donna collins

Those “if someone from your favorite show found your blog how would they react” posts are so hard for the Supernatural fandom because it’s like 

Kim Rhodes finds a smut account? She would high five you and look under the Briana tag. 

Jensen Ackles finds a Destiel account? This is awkward….

Jared Padalecki finds a Sabriel account? “Haha, no way! Oh my god, Rich, have you seen this?” 

Rob Benedict finds a Richard Speight Jr account? He runs it.  

Matt Cohen finds a Dean Winchester fanfic account? “No way. His lips are way better than that.”

Misha Collins finds literally any account? He loves it. Supports it 100%. Could be gayer, though. 

Richard Speight Jr finds a Crowley account? He literally just starts imitating Mark’s voice.

Like there are so many different outcomes 

The upshot of my lesbian identity is that I fall in love with female people-and want to.I don’t see it as a “lifestyle”-such a temporary sounding-term. It brings to mind this season’s fall fashions or a layout of home decoration…My lesbianism is more the ground zero of an emotional compass, ever searching out women. This orientation of my heart is not going to change because I don’t want it to. I’ve never been tormented by my lesbianness. In fact, it’s a favorite part of me, as Goddess given as being Black. What I have been tormented by is people’s homophobia-their deliberate ignorance concerning my affectional orientation, their active offenses against me because of my sexuality. I am not the problem here.
—  Donna Allegra, as quoted by Patricia Hill Collins in Black Sexual Politics

Playboy playmates of the year and the Pink cars they won for being so. 

Donna Michelle and her 1964 Ford Mustang

Jo Collins and her 1965 Sunbeam Tiger

Allison Parks and her 1966 Dodge Charger

Lisa Baker and her 1966 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback

Angela Dorian and her 1968 AMC AMX

Connie Kreski and her 1969 Shelby GT500 Fastback

Corpo di donna, bianche colline, cosce bianche,
assomigli al mondo nel tuo gesto di abbandono.
Il mio corpo di rude contadino ti scava
e in me irrompe la notte con la sua potente invasione.
—  Liberamente estratto da “Corpo di donna”
Pablo Neruda

Jody and Cas have never met, have they? I really want to see that meeting. Does Jody even know about him? She knows about angels, but about Castiel? She probably does considering she lives with Claire, but still. Imagine Jody using her “mum voice” on him. Jody, a religious person, getting caught completely off guard by the confused, trench coated angel. How amazing would that be? Even better, Jody, Donna and Cas. All complete opposites to each other. That interaction between the 3 of them would be gold. With Sam and Dean having no clue what to do.

The hiatus is already getting to me. I think this is how I’m going to finish every one of my posts until Supernatural comes back on. Also, knowing the fandom, even though they maybe never met, I’m almost 100% sure they already have a ship name.