donna from parks and rec

comedians of color everyone should know about

- Aziz Ansari: pretty famous actor, appears on Parks and Rec and other comedies, and has a few specials on Netflix
- Ali Wong: amazing lady, has her own special in Netflix (a lot of physical humor she did while SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT she is badass and so funny)
- Eric Andre: hilarious dude, has his own mock talk show on adult swim with Hannibal Buress. Also was on Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23, one of the only people to make that show bearable.
- Donald Glover: also known as Childish Gambino (yeah, THAT Childish Gambino), has a special on Netflix
- Hannibal Buress: former writer for both 30 Rock and SNL, was on Broad City, and of course, the Eric Andre Show.
- Retta: this lady KILLS with her humor. you probably know her as Donna Meagle from Parks and Rec.
- Kumail Nanjiani: This guy has been everywhere, most notably to me, Portlandia. He’s insanely funny.
- Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele: Y'all know about Key and Peele don’t even lie
- Sasheer Zamata: SNL’s first black female cast member since Maya Rudolph, also OH MY GOD she is one of the only people who can make me laugh out loud.
- Richard Ayoade: You probably know him from The IT Crowd (all of which is on Netflix), but this guy is so talented you must check out his other stuff.
- Leslie Jones: She recently starred as Patty in Ghostbusters, but y'all know she’s a writer on SNL? Yeah, and killing it every day. (also apparently she had a basketball scholarship lord help me)

these are mostly mainstream comedians that I adore, please add on some other ones if you know any!

groovy Mystery Au and their inspo for their personalities because fuck I haven’t made anything for it

Murdoc was inspired by mama odie

Noodle was inspired by Roadhog and April from Parks n Rec

Russel was inspired from Donna Meagle and Sebastian from the little mermaid

Stuart was inspired from Amy Duncan and Leslie Knope

Paula was inspired from Francine smith and Barney Stinson

anonymous asked:

your headcannon for mercedes is that she likes sex, creepy movies, halloween, and is bisexual (? not sure on this one bc you have drawn her with both jessie, santana, and quinn and im just inferring on that? sorry if im wrong), as well as is a good friend. its funny because donna from parks and rec is p similar to your headcannon mercedes (but idk donna's sexuality either 😕). i think u should check it out if you already havent! also i love your art, youre one of my biggest influences! tysm!!!

AH im so happy u can get cedes’ personality from my posts!! ;DD 

and yes! i do hc her as bisexual!! SHE HAS MANY GFS AND BFS *__* 

also OMG i haven’t watched that show in a BIT, i used to watch it with my sisters and donna n april were my faves! i guess i have a thing for spooky n super chill characters ;DD