spin off, and they failed.

So what did fandom do? We created our own spinoff. We took the elements that we loved most from the show we all adore and we created something that is not only an exciting idea for a TV show, but also pretty much resolves the issues we have with the original show. We are all wayward daughters after all. The majority of spn fans are women. Sometimes i don’t think TPTB understand this. We want a show with strong female leads, we want a show that still focuses around family, we want a show about supernatural creatures and awesome women who can fight these creatures. Yes. We want Supernatural, with women

Regardless of what TPTB feel about this, it is a phenomenon. It has grown so that even the cast of the show is on board, even writers of the show and directors of the show are supportive of it. We have T-shirts and merchandise already made up and being sold and with creation and the cast we have started the beautiful movement on twitter under the hashtag #IStandWithWaywardDaughters. Bringing us together and bringing out the best in people.

I honestly can’t think of anything like this ever happening in the history of television. The powers of this fandom blow my mind, as to the powers of social media and this crazy website. I don’t know what will happen with Wayward Daughters, I hope that TPTB will take it and make it into the spin off we all so desperately want, I cant see how any other idea would now take off when Wayward Daughters is so ingrained in our minds. I’m not sure how it would work with the rights to the idea and everything but the fandom has given this to them on a plate. We are the proof that it would succeed. I truly hope that this happens, plus just think of the publicity. “The show created by the fans” it would be an amazing example of the power of fandom and the dedication of the passionate people who are all here bonding over their shared love of supernatural, and I for one, am glad to be a part of it. 

I’m tagging @waywarddaughtersacademy into this post as I want them to know how I feel about what they are doing. Thank you for this. Honestly, your creativity and dedication to this potentially wonderful spin off makes me incredibly happy. Lets hope TPTB pick it up and make it happen!


I don’t want to be too hard on Caecilius because he’s had a pretty tough 24 hours (although to be fair, not nearly as tough as about 20,000 of his friends and neighbors and slaves*) but his linguistic feat connecting the god Vulcan with the exploding mountain would be slightly more impressive if Donna hadn’t as close to flat-out given it to him as she could without directly saying the words VESUVIUS THE MOUNTAIN IS A GIANT GREAT BIG VOLCANO.

Oh wait, yes she pretty much *did*.

*Poor Rhombus the slave, Caecilius will miss YOU most of all. 

No one in his new villa in Rome will ever bring him some gooey ants in honey or a delicious crunchy dormouse the way you used to before the alien volcanic rock monster from beneath the hypocaust vaporized you to death.