Life can often be undeservingly (to mankind’s shame and treatment) unjust for many donkeys in the world, however there are also wonderful people that do care, and it is those people whom are most likely to witness a very rare phenomenon that is more likely to occur when donkeys are well cared for in loving homes.

Tulip trusts her human carer as she looks on with pride.

What is this miracle to which I speak? Donkey Twins! Double joy came for animal-mad Cormac Williams after his pet donkey, Tulip gave birth to twin foal sisters, 2 weeks before Christmas, named “Snow” and “Flake”.

“Flob” and “Lob” were another rare pair, now enjoying their private retirement after charming many at the donkey sanctuary.

Twins are extremely rare in donkeys, a once in a lifetime event, with no more than a few pairs known in the world, and when twins are born one is still born or usually doesn’t survive long.😓.

But the adorable twins born on the Williams’ farm are both thriving. 😍😃.

Cormac beamed: “I’m really thrilled to have them here, as twin donkeys are so unusual. They’re both healthy and hearty and full of life.”

Cheer Up Post #1805 - Baby Donkeys Edition

the-stray-liger would like a post with adorable baby donkeys. Here you go!

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