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(Still belated) post of our second day at Emerald City Comicon, April 10, 2016!

This was my favourite day, because it was our Doctor Who day!  I had enormous fun as Ten (my favourite cosplay), Pauli was Donna Noble (blimey, she can shout!), Emmy does an uncanny Amy Pond, and Mattie shaved his face to join the fun as Eleven!  And we met a Captain Jack who got really into character…

And we met a bunch of other beloved characters too, such as the gang from Portal, She-Ra, Xena, Rufio, ad Beetlejuice!

But the best part was the life-size Dalek we spotted on the sidewalk as we were leaving for the day.  The perfect way to end the day.


Our friends at Doctor Who: The Fan Show were at Gallifrey One in Los Angeles this past weekend. Check out these absolutely amazing cosplayers that they met! 

anonymous asked:

what cosplays did you wear for 2016? do you have stuff planned for this year?

I wore 5 in 2016!

I’m definitely going to be attending Katuscon and Otakon this year.  My plan for Katsucon is…

  • Ariel ~ The Little Mermaid (Friday Morning/Afternoon
  • Palutena ~ Kid Icarus: Uprising (Friday Evening)
  • Belle ~ Beauty and the Beast (All Saturday)

I’m going to be part of a Kid Icarus photo shoot later on Friday! I’m really excited to wear Palutena again, she’s one of my favorite cosplays :)

For Otakon, my plan is to make Great Lord Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening and rewear Belle.  I’m going to try Worbla for the first time so we will see how that goes haha

As for the rest of the year…I’m not sure! I might try to go to some new cons.  There are a ton of cosplays that I want to do in the future

Birthday Weeks | Fandoms Week #3 (Silver Day)

The 10th Doctor (left) and Donna Noble (right) from Doctor Who


Photographer: York In A Box [TW | FB | IN]

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Thanks to Raymond Madamba Photography, I was able to get some photos from Dragoncon! I’m only putting 2 up so far for the fact that my awesome Shooping King Justin is currently working on all(including these 2) in his creative project~ Hope you enjoy them!