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Just a Few Reasons to Watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Season 2 Edition

1. Rachel Fucking Bloom : 2Fast2Bloom

2. A middle aged bisexual man and a young gay man have the healthiest relationship on the show.

3. An abortion storyline that wasn’t made into a huge deal.

4. They subverted the trope and blew up the love triangle in a realistic manner and it actually made the story telling smarter.

5. The musical numbers are even funnier, even bolder and even more ambitious.

6. They’ve parodied their own songs.

7. The major conflict this season has been the growing distance between two best friends.

8. The “sidekick” best friend set healthy boundaries and decided to find happiness of her own and follow her dream of law school.

9. All the character have grown and evolved, like actual people.

10. Incredibly self aware and subverting tropes and stereotypes at every turn.

11. You STILL can’t get a ticket to Hamilton.


Doctor Who | On this day in 2008: ‘Forest of the Dead’

As the shadows rise and Donna is trapped in a parallel world with no memory of the Doctor, he forges an alliance with the mysterious River Song as they attempt to halt the advances of the deadly Vashta Nerada.

“Everyone knows that everyone dies. And nobody knows it like the doctor. But I do think that all the skies in all the worlds might just turn dark, if he ever accepts it.” - River Song


CBS Studios was gracious enough to post the set from the Crazy Ex Girlfriend For Your Emmy Consideration event on April 5, 2017. Part 2 of 2.


On this day in 1915, an entertainment legend was born…celebrating the centenary of “Ol’ Blue Eyes” himself, Mr. Frank Sinatra! (b. Francis Albert Sinatra; December 12, 1915 - May 14, 1998)

“May you live to be 100 and may the last voice you hear be mine.”


In advance of TOMORROW’S SEASON 2 PREMIERE, here’s the gag reel for Season 1! It’s NSFW, mostly due to Rachel.